WL//WH Track Of The Day: POLEVAULTER “Soylent Green”

Track Of The Day Polevaulter

Leeds, UK based post-punk inflected noise-niks, Polevaulter, return after a two-year hiatus with the brand new single “Soylent Green”.

The West Yorkshire band revamp their distinctive gripping and simmering twists and turns of taut and dissonant noise rock and heavily buzzing moody Post-punk, charged with energy and intensity, contaminating it with enveloping warm swells of murky and angsty atmospheric ambience mid-90s Warp Records style and barren Industrial clank.

Poetic lyrics are inspired by the 1973 cult dystopic science fiction movie classic “Soylent Green”, directed by Richard Fleischer, which was curiously set in the year 2022, to express distrust, fear, and paranoia at the hands of a twisted and oppressive government agenda.

Tinny, crisp snare drums relentlessly punctuate a swaying mechanical pace, slowly swelled by wistful gauzy synth swathes and stabbed by shaky jarring droning frequencies, creating a feeling of subdued vibrancy around anxious restrained wails, dropping anger, resistance, and dread into a sinister inhuman release of pain, abruptly slashed by blaring eruptions of drilling feedback blasts, soon retracing back to the taut and hypnotic flow of unyielding alienation.

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