WL//WH Track Of The Day: UFER “Dreaming Lemons”

Track Of The Day UFER

 “Dreaming Lemons” is the second track from a new and pretty interesting enigmatic Darkwave duo from Italy with the Teutonic name of Ufer, the only trace of information we could find, which personally brings to mind early 2000s Berlin’s Paul-Lincke-Ufer/Hard Wax memories, albeit a totally uninteresting detail for you.

An intoxicating modern dance-inducing Darkwave number ala Boy Harsher with enough electro-charged punch and off-kilter parts (the synth horn brief interlude near the end), to keep things constantly gripping, pervaded by a relentless restless anxiety, ingrained in the cold and sharp precision of a hard-hitting drum machine, pumping droning low ends, and encircling icy-bright futuristic synth melodies with a sweeping dramatic spacey feel, to surround an agonizing, willfully monotonous, vocal delivery.

Dark poetic lyrics capture the love and hate found in a lost soul’s heart through a romantic lens of longing.

“Dreaming Lemons” bubbles along a buzzing whirlwind of undulating basslines and driving stark and crisp pounding snares, whilst haunted baritone vocals painfully yearn for another’s attention against a chilly eerie backdrop of swirling synth desolation.

Definitely an act to keep a close eye on.


  1. Ufer 16th January 2024
    • Fabrizio Lusso 16th January 2024