WL//WH Video Of The Day: ATTIC FROST “Nothing” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day  ATTIC FROST  

Attic Frost  is a Dark Wave /Gothic /Post-Punk act led by Fabian Schulz from Bremen, Nothern Germany who follows his first preview, “Restless Souls”, from the forthcoming second album, “A Heart is the Deepest Dungeon”, with a DIY video (hosted by NOT for the masses YT channel), directed by Anja and Attic Frost, for the second single Nothing.”

Nothing” deftly bends to the most evocative, esoteric and unadulterated Goth-dusted Darkwave sound set in an emotionally-charged epic crescendo, framed by the tumultuous poignant glimmers of the keyboards, whilst, lyric-wise, builds a hopeless, nightmarish realm where everything is lost to the destructive ways of thoughtless, ignorant spectators.

Dramatic misty charcoal auras give rise to sad ceremonial keyboard glows, haunted anxious synth stabs, steady martial beats, and flickering buzzing bass lines, to surround numb, listless broods, delivering ominous observations, with rising swells of supernatural doom and gloom.

Wonderfully creative DIY visuals concoct a macabre metaphysical mystery, opening esoteric doorways of darkness and ruin, in sync with the Apocalyptic essence of the soundtrack. Eerie dull atmospherics, finely etched textures, and a sinister possessed figure set the stage for a menacing blood ritual where disjointed flows of motion, evocative symbols, and suggestive make-up stir the soul with spine-tingling fear.