WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE JOY FORMIDABLE “Chimes” from the upcoming album “Into The Blue”

Video Of The Day The Joy Formidable

There’s a tunnel ahead and there’s no light around fight as you may…TJF

“Chimes” official video premiered yesterday on their YouTube channel and is the leading track off their new fifth LP “Into The Blue” slated for release on August 20, 2021, via Hassle Records UK, on digital format, softpack CD, and on vinyl too! Here are again the Welsh rockers, now residing in Southern Utah, The Joy Formidable in all their flashing glory, yeah!

The song is a stunner indie rock bullet in the expected post-punk swirl the band is wrapped on, and more, there’s a clear flirt with the shoegaze thing, and that’s what nailed me for good. You see, we have a troupe from Britain which now lives in the US…and it all sounds like these two worlds that are responsible for the ‘gaze break out since ages now, came together with a dense blow from TJF‘s amplifiers. I enjoyed their utterly fresh and explosive rock and roll groove all over “Chimes”, starring frontwoman Rhiannon “Ritzy” Bryan. TJF also consists of Rhydian Dafydd (bass, vocals) and Matthew James Thomas (drums, percussion). I hope and I wish that, honestly, their new album must be a little more explosive than this first sample because I need them to be included in my best lists 2021 when that time comes.

The new album includes 11 new songs with only two of them published so far as I speak to you, two terribly wonderful and ecstatic tunes in the likes of the edgiest and thickest and more angular rock and roll music babe, created and performed by only a threesome outfit that knows so well what to do with their toys in their hands in their playground.

But you know them well too I guess for about 15 years as they are active with always good records in their quiver, no question why they play major festivals on both sides of the Atlantic. Last, I’d like you to pay attention to TJF‘s lyrics and stories, please, please, please do it! It’s all about our lives as we speak with a beer in the hand during that ‘wonderful’ heatwave, especially here in the Mediterranean. I’m gonna get another cold bottle and then order the album for the rest of the summer days to become a little wilder. Also, go check their official website where they map all things The Joy Formidable with style and fluency; keep the following link and show them your love!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike