WL//WH New Music: NLIGHT “Samsara” (Official Clip)

New Music  NLIGHT 

NLIGHT is the solo Darkwave project of frelu, a songwriter, performer, and engineer from France, as well as one half of the band Kjaroscuro with Mel Eyes, who “arms himself with electric bass, guitars, and a voice from beyond the grave, at times coated in electronics” to deliver an immersive and distinctive organic musical experience for all the devotees of the most obscure sounds.

The French artist has just released his debut album “Lux Tenebris”, which burns bright into the genuine spirit of the ’80s Darkwave heritage, bringing an intense, powerful, yet truly affecting gothic-laced opus of heartfelt and haunting obscure beauty.

One of the full-length’s most evocative and lyrical closing moments, “Samsara”, is a poem with esoteric insights written by NLIGHT himself in his native language.

I have always noticed that Light rhymes with Night (hence my name which combines the two, one cannot exist without the other). And I always liked to notice that Darkness rhymes with Mindfullness. That one led to the other and that this was also the cause. The cycle. The Ourobouros.

“Samsara” is the chaotic unravelling of ignorance in Hindu Philosophy. It is an unsettling force necessary for a spiritual awakening. Once change begins, a newfound vision can lead the awakened to a peaceful state of Nirvana. Along the way, karmic choices will affect the outcome. This process, in modern times, is loosely depicted in The Matrix movies. It has also been called ‘the lifting of the veil.

Rich, introspective and minimal, a glow from eerie synth stabs radiates over dry, organic bass lines, shifting into sinister piercing guitar melodies as slow slashing beats and arrhythmic pulses drive forward under beautifully haunting baritone vocals, stirring the soul with thought-provoking poetry.

Symbolic visuals blend grey introspective waters with subconscious cloud formations and elegant French/English lyrics to sync with the metaphysical contemplation of the soundtrack. Magnificent aerial views invoke the solemn, natural mystery of wisdom as a distant sun-charged horizon casts soulful illumination over an expanse of untapped waters, opening a hard to see portal through the breaking tides.

NLIGHT‘s 9-track LP, ‘Lux Tenebris‘, is available on NLIGHT‘s Bandcamp page.

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