WL//WH Video Of The Day: DISTANT STARS “Tension”

Video Of The Day Distant Stars

Trans-global Minimal Wavers, Distant Stars, comprised of vocalist Muriel Annic and musician Richard Payne, operating respectively out of Caen and Melbourne, return with an immersive cinematic music video for the subconscious track “Tension” taken from their new Double A-side single “Tension//Anxiety” via Believe Digital Distribution.

Described as awarped electro-pop for post-pandemic party people’

Atmospheric, angelic female vocals, at first swelled by male echoes, fade, fall, and float into hypnotic layers of chant-like reverberations, heartfelt emotional croons, and whimsical distortions within a depth defying tapestry of blinking and rattling synth waves, repetitive tight mid-tempo rhythms, and oscillating bass tones that buzz and zip through the fluttering electronic auras of cathartic bliss.

Psychological lyrics dive into the anxiety, tension, and alienating claustrophobia experienced at the hands of a panic attack.

Split-screen photography splices surreal textures into a dizzying dimension for the mind’s eye of imagination to feast on. Camera angles skew perception into an awkward flow of motion over a distant daydream where elongated lights and condensed shadows transform concrete stairways and panoramic prairie views into a disorienting abstraction. 3D reflections deconstruct faces into ghostly masks while translucent orbs and crystal formations glow over a dim back alleyway to meander through a lost time portal into a golden field of dreams.

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