WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – Sept. #38-21

  • Sonidos Subterraneos | Episode 096 | faux naïf                                                                                                   

 Courtesy of Medellin‘s label Sonidos Subterraneos, London-based DJ and Radio Show stalwart, faux naif, actually via a residency on Threads & Balamii radio and her own biannual event series M II M (mouthiimouth), brings inspiration from the 80s to modern day to offer different edges on the darker sounds spanning from body music, EBM, tropical goth, synth, darkwave and post-punk.       

  • Italian dark disco /kraut /new wave /post-punk /electronic young musician, DJ, Live Performer and Luminance Records co-founder Marco Catapano, aka AMARCORD “The Blue Hour Club feat E.S.O (Echonomist Remix)” off upcoming EP “The Blue Hour Club” [Dust & Blood]                                                                      

After this summer fruitful remix affair, Berlin‘s synth artist E.S.O borrow his alluringly sullen vocals to Italian up-and-coming eclectic dark groove-maker Amarcord. In this case, the Thessaloniki-bred producer’s rework explores increasingly murky and hypnotic, intoxicating dancing territories. Steam-powered lashing beats rise and fall in dance-inducing rhythms awakening mesmeric, mind-opening frequencies with intense pulsing, flickering, and wavy bass tones, and ceremonial glaring synth swathes, swirling around anguished evocative vocals layering distant fading echoes with droning moans, blurring the lines between modern escapism and cold vast freedom with an intoxicating mixture of “Dust & Blood.”    

  • Vilnius, Lithuania Italo disco /house /synth-pop /nudisco producer Black Feeling – “Right On Time” off upcoming V/A ”Mellow Bangers” compilation on Italo Moderni

Sweaty and nostalgic end of summer vibes with the new compilation from Italo Moderni‘s new compilation ‘‘Mellow Bangers”. Lithuanian producer delivers a chiming and sparkling high energy bouncing bass and big chord Disco banger of compulsory dancing rhythms of Retro Modern Italo vibes, coming to your dancefloor, ‘Right On Time’.

  • Italian industrial /EBM /techno producer Francesco Tella, aka NGHTLY “Dissonanza Cognitiva” off of the upcoming cassette album “Animi Introversi” on HOME MORT

Italian artist distorts, squelches and disintegrates the erratic rhythmic convulsions and spasms of Post-Punk, EBM, Techno and Industrial through sentient energy that buzzes to ignite relentless cold, grumbling, and gritty bassline menace cut in dirty, industrial clanks and rapid-fire lashing beats, amid submerged struggling, and distorted male grunts, smeared by dirgey synth swathes, delivering swirling trance-inducing obscure alteration into a tense and disturbing depth-defying dystopian state of “Dissonanza Cognitiva.”         

  • Danish ambient /drone /electronic project of Janushoved label head Mikkel Valentin Dunkerley, aka Internazionale “Vestiges Of Nature” title track from the upcoming cassette album “Vestiges Of Nature” on Janushoved
  • Italian ambient /experimental /trance /kraut producer from Milan, Tagliabue – “Persuasione” off the upcoming debut mini-album “Ambiente Sonoro” on Elephant Gait Music
  • French dark psychedelic synth electronic producer Eyjafjöll “6 Billion Years of Love” from the upcoming “The Expansion Force of the Seed” EP on NEIN Records
  • Latvian soundtrack /electro /synthpop /electronic producer Dmitry Distant “Zenith” off upcoming 2-track ‘Cold’ 7″ single
  • Legendary Detroit techno collective, Underground Resistance “The Final Frontier (Nomadico Remix)” [originally released in 1992] from upcoming “Tresor 30″ Limited Edition 12 x 12” Vinyl Boxset on Tresor Records Berlin
  • Poland / Manchester Berlin-based indie rock /dark wave /electro /experimental duo A Guy Called Gerald & Szafran – “Dark Fire”                                                                                                                                                 
  • US body music /acid /techno /proto-electro producer and co-owner of Vanguard Sound and Anunnaki Cartel, Chris Mitchell “Triumph” off upcoming 12″ EP [Feral Colony]                                                                   
  • Bristol, UK experimental, raw, roots, dub, abstract techno producer and Young Echo crew affiliated OSSIA “Drum Tangle” from upcoming V/A “NOOD5″ EP 12” on Noods Radio
  • French eclectic techno Dj-producer and Bella Ursa Recordings head, Lethako – “Le Professeur” from upcoming V/A “Nebula Aranea #02” tape compilation on Bella Ursa Recordings
  • Dresden, Germany experimental /new beat /industrial /electro /techno producer (aka Dunkeltier aka Lupo aka the voice of Serial Error aka ½ of EBM-DJ-duo GOTT), Sneaker – “Passion” off upcoming V/A “Spirits of the Black Lodge” 12″ EP [The Black Lodge]                                                                                                                             
  • French ambient /EBM /Industrial /dark electronics producer from Strasbourg, Alpha Sect “ Your Ghost Lives In Me” from V/A “Unification of Harsh Realities Vol.1” cassette compilation on N.I.M Tapes
  • Detroit-born/New York-based electro /synthwave /electronic /new beat project of Nico Nightingale, aka Neud Photo “Cocktail 4 a Body” off upcoming “The Bone Zone” EP 12″ [Pildoras Tapes]                                             
  • Richard H Kirk – “Never Lose Your Shadow (Black Light Smoke edit V1)”                                                             
  • Belgian dark techno/ body music / EBM project RADIKAL KUSS “War” from “Crack Their Law” EP on Barrio
  • Budapest electro /synthwave /darksynth DIY solo project LAZERPUNK “Warth” Soundtrack of Project Wraith FPS game
  • Ρόδος, Greece industrial / EBM / dark electronics one-man-band DROID SECTOR DECAY ”She Screams Murder feat. Daemon Descent (RESIST CONCEPT)” [tribute track to the cult horror movie ‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre] from “Digital Violence” LP on UNDERGROUND INDUSTRIAL RECORDS
  • Ciudad de Coquimbo, Chile Electronic Body Music project by Jeremias Venegas Tapia, aka NEW FABRIK “N.O.M.” off “Made In A Decade Of Terror” cassette album on kontralamakina                                                            
  • Bernau, Germany Industrial /Electronic /EBM solo project BodyFarm “Kampfsport”                                             
  • UK industrial /rave /techno producer and Tremors Recordings and Emetic founder, Martyn Hare “This is not a test” from “Bruit Majeur” EP on Tripalium Corp Rave Series.
  • French cinematic dark techno producer from Strasbourg and Bella Ursa label head, Letherique – “Frying Saucer” off “Dawn of the Machines” EP on Tripalium Corp
  • Cincinnati, Oh acidic leftfield electro brother production duo Keith&Kevin – “Gutter Ball” off “The Body Lies” tape soon on Kentucky based imprint Dead Channel                                                                                               
  • French experimental /ambient /occult /techno /electronic collaboration Attention Chien + Fatal Kama, aka SPEED SEX – “décès d’AC” /off “Excuse 17” cassette album on CUTSPOONS .REC
  • Folkestone, UK acid /noisy electronic producer P. G. Warren “How We Lived” from the cassette “We Drink To Forget The Closing Storm” on Castles In Space
  • French EBM /industrial /techno /electronic producer Guillaume Castagnède (aka Ex Work, Sorti D’Usine), ABWRK Elektroniks “Minor A#”                                                                                                                                     
  • French dub /breaks /exotica /dancehall /electronic DJ /producer and Undo Music’s founder Mathias Kulpinski, aka DJ F16 FALCON – “Trip à la Mode de Quand” off upcoming “Ici Commence La Nuit” 7″ EP [Notte Brigante]                                                                                                                                                              
  • Saint Petersburg based new wave /space disco /electronic producer Konstantyn Isaev (aka Rambal Cochet), aka VOLTA CAB “Minotaur Topaz” from the upcoming 12″ EP “Minotaur Topaz” on Waste Editions
  • French rave/acid /wave /techno /electro producer from Strasburg, DynArec ‘Clean It Up’ off upcoming ‘Disenchanted’ EP [New Flesh Records]                                                                                                                            
  • French acid /electro DJ-Producer, Atix – “Instinct (CYRK Remix)” off forthcoming EP “Instinct” on his own label Division Virtuel Records                                                                                                                                           
  • French Electro Producer Stéphane BASTIEN, aka DEEMPHASIS “A World Of Silence” from “A World Of Silence” EP on Ukonx Recordings
  • Budapest electro producer, CT Kidobó – “Primer” off upcoming Split EP with Maelstrom on Dalmata Daniel
  • Mexico City indie dance /techno /electronic producer Badmoiselle – “Ashes (Original Mix)” off Split EP series “Tándem 002” with Kalexis on Born In Mexico
  • UK electronic /dark disco /electroclash /acid /techno /indie dance Producer-Remixer-DJ and Nein Records label boss Neil Parnell aka TRONIK YOUTH “Let’s Go (Fringe Society Remix)” out soon on Nein Records                    
  • Catalunia based Italo disco /synth-pop /retro synth wave production duo Undo & Casiowaves “Into The Night” from “This Is Not The End Of The World” EP 12” on Factor City records
  • London-based Detroit-rise acid /Italo /disco producer Demi Riquisimo – “This Is The Limit” off of “Divine Reality” EP on Shall Not Fade‘s Lost Palms series
  • Macedonia/Bulgaria techno /dark disco producers Andreja Salpe X Veselinov – Proggy Disko (Velax Machine Remix)” off “Egypt Disko” EP on Quixotical Records
  • Berlin-based dark disco /swamp wave producer (half of Random Atlas), Ducati Flux – “Psycho Hazard” off V/A “Dogs & Vultures Compilation Vol.3” [Dogs & Vultures]
  • Mexico indie dance /dark disco /wave /electronic producer Kalexis – “Neptune Rising (Vongold Remix)” off Split EP series “Tándem 002” with Badmoiselle on Born In Mexico
  • Spanish indie dance /techno /electronic producer from Murcia (half of Jeff Mental), Pastor In Vegas -“Na Tu Ta (Stockholm Syndrome AU Remix)” off “Amar Fundacion” EP on Espacio CIELO
  • Toronto ambient /world /electronic producer and percussionist Brandon Valdivia (Not The Wind, Not The Flag, Picastro, The Cosmic Range, I Have Eaten The City and Lido Pimienta), aka Mas Aya “Tiemp Ahora ft Lido Pimienta” from the LP “MÁSCARAS” on Telephone Explosion
  • Ambient /minimal /techno collaboration of Guatemala/Cuba via North Carolina based Raphael Alvarez and Miami‘s Noir Age label head Richard Vergez, aka Ongue Ditas “Agila” from cassette s/t album on Noir Age
  • Kyiv, Ukraine IDM /electro producer Sasha Zakrevska, aka Poly Chain “Desma” off of upcoming “Lake Lemuria” EP on Die Orakel                                                                                                                                       
  • Austin, TX ambient /experimental /electronic project lead by Neil Lord, Future Museums “The Myth Is The Myth” from the 12″ vinyl album “Harpoon of Sunlight” on Aural Canyon
  • French Drone /Ambient /IDM electronic musician VSSP “Ebbs & flows” off the album “Jungle” on Kalamine Records
  • Worcestershire, UK ambient /experimental /psych /electronic artist Kristian Shelley AKA Inwards “Mouse” off upcoming new EP ‘Feeling So Fun Reality’ via Brighton-based label Small Pond.
  • Perth, Australia experimental /ambient /electronic project of Ethan Reed, aka SLEEPTHINK “Phaedra reads happiness” from “Phaedra reads happiness // Whistling in the dark” single
  • Ambient /ethereal /electronic collaboration between L.A. based husband and wife duo and Réunion Island native, Awakened Souls & From Overseas “Passing Dreams (Patricia Wolf rework)” from “Keep The Orange Sun” album on Past Inside the Present
  • Regensburg, German minimal and ambient pop electronic musician-DJ-producer Markus Guentner “Concept of Credence” from the upcoming album “Extropy” final chapter in an accidental triptych of Astronomy-related concepts on A Strangely Isolated Place
  • Cumbria, England ethno-ambient solo project of Zoviet France co-founder Robin Storey, aka RAPOON “The Horizon Howls” from V/A “Blissful Nightmares & Mechanical Dreams” Santa Sangre Magazine 10 year anniversary compilation.