WL//WH Video Of The Day: DEAD ASTRONAUTS “Forgetting Me”


After 4 years hiatus, last October 28, Seattle-based synthwave act Dead Astronauts is back with the new and first single, ‘Forgetting Me’, taken from the band’s forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Silhouettes’ due in early 2021 via Cold Transmission Music. This amazing song came with the official video created by Michael Williamson, starring Erin Fowler, Caleb Sawade, Patrick O’Leary, Scott Van Manen, and Benjamin Rice. Also, very good work by Cinematographer and Colorist Michael Tessari on this ‘weird’ scenario that is based on the lyrics of the song, on the incompetence of love. Happy-Pretty-Girl-Carries-Off-Boyfriend who won’t spend the time of his life in her hands, yeah, these things may happen when “All the hurtful lies you tell, The things you think, I think could kill.”

Dead Astronauts, led by Seattle‘s founder, vocalist, musician and designer Jared Kyle along with new arrival L.A.-based synth artist and vocalist Florence Bullock, a.k.a. Glitbiter and the support of Switzerland-based musician and producer Slade Templeton (Crying Vessel), make stunning electronic music which derives from the great electronic heritage of Seattle and there are so many names (musicians, producers, etc) that I won’t mention here, lest I forget someone and get ‘misunderstood’. But the case here with DA is that they create synthwave music original with a marvellous trick all around it which is like seemingly appearing as a post-punk little bullet. Yes, the groove and the sense of it all took me directly to the coldwave with a post-punk feel all over it. Great and inspired work by the band that is sonically absolutely addictive and utterly fresh within their vision. The single ‘Forgetting Me’ also includes ‘Missing Person (Mecha Maiko Remix), here it is!!!

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Image by the artist Ju5stin

Written by Loud Cities’ Mike