WL//WH Track Of The Day: TORCH “A Familiar Lie”

WL//WH Track Of The Day Torch

Greenlandic/Danish Darkwavers based in Aarhus, TORCH, comprised of Ivik Rosing-Johnsen (guitar & vocals), Josefine Valler (bass) and Benjamin Lind (synth & vocals), have dropped the final single, “A Familiar Lie”, from the upcoming long-anticipated debut album, “Leaving Me Behind”, via Gothenburg‘s independent label Inåt Bakåt Records.

Framed by the amazing artwork by Matias Gulvad, “A Familiar Lie”, lyric-wise, deals with a gothic romance that constructs a dire lovelorn realm, where urgent pleading to be taken back into the heart of another exposes the doubt, fear, and shame lying within a traumatized soul.

Thumping, spluttering drum machine laced with Nine Inch Nails-esque crackling and buzzing industrial clattering, and a beguiling Mick-Karn-like wiggly murmuring bass line, are swept by glacial earnest, dramatic synth washes, sharpened by a sizzling sway of arpeggiated guitar chords, overflowing with glaring alienating despair, over stoic, haunted baritone broods alternate with airless tormented cries, to fall breathless into a dark and sinister nightmare of excruciating mental agony.

Torch‘s debut album “Leaving Me Behind” will be released, both digitally and on limited vinyl 12″, sometime next May via Inåt Bakåt Records.

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