WL//WH Video Of The Day: Глава II / GLAVA II “Забываю (I Forget)”

Video Of The Day  Глава II / GLAVA II

Russian Experimental Ritual-Pop duo based in St. Petersburg, Глава II drop a breathtaking video for the immersive new single “Забываю”(I Forget), the title track from the band’s debut album, “Забываю”, out now.

The pair craft a heady alchemy of techno, Northern Russian Folk, coldwave and EBM to deliver a compellingly dark, stark and eerie sound of riveting dancing incantations.

Hypnotically pulsing and warbling bassline danger winds brisk sweeping beats and hollow spinning rotations around the tragic beauty of light airy female vocals enraptured by the restrained release of echoing male deceptions and paranoia-inducing properties of recorded voice samples, while flashing icy bright synth bursts and piercing atmospheric arcane Slavic melodies weave dire moods through the ill-conceived lapses of heartfelt agony.

An enchanting video by Mark Byrdin imagines a sinister dimension ruled by the dark destinies of a full moon where a dramatic dance of whirling dervishes attempts to forget the love of another only to conjure a new flow of painful memories.  Fate’s mystical hands command a  bone-chilling mist to twirl and contort the subconscious desires of a pair of lovelorn energies to form a disturbing surreal drama of suffering, where both the forgotten and the one who forgets endure an excruciating backward march through time. The captivating pace of a super slow-motion camera captures an invisible force of primal impulses, universal symbols, and human bondage to reveal a hidden psychological realm of unhealed passions.

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