WL//WH Video Of The Day: HATTOMAN “Sombres Personnes”

Video Of The Day Hattoman

Paris-based Post-Punk duo Hattoman, made of Gautier JENIN (Lead Vocals, Bass VI, Keyboards/Machines, Lyrics) & Paul COLIN (Additional Vocals, Guitars), have previewed their upcoming new 3-track EP, due out this Friday, April 23, 2021, with a vintage video montage by Paul Colin himself, who uses seven international horror movies from 1920 to 1991 to encapsulate the dark mystical energy of the enigmatic track “Sombres Personnes”.

Urgent heart palpitating rolling rhythmic pattern propelled low, treacherous bass oscillations with sinister glaring synth strains to form a toxic mist of reverberating madness around ominous omens of doom, while dizzying spirals of rabid, sour guitar lines pump danger into the atmospheric concoction of male vocal’s infusing dual distorted cries with dread-filled shouts, echoing into the post-apocalyptic maelstrom of menacing pain.

“Dark people” lyrics explore a hidden force of power gathering strength in the wings of an underworld society, where a long line of secrecy, deception, and ritualistic pride are coming to surface.

Strobing, hypnotic lights flash and swirl to pulse a visual disturbance of time over a rapid influx of vintage movie clips, creating a haunting backdrop for the insidious soundtrack. Strategic editing blends urgent imagery of eerie shadow dancing, demonic possessions, imprisoned citizens, and psychological experiments into a surreal dimension, where systematic oppression alters the minds of the masses into a psychotic hysteria. Grainy black and white textures blur supernatural masks with a backward flow of breath, while inverted split-screen dissections create an unnatural depth of deception using enhanced fear and kaleidoscopic replication, eliciting an overwhelming sense of helpless menace and insanity.

Hattoman‘s upcoming 3-track EP is going to be released this Friday, April 23, 2021.

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