WL//WH Track Of The Day : ULTRANOIRE “Fading Into You”

Track Of The Day

Frankfurt am Main, Germany based electro-noire duo ULTRANOIRE are announcing today the follow up to their brilliant early 2017 sophomore album “Intronaut”, a 3-track EP titled “Isolation” due out December 25.
Poignant, dark, dangerous and hypnotic, first preview “Fading Into You” unfolds buzzing bass line, layers of frozen, menacing synth, and razor sharp drum machine loops of tension and danger, over at first calm, sensual and tentalizing, then strong and caustic vocals brimming with soulless tension, excitement and pride induced by his malicious behavior.

Longing to be with his depressed amour turns tragic in a sick, twisted game of power, fear, pleasure, and pain.

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