WL//WH Video Of The Day: VIDEOTRAUM “Vermissen”

Video Of The Day  Videotraum 

German synthwave / darkwave project based in Hamburg, Videotraum, drops a psychological DIY video for the hypnotic and evocative synth-laden new single “Vermissen.”

Melancholic humming bass tones pulse sullenly under the crushed icy bright synth spiral’s warped dimness, while hypnotic lashing beats propel the heady glow around soft solemn female vocals, specter-like essence to rise and fall in subtle, unexpected intensities into a cold mourning disconnection.

The introspective lyrics flee the demonic uncertainty and sadness of abandonment, fear, and loneliness in search of healing energies.

Immersive visuals, shot in Hamburg, travel through the barren urban streets of modern dystopia giving nods to graffiti-strewn walls, religious iconography, and mechanized wind turbines. Black and white photography sweeps at awkward camera angle over Gothic architectures cast in partly cloudy skies, while red and blue wavelengths constrict and expand filmed footage into a depth-defying electronic dimension. Kaleidoscopic segments distort universal, man-made symbols and occultic images into unnatural shapes, sizes, and patterns to elicit latent fear and perverse thoughts from a backward flow of subconscious motion spinning irregular planes of perception upside down inside the mind’s eye of imagination.

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