WL//WH Track Of The Day: ALAN HARMAN “Phosphene Activity[190-180]”

 Track Of The Day   ALAN HARMAN   

Since 2019 the Canadian electronic musician based in Toronto, currently named ALAN HARMAN, is honing his sound poised between 80s minimal synth/wave leanings and experimental abstract analog electronics, with some, as usual very limited, 7″s/CDR releases under his previous ‘e +’ moniker, through cult labels such as the UK Polytechnic Youth and German MINIMALKOMBINAT.

After the DIY digital EP “RESEARCH ( A)” from about three months ago, constantly straddles the two dualities mentioned above with some noisy inserts, he is recently practising, writing and recording live, seemingly inspired by influential acts such as Moderne, Twilight Ritual, Linear Movement, das Ding and more recently Martial Cantarel and Led Er Est.

The just dropped new single, “Phosphene Activity”, accompanied by the blurred live visuals above, is the second track emerging from these sessions, laced with confessional lyrics that unveil shame, secrecy, and fear over the death of a loved one.

It unbridles nimble, dry and mechanical snare beats, feverishly rippled back and forth by a bubbling, pulsating bassline, while weakly detached, haunted baritone vocals, sparsely topped with perpetually desolate searing synth sweeps, unleash anger, anxiety, and alienation into droning tremors of pain.

The minimal synth/wave process of assimilation is becoming ever more consistent.

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