WL//WH Track Of The Day : TEMPLE “Isolation”

Track Of The Day

One of the recent post-punk album who’s slowly growing on me is the self-titled full-length by Minneapolis based outfit Temple. Sold on cassette during the band January’s US West Coast tour, it should have finally been officially re-released on tape by Chicago’s Occult Whispers Records, with also an announced new vinyl LP soon to follow.

A solid work of melancholic, brooding and highly melodic goth-tinged darkwave made of throbbing bass, piercing wistful guitars, powerful drums and a beautiful haunted and seductive vocals on top.

The intense and emotional “Isolation” is about solitude, alienation and leaving the world behind. Underpinned by powerful and muttering bassline permeated with abrasive reverbed swipes of guitar, and backed by pounding drums, it builds a dense yet sorrowful mood of frantic desperation. The depressed and foreboding yet smug baritone vocals sprinkled with sharp bleak stabs of guitar yield profound hopelessness, loneliness, but ultimately no regrets.

A very good album, it would be a pity if it went unnoticed.

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