WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – NOVEMBER #46 – 22

Photo by Sohrab Hura

  • Minneapolis dream pop /shoegaze band LUMARI “Neon Mirror” single

Minneapolis‘ 4-piece band drop their mesmerizing and immersive new and proper second single that shudders through trippy, oscillating guitar riffs that echo The Smiths’ “How Soon is Now”, to swell and ring in a swirling tide along punchy drum beats, warm throbbing bass lines, and beautifully mercurial achingly emotional vocals, falling lost into an arcane “Neon Mirror” of multi-dimensional bliss.

  • Quezon City, Philippines alt rock /indie pop band The Geeks “The Song Of Yesteryear” single from upcoming third LP “Sitcom Theme Songs” via Lilystars Records

Cult Filipino Slacker Rock 5-piece The Geeks deliver a nostalgic and sparkling slice of Indie Pop charm through ringing distorted guitar riffs intermingle with perky rolling drum beats and whimsical synth flutters around anxious breathless vocal energies, dropping uncertainty and fear into rippling waves of angsty fate.

  • Melbourne, Australia jangle pop /noise indie rock duo Farewell Horizontal “Brighton’s Full of Arseholes” off upcoming 4th album “Tales of Woah”

Melbourne based duo Farewell Horizontal, DIY purveyors of a solid, heartfelt, and captivating melodic guitar sound that twists and turns from 90s noise-rock and sparkling jangle pop, unveil the first teaser from their upcoming 4th album, an absorbing and swirling jam of fuzz-laden noisy pop worthy of Dinosaur Jr. and Teenage FC, that shimmers and soars with bright unrestrained moods, to wind obsessive, wiry guitar strains, swaying urgent drum beats, and humming bass lines into a fuzzy distorted realm around angsty breathless vocals, delivering toxic observations about the state of local affairs as “Brighton’s Full Of Arseholes.”

  • Kent, England based folk singer-songwriter Marlody “Summer” the first single from her upcoming debut album “I’m Not Sure At All” via Skep Wax Records
  • Manchester‘s ambient pop /dream pop /synth artist Elizabeth Crompton “Shelter” from the debut LP “Problems Of Other Minds” on Werra Foxma Records
  • Glasgow, Scotland ethereal /electronic pop singer-songwriter Michael Timmons “Hanshin Railway Line” from the upcoming EP “Pastel”
  • Montreal, Quebec chanson française /60s folk singer-songwriter Rachel Leblanc, AKA Vanille “Le bois” 2nd single from the upcoming LP “La clairière”
  • Ontario dream pop /folk artist Nicole Dollanganger “Gold Satin Dreamer” single
  • Helsinki, Finland dreampop /synthpop duo PEARLY DROPS “I Cry While You Sleep” singel on Cascine
  • Silsbee, Texas folk rock project of singer-songwriter Eric Adams, aka Acre Memos – “Birds Swim Away feat. Lomelda” from the second album “A Collection of Bird Songs” on Double Yolk Record House
  • New York indie folk rock duo The Antlers “Ahimsa” (new version, originally from 2017) single
  • Rotterdam, The Netherlands guitar rock 3-piece LEWSBERG “The Playground” off 2-track cassette single “Sweets”
  • Portland, OR experimental /ambient /shoegaze /slowcore /drone project of Kyle Bates, aka DROWSE “Blue Light Glow” from the LP “Wane into It” on The Flenser
  • Wales, UK psych /shoegaze /punk solo project shortc@ke “Supernova” (Opal cover) from “Strawberry Stars” EP
  • London based ethnic /jazz /pop /psychedelic duo of French multi-instrumentalist Kit Martin and Instanbul‘s singer and multi-disciplinary artist Merve Erdem, aka KIT SEBASTIAN “Hayat” single on MR BONGO
  • Netherlands 60s /yè-yè /Bossanova /beat artist Fleur “Chanson d’automne” from the upcoming second LP “Bouquet Champêtre”
  • New York electronic /shoegaze /dream pop solo moniker of songwriter-musician Mike Law (of Eulcid and New Idea Society), WILD ARROWS “Gold Ides” single
  • New Zealand-based indie rock outfit led by songwriter Finn Andrews, The Veils “Undertow” from the upcoming LP “…And Out Of The Void Came Love” on Ba Da Bing Records
  • Cork, Ireland dream pop /indie rock band formed in 1992, Emperor of Ice Cream “Winter Pages” single on FIFA Records
  • Wirral, UK jangle /dream pop /indie rock band formed in 2011, led by Liam Power, AKA By The Sea “Desire Paths” from the third album “Heaven Knows Magnolia”
  • Cambridge, UK indie rock /bedroom pop teen singer-songwriter Sean Trelford “Dearest One” from the upcoming debut album “Care Home Party” on Hidden Bay Records and Field Mates Records
  • Essex, UK shoegaze /dream pop four-piece She’s In Parties – “Cherish” single on Something
  • Stockholm, Sweden post-punk /indie rock 4-piece The Vapour Veils “Modern Love” 5th single from the debut album, “The Last Hurrah”
  • Melbourne, Australia garage /indie rock band The Pinstripes – ‘Blue Rectangle’ single on Critter Records.
  • Zaporozhye, Ukraine experimental alternative /shoegaze /post-punk 4-piece Povod “Ловити суть” single
  • Indonesian doomgaze /grunge /shoegaze outfit SUNLOTUS “Glass-like Dreams” single from an upcoming EP on Greedy Dust Records
  • Naarm /Melbourne based indie rock /post-punk musician ENOLA “Metal Body” single on Fire talk
  • London, UK post-punk /indie /guitar rock 4-piece (FKA Foundlings), Hadda Be – “Mercurial” new single via Last Night From Glasgow
  • Dublin new wave /power-pop /psych-pop three-piece Soft on Crime “Telex Eyes” from the upcoming album “New Suite”
  • London baggy /indie rock foursome The Utopiates “Illuminise” single
  • Lyon, France lo-fi /post-punk /wave /indie /synth pop solo project DONNY VEGAS “Sadie’s Horse” from the cassette album “These Flaming Tunes” on L’Enfant Pneu
  • Dublin, Ireland power pop-punk-rock solo project (Hot Colossus), Gary Showbiz “Secret Police” from “4 Day Week” EP
  • Bogotà, Colombian indie rock band fronted by Hansel Camacho AKA Münchhausen “Undisclosed Words” single
  • Boston’s math /psych /indie-rock band, Pile “Loops” from upcoming LP “All Fiction” on Exploding In Sound Records
  • Memphis-based power-pop band of Jody Stephens (drummer for the legendary 70s band Big Star) and Luther Russell (leader of early 90s roots-rock band The Freewheelers), AKA Those Pretty Wrongs – “Paper Cup” from the forthcoming album “Holiday Camp” on Curation Records.                                                   
  • Melbourne five-piece garage punk band Delivery “Wear It Well” off debut full-length LP ‘Forever Giving Handshakes + Demos’ on Anti Fade Records/Feel It Records
  • Nevada City, CA garage punk band No Healer “Good Times” from the cassette “Good Times” EP on Lollipop!
  • Neuquen, Argentina noise pop /punk girl band LAS DENSAS “LLAMAME” from s/t EP
  • Vancouver, BC indie-pop-punk band Jock Tears “Neil Young” from the album “Bad Boys” on Inky Records
  • UK indie pop-disco-punk-rock band from Wales, HELEN LOVE “I’ll Wear The Sparks One” single on Alcopop!
  • Lausanne, Switzerland lo-fi indie rock /folk singer-songwriter Emilie Zoé “Castle” from “Hello Future Me – The Companion” EP
  • Melbourne based power-pop /indie rock singer-songwriter Alex Lahey “Shit Talkin'” single on Liberation Records
  • New York shoegaze /grunge /alt-rock foursome Soul Blind “Seventh hell” from the LP “Feel It All Around” on Other People Records
  • Malmö-based post-punk /noise pop /krautrock foursome FEWS “Massolit” new single on Welfare Sounds & Records
  • North West of England post-hardcore /indie rock /grunge /shoegaze 5-piece Glass Gardens “Out of Your Mind” from the EP “In Over My Head”                                                                                                     
  • Liverpool, UK grunge /shoegaze /alt-rock outfit Lowest Places “Bad Gateway” from 2-track “Demo”
  • Des Moines, Iowa dream pop /indie rock duo Elison “Fruit Flies” single
  • Chicago, IL emo /jangle /shoegaze /indie rock solo project of Brandon Papanicolas, aka SPILLS “Big Drip” single
  • UK dream pop /psych pop 4-piece from Canterbury, Tokyo Tea Room – “If You Love Her” single on Nice Guys                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Atlanta, GA experimental /psychedelic /dream pop project of singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Thomas Howard AKA Orchid Mantis “It Will Be Alright” from the 7th album “How Long Will It Take” on Spirit Goth Records
  • Columbia, Missouri lo-fi /ambient /slowcore band Telepathy Club “Undefeated” from “Unknown” EP
  • Oslo-based, Norwegian fuzz noise-pop band led by guitarist and vocalist Christian Dam, The Age of Colored Lizards “Close My Eyes” single on Sotron Records
  • Swedish post-rock /shoegaze duo Calle Thoor and Oskar Karlström, Bolywool “The Poetry of Dead Branches” from the new EP “Orcadian Obsidian” on VÅRØ
  • Singapore-based shoegaze /dream pop 5-piece Motifs “Summersad” from the debut LP “Remember A Stranger”
  • Dream pop /alt-rock band from North East Poland, Waterville “Breathing” from the EP “Isle Of Blue” on Shore Dive Records
  • Melbourne, Australia indie rock /dream pop /shoegaze solo project KEEPSAFE “Statelines” single         
  • Bath, UK dream rock /shoegaze project of Jenn Zed, aka ZED POINT “I Will Miss the Sunrise” from “Lemonade” EP
  • Christchurch, NZ shoegazey-dream-pop project of Annemarie Duff (ex Miniatures), aka T. G. Shand “WAVO” new single.
  • Russian noise pop /shoegaze /dream pop band from Moscow, Life on Venus “Stranger Times” single
  • Jacksonville, Fl celestial shoegaze solo project Funeral Homes – “Seraphim Sight” off the debut LP “Blue Heaven” on Lonely Ghost Records
  • Hong Kong based Indie Pop / Dreampop / Shoegaze band Tofu Kingdom “The Brightest Light” off the EP “Souvenir”
  • Italian lo-fi /indie /dream pop band split between Helsinki and Bergamo, DEINE MUTTI “AsTA FEST” single
  • Chihuahua, Mexico indie /dream pop solo project ☆En Mi Mente☆ “Girasolestelar” single
  • Leicester, UK lo-fi /bedroom /dream /indie pop duo Harper – “Us Now” from the cassette edition of last May’s debut EP “Hope” on Devil Town Tapes
  • Atlanta, Georgia dream pop /indie pop band password:password “Inis Mór” single
  • Indonesian dream pop /indie pop band Girl And Her Bad Mood (GAHBM) “2013/Bluest Year I’ve Been” 5th single off upcoming “Bluest Year” on Haum Entertainment
  • Columbus, Ohio bedroom noisy dream pop solo artist Mimete “Claws & teeth” from “Soda spire” EP
  • Hamburg based, German Indie Pop trio Roller Derby “Say How Come” new single via Practise Music
  • Los Angeles dream pop/synthwave /synth-pop duo CD Ghost “If Only” from the LP “Night Music” on Born Losers Records
  • Athens based electronic dream /synth-pop duo, Keep Shelly in Athens “To the Moon” new single on Athenian Aura Recordings.
  • London-based dream pop /synthpop solo project of Marianthi (one half of Greek duo Marsheaux), MeLLLo “Drive” single.
  • New York electronic /indie pop songwriter JORDANA “Hands Over My Head” from the EP “I’m Doing Well, Thanks For Asking” on Grand Jury Music
  • Chapel Hill, NC indie folk rock singer-songwriter Rachel Hirsh – “Wilder Still” single from the forthcoming debut solo EP “I’ve Been Here This Whole Time”                                                                                          
  • London-based jazz /funk /folk /trip-hop /psych rock project of Stevenage-born musician and composer, Will Dorey, aka Skinshape “Turn Away” from the album “Nostalgia” on Lewis Recordings
  • GermanNorwegian indie-pop duo Sebastian Voss and Jørn O. Åleskjær AKA Herr Wade “Und sie tanzen im Himmel” from the Christmas EP “Weihnachten… Willkommen zurück!” on Platiruma!!!
  • Scottish ambient /spiritual jazz /chamber folk composer and producer (former member of Idlewild and Hazey Janes), Andrew Wasylyk “The Confluence” from the upcoming album “Hearing The Water Before Seeing The Falls” via Clay Pipe Music

Photo by Sohrab Hura

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