WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips – JUNE #24-22

  • London-based band indie rock /post-punk /new wave /synthpop band Idle Youth “Disconnect” new single

Although I’ve never featured the Camden Town based band, I have been following the music path of Idle Youth for some time, and I cannot understand why they are no longer known. Toeing the line between Synthpop, New Wave and melodic Post-Punk with a heavy dose of heartfelt melancholy and bittersweet nostalgia, amid steady syncopated rhythms, throbbing undulating low ends, New Order-ish wistfully emotional baritone strains, glistening guitar reverbs and bright magnetic synth washes, to weave dreamy vibes around evocative, heartfelt vocals rising and falling in romantic croons of eternal love at first sight.

  • Hidalgo, Mexico noise rock /shoegaze /psychedelic rock band Amparo Carmen Teresa Yolanda “Método y Vacío” single

I listened to the Mexican band with the resonant literary name Amparo Carmen Teresa Yolanda several years ago on the dearly missed Brazilian blog ‘The Blog That Celebrates Itself’, although I had lost track of them for a while. The now power trio have dropped an immersive and vibrant single that deftly blends Shoegaze, Psychedelia with sprinkles of Post-Rock. A crystalline constellation of glistening guitar melodies, underpinned by dragging drum beats and punchy pinpoint bleak bass throbs, chiming with somber obsession and urgent swelling distorted vibrancy to wax and wane around emotional, wistful vocals and rapid spoken-word ramblings, hanging devastated in a nightmarish confession of striking lies.

  • Almeria, Spain emo /noise rock /shoegaze trio Palmeras Negras “Desaparecer” from the second EP “Ya no queda nada donde lo dejé”

Young Andalusian power trio play an atmospheric and energetic shoegaze sound builds on dreamy, noise and emo nuances, equally claustrophobic and cathartic, as well as steeped in a bittersweet melancholy and introspective sorrow, to unravel amid reverb-drenched guitar clangour swelling into bubbling walls of sound to alternate with numb, almost lysergic contemplative ambience. In “Desaparecer” pure darkness and fear of the unknown afflict desperate, lost vocals laced with numb melancholia, hovering against fuzz-soaked hazy oppressive abrasive guitar drifts, wailing high-pitched wiry strains and meditative sparkling interludes, to erode and disintegrate helpless cries into distorted swaying ripples of longing obsessions.

  • Petrozavodsk, Russia lo-fi /electronic /experimental /folk /singer-songwriter Lena Filatova, AKA Kot Kot “Oduvanchik” from the vinyl 12″ album “i pni /and stumps” LP on Aguirre Records
  • Christchurch, New Zealand psych /indie folk singer-songwriter Ben Woods “Wearing Divine (feat. Lucy Hunter & Marlon Williams)” from the upcoming sophomore LP “Dispeller” via Melted Ice Cream (NZ), Shrimper (USA) and Meritorio (EU/UK).
  • L.A. based lo-fi /folk /country /psych rock duo Samuel Miller and Lawrence Moody, AKA Dividers “Don’t Blow Out That Candle” from the debut album “Crime of Passion” on Primordial Void
  • Stockton On Tees, UK dark ambient /cinematic /experimental /trip-hop music collaboration between viola player Graham Seaman (Veil and The Golden Age Of Nothing) and Mel Butler (bassist and songwriter from The Scarlet Hour), Ghosts Of Love “Learning To Breathe” title track from the album “Learning To Breathe” on Butterfly Effect
  • UK dark lo-fi dreampop artist Dorienna “Sugarteen” from “A Steady Diet Of 90’s Teen Angst” EP
  • Barrie, Ontario dreampop band ACER “Vacant” single
  • London based slow-fi dance dream pop duo, All Cats Are Beautiful “Heart Beats” (The Knife cover) single on moshi moshi records
  • Melbourne, Australia shoegaze /indie pop/dream pop duo GRAZER “These Days (Pass Me By)” from the upcoming album “Melancholics Anonymous” on Cascine                                                                     
  • Edinburgh, UK ’60s /shoegaze /psychedelic /dream pop /folk rock 5-piece led by singer and guitarist Tommy Danbury (formerly of L.A.’s bands Lower Heaven and Magic Mirror), AULD SPELLS – “Bought and Sold” single
  • Denver, Co post-rock /shoegaze solo project of Jared Barnes, aka CREEK “20/20” from the single “Hindsigh”
  • Nashville-based ethereal rock /shoegaze /dreampop composer and singer Christine Byrd, AKA Lumenette “Wake Up” from the upcoming debut LP “All Around My Head” on Hammock Music Label
  • Oakland, Ca electronic /dream-gaze /dream pop trio fronted by multi-instrumentalist Olivia Lee, There’s Talk “Lightleak” from “Lightleak & Watersignwave” EP
  • Indie rock /dream pop /post-punk DIY solo project Weather Mentality “Leave me alone”
  • London, UK noir-pop /shoegaze /dream pop /electronic father-daughter duo of Dean Garcia (formerly of Curve) & Rose Berlin, aka SPC ECO “Over n Over” from “Life Left” EP – June 2022 Series
  • Edinburgh, UK ethereal gazepop artist Celestial North “The Nature Of Light” single
  • Athens based Greek electro-indie-pop singer/songwriter Σtella “Nomad” from the new LP “Up and Away” (Tom Calvert aka Redinho) on Sub Pop
  • Glasgow, Scotland guitar /electronic pop twin duo Rachael Swinton & Paul Swinton, CLOTH “Lucid” from the upcoming “Low Sun” EP on Rock Action Records
  • Southampton, UK shoegaze /psychedelic /trip-hop band SUPERDRONE “Renegade” single
  • Sidney, Australia based indie rock /shoegaze /dream-pop duo LORELEI “Night” new single
  • Nashville-via-Boston dreampop /psych pop duo TWEN “Feeling In Love (From the Waist Down)” from the upcoming LP “One Stop Shop”
  • New Zealand / London based indie rock trio Popstrangers “Crack Track” off of the third LP “In Spirit” via Australian label Rice Is Nice
  • Canberra, Australia shoegaze /Midwest emo trio NORA “Lonsdale St.” from the new EP “Black Wattle”
  • Chicago-based punk /noise rock trio MEAT WAVE “Ridiculous Car” single
  • Auckland, New Zealand indie rock 4-piece Daffodils ‘How Do You Know?’ from upcoming ‘Stay The Night’ EP
  • Austin TX-based indie rock /power-pop /guitar pop 4-piece Gentlemen Rogues “Black Film” from the upcoming LP “A History Of Fatalism”
  • UK indie-rock /noise pop project of Horowitz member Matt Hicks, AKA The Hermitts “Hold Tight” from the “Weight Of The World” 7″ EP on Greece’s Old Bad Habits Records
  • Barcelona‘s indie /dream pop 5-piece band Fuzzy Eyes “Next To You” from the debut EP “This Time”
  • Leon, Mexico post-punk /shoegaze /dream-pop band, Inhabitants “Miseria y Cenizas” single
  • Indonesian post-punk /C86 /indie-pop outfit THE SENSITIVE – “MONO DONKEY” single on let’s kiss a secret
  • Norwegian fuzz noise-pop trio from Oslo, The Age of Colored Lizards “Sirens” new single from the forthcoming album on Sotron Records
  • Toronto-based jangle indie guitar pop band NUTRIENTS “Window Seat” new single from the upcoming LP “Different Bridges” via Earth Libraries
  • Italian dream pop /indie pop singer-songwriter from Rome, Wallace Welsh “U Are” from the debut EP “Haunt Me”
  • Manchester-based bedroom pop /shoegaze /psych /dream pop singer, songwriter and producer Warahenege “Velvet, Black, Ignite” title track from the first EP “Velvet, Black, Ignite”
  • French C86 /jangle /indie-pop solo project of Thierry Haliniak, AKA My Raining Stars “Too Soon” from the second LP “DK89 89 memories” a co-release between Shelflife Records (US) and Discos de Kirlian (EU)
  • Landskrona, Sweden shoegaze /indie rock artist Pierre Andersson Ek “For a While” single
  • Brooklyn, NY indie rock/ shoegaze singer-songwriter Funsucker “Love like a car crash” from “Dem oz.” EP demos from upcoming LP ‘Only Fantasy’
  • France-based dream pop /shoegaze collaborative music project started by British musician Andrew Rose in 1984, Callière “The Undertow (feat. Mary Wyer and Anita Rayner of Even As We Speak)” from the debut album “Barcelona”
  • Houston, Texas shoegaze /slowcore outfit Bedlocked “Sleeping Giant” single.
  • Paris-based noise pop/ shoegaze Breton/American/Swedish/Belgian four-piece HEALEES “The Garden” from the debut S/T album on Hidden Bay Records
  • Philadelphia based shoegaze /indie pop duo of drummer Anthony Gatta and indie-rock singer-songwriter Tom Lugo, AKA Heliocentric Overdrive “Everything” from the debut “Weightless” EP on Patetico Recordings
  • Atlanta, Georgia shoegaze slacker 4-piece AFTER CARE “Goodnight Moon” single
  • Dallas, TX Alternative Rock /Grunge /Shoegaze band BLEED “Somebody’s Closer” title track from the debut EP “Somebody’s Closer”
  • Moscow based shoegaze /indie rock /post-rock 4-piece Etazh Porazhayet / Второй Этаж Поражает “Часть III” from the new LP “Дворцы”                                                                                                                                  
  • Hamilton, Ontario five-piece shoegaze /indie rock project, CAPITOL “Taste of Cindy” (A Jesus and Mary Chain Cover) as part of the Creation Records Tribute Compilation from Crafting Room Recordings
  • Portland, OR noise pop /shoegaze 4-piece HELENS “Mirage Rock” new single
  • Noise/Shoegaze outfit from Ireland, NAKED LUNGS “Rumble” from the s/t EP
  • Japanese indiepop/ shoegaze/ dreampop band Flannel “Yesterday’s crane” from “Dear something, dear someone” remastered digital edition of Flannel’s debut full album originally released on Series Two Records (USA) in 2008.
  • Guatemala‘s post-punk /dream pop /post-rock /shoegaze 4-piece ASIMOV “Berlin” from the new EP “Epicentro”
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil noise rock /shoegaze duo Gorduratrans “Cortisol” from the third LP “Zera” on Balaclava Records
  • Hamilton, New Zealand doomgaze /shoegaze /slow rock 4-piece band LANDLORDS “Clover” from the upcoming EP “Codeine” on Church Road Records and Deathwish
  • Atlanta, Georgia noise /shoegaze 4-piece AMMONIA WASH “All the colors” single
  • Paris, French Shoegaze/ Post-Rock/ Indie Rock outfit Fleur du Mal “Le Courage Des Oiseaux” from the debut LP “Spleen III”
  • Taiwan‘s Shoegaze /Dreampop /Indie Pop band Angel Heart “便當 Bento” from the debut album “Lumine” via Lying Flat Records
  • Tokyo, Japan noise /shoegaze /psychedelic /folk bedroom solo project BIPOLAR NOISE “Wave” from the EP “Noise”
  • Tokyo-based indie /shoegaze music project by Japanese bassist Yumi Aoi, Michiganized “Reflections” from the single “Reflections / Ballad”
  • Polish instrumental/post-rock/shoegaze one-man-band project BLARESCAPE “All That’s Left” new single
  • Italo/Greek post-punk /psychedelic /shoegaze duo based in London, Monochromatic Visions “Fireworks” from the new album “REFORM” via Beso De Muerte Records (tape).
  • Oakland, CA dreamy indie rock all-girl 4-piece NIGHT SCHOOL “Juniper” from the upcoming LP “Invoke” on Graveface Records
  • Milan, Italy new wave /indie rock band MEATWARE “Swanlike” from “Sour Breed” EP
  • London, UK indie garage-indie-pop trio Cheerbleederz “Notes app apologies” from the upcoming album “Even in Jest” on Alcopop Records
  • London based psych pop band Volleyball “Kitua Fortune” single
  • Burlington, Vermont indie pop band founded by Colin Clary and Dana Kaplan (of The Smittens), along with Brad Searles, Emma Kupa (Mammoth Penguins) and Jeff Baron (The Essex Green), Let’s Whisper “The Thing That Defines You” from the upcoming album “The In-Between Times” on Fika Recordings
  • London, UK indie pop band led by the bass player from Allo Darlin and one half of Moustache of Insanity, AKA Bill Botting & The Two Drink Minimums “Bad Times Bad Times” title track from the debut album “Bad Times Bad Times”
  • Ottawa, Ontario shoegaze/ chamber/ dream /indie pop band GREATHUNTER “Unknown Worlds” from the EP “ROAMER”
  • Japanese indie rock /guitar pop artist Strip Joint “Liquid” single from the upcoming LP on KiliKiliVilla
  • Valencia, Spain indie pop/ pop punk all-girl duo LISASINSON “Canción De Entretiempo” new single on Elefant Records
  • Tokyo, Japan indie-pop band led by Osamu Shimada (Swinging Popsicle), THE CARAWAY “Starry Eyes” off of “Starry Eyes” E.P. (originally released in 2018)【record store day Japan 2022】limited 7″ EP vinyl pressing on blue-very label
  • Stockton, Ca by the way of Italy indie pop duo Baseball Gregg “Cilantro Grass” from the upcoming album “Pastimes” on Z Tapes
  • Austin, TX lo-fi bedroom pop singer-songwriter Matthew Leger “Gutter” from the EP “Lightumbrella”
  • Amsterdam based, Malaysian-born indie folk singer-songwriter St. Abel “St Jude” from “Falling Human” EP
  • Italian ambient/ shoegaze/ post-rock /electronica music project of Riccardo Spaggiari, AKA Cosmos in Collision “Cassiopeia” from the second album “Constellations” on Shore Dive Records


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