WL//WH Video Of The Day: ENZO KREFT “Biometrics”

Video Of The Day Enzo Kreft

Mechelen-based, pioneer veteran Belgian DIY visual artist and musician, Enzo Kreft, alias of Eric Vandamme, has been turning synthesized sound into minimalistic, disturbing and cold dystopian symphonies since his debut electro-infused 1983/84 cassettes “Me Is”.

Enzo has recently dropped the Official Music Video for the justifiably paranoid futuristic track “Biometrics”, off his latest sixth full-length album “Control”, released last June via Wool-E Discs.

A song about the dark side of technology wherein the governments, private corporations, or individual interests subvert advancements made for the common good, such as DNA, IT, and facial recognition to create false identification or other misinterpretation ideologies.

Rolling undulations of synth alternate volume infiltrated by thin repetitive beats emitting clashing echoes, as cold abrasive basslines hypnotize body beat rhythm into a wickedly danceable serpentine slither. Disguised robotic distortions vocalize “Biometrics” with icy mechanical precision as a serious slightly anxious scientific voice of the human variety reveals the vast array of Biotech advancements used in everyday life. Warm Cyber charged atmospherics surge embracing expansion as cold sinister envelope encompass Evolving atmospherics comprised of cold sinister cyber-enhanced beats stimulate the senses as warm electro-charged auras expand to form an all-encompassing harmony of body and soul.

A thought-provoking video foreshadows a dystopian cityscape beautifully harmonized with nature, modern crowded streets overwhelmed with CGI mayhem, and an aggressive element of destruction at play set against the backdrop of radars, cameras, and plotted grids enforced by menacing, soulless robotic authority as they scan, record, and interpret every move made by the unsuspecting citizens.

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ENZO KREFT will play at W-FESTIVAL 2020.  SAVE THE DATE! [22/05/2020 – 13:20-14:10 – Waregem Expo Zuiderlaan 20 8790 Waregem Belgium]