photo by @jesmari.posa

WL//WH Video Of The Day: ISOCULT “Slodeth” feat. Isla Ola

Video Of The Day ISOCULT

After almost two years since the release of their debut EP “AMOS”, German Post-punk / Coldwave duo based in Dortmund, Isocult, resurface from the seemingly endless stifling tunnel of pandemic gloom with a mind-bending video for the eerie, haunting new single, “Slodeth”, featuring fellow past collaborators and close friends two-piece act Isla Ola.

The song was written during the first and second lockdown period in Germany, expressing the feeling of powerlessness in a time of social distancing and a growing gap between the rich and poor.

Modern dystopic lyrics capture the disenchanted sentiments of humankind’s obsessive tendencies guided by an invisible force of coordinated corporate and government manipulation.

“Slodeth” elicits surreal shadowy textures that crush twinkling icy bright synth strains with haunted, weeping guitar’s rippling and piercing lines to open inner doorways of pain and suffering, along distorted bass vibrations, steady scratchy beats, and disjointed, echoing crisp percussions, surrounding tortured, numb, and oppressed vocals with frigid, desperate hopelessness, left wandering aimless through a mesmeric hallucination of dark fragmented dreams.

The grainy visuals blur subliminal imagery into a narcotic stream of consciousness whilst projecting a powerful lyrical message to break systemic programming with hard cold truth. Warped, jittery overlays scroll and disintegrate panic-inducing content at warp speed, using virtual and disruptive frequencies to contort human perception with terror and fear, thus reducing individual thought processes into a viral overload of hypnotic responses.

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