WL//WH Video Of The Day: LUNAR LOCK “Dark and Lively”

Video Of The Day  LUNAR LOCK  

Still fresh from dropping their second 5-track EP, “The Dream Of Sad City”, around a month ago, replete with a wintry, melancholic and atmospheric Coldwave sound, the French duo from Angers, Lunar Lock, made up of Romain Le Lavandier (vocals/keyboards) and Maxence Thulievre (bass), is back with a cinematic video by Thomas Brossier for the soul-stirring and mesmerizing fourth song “Dark and Lively”.

This is the story, between fiction and reality, of an old friend who got lost in an unbalanced relationship. He’s crazy in love, she’s lunatic and selfish. She totally dropped him off. I wanted to rewrite his grief through this song, which is both mortal and alive with sensitivity. This brings back memories that pop up, of a strong love but not so real.Romain Le Lavandier

A bleak, haunting wind chill of percussive thick and resonant broody basslines, punctuated by hypnotic punchy beats, are wrapped by cold ceremonial synth glows stabbed by piercing pain-filled guitar reverberations, to invoke the intense emotional moodiness of evocative heartfelt vocals as they sway between wistful doom and aching pain into an indecipherable conversation noise of romantic gloom.

Director Thomas Brosier signs the clip for “Dark And Lively,” and thought of it as an expression of this exacerbated melancholy. He also indulges in a transcription of Lunar Lock’s sound universe through the play of shapes, symbols and expressionism-inspired black and white. Only palpable is the perception of the protagonist’s distress and maldivious nostalgia.

Dramatic visuals by Thomas Brossier stir the soul with symbolic ‘dark water’ reflections and introspective performance clips by Lunar Lock, whilst the tragic aftermath of a rocky romance unfolds, to sync seamlessly with the psychological nuance of the soundtrack.

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