WL//WH Video of the Day: OBVIOUS CREATURE “Hollow”

Video of the Day  Obvious Creature

Hailing from Central Coast, NSW, Australia, Obvious Creature is the solo home recording project of songwriter, producer, musician Pete Sanderson on the verge of releasing his third album entitled “Next Year Might Be Different” due out May 31 on his own recently founded Creature Collective label.

Obvious Creature‘s rich, textured atmospheric sound delves into expansive and experimental pop territories, blending synthetic elements and organic electro-acoustic instrumentation with layered vocals and bittersweet lyrics about ‘being uncomfortable in a life of comfort’.

The first single “Hollow” slowly uncoils brittle hypnotic echoing notes together with dense flowing piano melodies and hazy organic chords unified as drone alarm introducing soft, reverbed-laden, ethereal male vocals of misunderstood alienation, anxiety and fear found in a life of comfort where the only things yearned for are love, acceptance, and caring.  Subtle sprawling organ lull and ambient guitar textures bringing crystal clear, deep emotional notes and harmonies adorned with delicate bell chimes and soft tolls into a dreamy environment of rest, comfort, and peace winding down to a slow solitary tick-tock.

A song about life, death, and all that exists in between. A somberly stoic man with a grin unfolding upon his face takes a step back from the dim and bleak future to remember and honour all that lies behind him. Knowing he does not have much time left lends a hand in mending stubborn relationships allowing him to let go of pain and suffering. A heart attack at the city lake leaves a man lost in nostalgia as beautiful and endearing last words to reveal, “So long this place we’ve known, you can feel so alone, came so close, I ‘m not coming back.”

The accompanying DIY black & white video combines beautiful moving landscapes, with sunlight casting shadows of lysergic surrealism upon the face of a cloud laughing at the shapes running in the woods. Fresh snow lay in mounds underneath an abundant forest of trees huddled together in warmth as the sun illuminates rays of incandescent colours setting, fading, and casting darkness into the depth of brush. The sun sets over the pines,a car passes and an aerial shot reveals the vast magnificence of sky, land, and forestry joined into one.

A truly touching song with heartfelt lyrics, passionate vocals, and ever so thoughtful note and tone arrangement set against the backdrop of an awe-inspiring mature forest shape-shifting through time.

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