WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE VIOLENT YOUTH “Не Ухожу | I´m Not Leaving”

Video Of The Day The Violent Youth

Augsburg, Germany-based Post-Punk band, Violent Youth, led by Minsk, Belarus-bred singer, composer and musician Arthur Tsymbal, puts aside the synthesizers for the introspective guitar-driven new single “Не Ухожу | I’m Not Leaving” off of the forthcoming 10-track album “OSTAVAITES NA LINII” | “Remain On Lines”, scheduled for release on October 29, 2021, accompanied by an evocative DIY music video by Arthur Tsymbal himself. 

Narrative lyrics depict racing thoughts regarding a mysterious relationship where emotional highs and lows fulfil subconscious desires.

 “Не Ухожу” unleashes droning, ringing, abrasive guitar riffs to carve nervous energies over low, groovy bass throbs, and steady punchy drum beats, whilst high-strung distorted male vocals unleash lonely anxiety and fear amid falling, slicing reverbs and warm glowing melodies of stunning melancholic isolation.

The stylish and engaging video depicts solitary days at home hiding in dread and surfing the web for friendship. Light and dark moods shift between a blurry, surreal performance and a sunny indoor work scene to warp time and space betwixt two locations. Red aquatic lens filters extract disassociated feelings of existence from contorted shadows to swell monstrous extensions of disorientation. Suggestive subtitles change perception and emotion to disrupt the visual flow of hypnosis with a sign of the times plot where social anxiety and fear of the unknown leave a stranded soul inside saying, “I’m Not Leaving.”

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