WL//WH Video of the Day: THE ROTATIONS “Unfinished Business”


Glaswegian elusive garage rockers The Rotations have just dropped their brand new 5-track EP “Unfinished Business”, ripe with hypnotic and atmospheric, noir-ish cinematic grooves, exuding old-fashioned smoky, and shadowy jazzy club vibes.

Low creeping mysterious bassline danger bounces steadily through tinny snares beats, bright rattling keyboard notes, and breathless nicotine-stained vocal’s harsh soothsaying demeanour amid distant spectre-like female vocalizations, floating lifelessly around a blaze of muted blistering guitar melodies.

Ominous lyrics unravel in a macabre warning laced with a vengeance, mental illness, and poor choices as it is time to pay the consequences for a life led on a spontaneous whim.

Grainy black and white vintage vibe DIY video casts reflections and shadows across shades of hidden despair as negative light photography, high contrast pop, and mesmerizing overlay flickers, twirl cigarettes and dominoes over a checkerboard backdrop while haunting genie eyes formulate a psychedelic mind trip left burning in the skies.

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