WL//WH Track Of The Day: PROMAJA “Hidden Figures”

Track Of The Day  PROMAJA  

“Hidden Figures” is the debut single by the enigmatic Naarm/Melbourne-based 3-piece Post-punk / New-Wave band Promaja, made up of J. Dunn, L. Murr, and J. Taouk, the first foretaste, mixed and mastered by Simon Maisch of fellow Melbourne Post-punk band Bitumen, from an album due for release in 2024

The trio delivers an equally chilly and crystalline, as well as dizzy and mesmeric guitar-laden sound, drenched in curtains of reverb and dusky shadows.

The single, lyric-wise, unveils a subconscious world of ‘Hidden Figures‘ where isolation, fear, and dreams of running away flow rampant.

“Hidden Figures” is enveloped in a glistening, spectral and nocturnal aura, carved by sharp-edged twangy guitar strains, anchored on a hypnotic pulsing bedrock of steady punching drum beats along with unremitting sinuously churning and humming broody basslines, to swirl with echoing wailing agonizing splendor in unison with alluring, restless dreamy vocals, drawing intense hazy breaths of obsessive pain.

Let the stirring and mesmerizing Promaja‘s sound sweep and haunt you in the year to come.

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