WL//WH Track Of The Day: CHEMICAL WAVES “Denied (feat. BEDLESS BONES)”

Track Of The Day Chemical Waves ft. Bedless Bones

Relentlessly shadowed by post-punk, darkwave, and coldwave decadent tones, Chemical Waves is one of the three projects in which the Italian, Rome-based, musician Marco Cattani is involved, in addition to the experimental electronic production unit under the alias The Mark and, most known, as part of the synthpop, future pop trio Halo Effect.

Anticipated last September by the single “The Only Way” in collaboration with fine French post-punker Closed mouth, Chemical Waves‘s debut album “Even When We Fall Apart”, whose artwork is a tribute to Vaughan Oliver created by Henri Sizaret, contains intriguing vocal guests from the contemporary dark music underground scene, like Bedless Bones, HIV+, Closed mouth, L’Avenir, Antiflvx, Virgin Tears, Egoprisme and RjVj.

“Denied”, featuring the haunting vocals from the fascinating and highly talented dark chanteuse Bedless Bones, is distinguished by hostile discontent lyrics that delve into thoughts of death, as a woman left behind suffers alone in a world she no longer belongs.

Punchy and steady drumbeats fuel tension-building, winding metallic bassline, and humming, icy synth swells, protruding an immanent and inescapable seething sense of desperation and anger into an aching intensity, charged by a vortex of warped searing guitar chords that chime, squeak, twang, and lately frantically wail on top, interspersed by tinny, eerie piano notes, of frigid, angry, resentful female vocals, turn into decaying haunted howls suffering vane alienation in a superficial immortality.

Chemical Waves‘s debut album “Even When We Fall Apart” is slated to be released on February 29, 2020 through Unknown Pleasures Records.

FrancoSpanish artist/DJ and UPR label head Pedro Peñas Robles doesn’t use to sign many post-punk bands recently, but, as brilliantly evidenced by Lovataraxx , the few ones hardly disappoint.

Simultaneously has been dropped the official video by Sound In The Distance channel, for the 80s-tinged, that reminds me somehow The Bolshoi, “The sphinx” featuring, as guest vocalist, label boss Pedro under his HIV+ moniker and with original lyrics taken from Oscar Wilde.

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