WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #42

  • UK dark electro/synthpop project of Stuart Jones, aka die Zerstörten “Solid State”                                           

Immersive and moving 80s-influenced UK synthpop with a dark edge that triggers chilly, anxious moods escape the frozen atmospheric vocal’s cinematic scheme to elicit vengeance over jagged, punchy off-tempo beats with hypnotic oscillating low ends, while icy shivering synth stabs swirl in eerie mesmeric menace amid cold expanding enigmatic dimensions of emotionless bliss.

  • Columbus, Indiana post-punk/coldwave one-man project INTO GREY “Coil” new single

Indiana coldwaver keeps on refining his minimalistic Factory Records-influenced poignant post-punk ruminations building resonant layers of dark desolation with a bleak meandering bassline, punctuated by steady thumping beats, that relentlessly throb in intense bleak isolation around alluringly deep, dismal baritone male vocal’s prominent pitch of pain lost in perplexing disenchantment left wandering hopelessly alone.

  • Cincinnati, Ohio new minimal wave/coldwave side project of Avery Stanken (aka Smilegroup), PUBLIC SIN “Absent Minds” debut single

The promising first offering from Cincinnati‘s new cold synth-driven wave side project stirs up relentlessly clanging, galloping rhythms mechanically spin around distant echoing male vocals, floating weightless and disconnected, amid blinking bassline bass line repetitions, laced with bright zipping synth melodies in an automatic roll of cold blinding deception.

  • Spanish experimental/dark electronic/minimal synth collaboration MILF Burray + INTERNA/EXTERNA FILIPINA “Nada te turbe” new single on Madrid’s Contubernio Records
  • Rome, Italy post-punk/new wave/coldwave project of Simona Ferrucci along with Alessandra Romeo, Winter Severity Index “Purple Lips” (Nico cover) new fundraising single (released for the compilation “A Suburban Romance”, via Ritual Process)
  • California‘s goth/industrial/electronic/darkwave artist Fornicata “Bloodline” new track for the annual Darksiders Summoners Halloween Playlist                                                                                                            
  • Austrian minimalistic post-punk artist from Wien, BRUCH “Bruch” from the forthcoming album “The Fool” on Cut Surface & Trost Records                                                                                                                          
  • FrancoRussian new wave/synthpop alliance of Anton Berezin (Wolfstream, Seven Knives) and Jordi Sorder (Order89), OTCHIM “Wendy” from “Asphalte” EP on Diffuse Reality Records
  • Turkish darkwave/synthwave project of Burak Cimci from Istanbul, aka ARCHURA “Revel” off new V/A “#challengeaccepted: Alive” fundraising compilation aiming to raise awareness to the violence against women+ on Primus.
  • Italian synthpop/’Italo pop’ project by Andrea Noce (Eva Geist) and Donato Scaramuzzi (Donato Dozzy), aka Il Quadro di Troisi “Beata” from the debut LP “Il Quadro di Troisi” on Raster
  • Swedish electronic/post-punk/industrial act from Stockholm, Agent Side Grinder “Doppelgänger (KISS OF THE WHIP Remix)” from the remix album “REMA/X: THE A/X REMIXES” on Progress Productions
  • Chicago/L.A. dark electro/electro pop/minimal synth solo project of multimedia artist Laura Callier, GEL SET “Where The Ocean Meets The Land” new single on 2MR
  • German darkwave/Industrial/techno/EBM artist (1/2 half of Aesthetic Emotions) Thibeaux, aka THBX “Room” from upcoming cassette EP “Without You” on Moscow’s Routine Records
  • Paris-based electronic/coldwave/darkwave/electro producer GEWALT “What Can I Do” new single on NovaFuture Recordings
  • Parisian dark electro wave duo Minuit Machine “Danger” from the EP “Don’t Run From The Fire” on Synth Religion
  • Perth, Australia based DIY synth-heavy psych/darkwave /new wave duo of UIU’s Greg Weir and Belinda Eldridge, aka TRUCK STOP ALIEN “Fainted” (feat. Paris Alexander and Eirene on vocals) from the new EP “Obscured By Echoes and Animals”
  • Oakland, Ca lo-fi/bedroom-pop/experimental/post-punk project Spending every season in hell “Glum” from the EP “Still my enemy”                                                                                                                                                 
  • Manchester, UK-based Industrial/Anti-Pop/Electro-Noise/Post-Punk four-piece, St Lucifer “Sirens” from the new EP “FutureNoisePsychology” on Analogue Trash.
  • Seattle, Wa synthpop/noise-pop/shoegaze/post-punk duo CHARLATAN “Hearts” from the upcoming album “Lip Server” on Donut Sounds Record Co.
  • French coldwave/grunge/post-punk/gloomwave solo project of Matthieu Bonnécuelle from Toulouse, PARKING DANCE “Someday” from the upcoming LP “Can’t Explain” on Icy Cold Records
  • Berlin darkwave/post-punk band Night Nail “March To Autumn” title track from the new album “March To Autumn” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Pennsylvania one-man lo-fi/post-punk project HEAVENS FATE “Shadow Self” off 2-track single “Shadow Self & Waking Life”
  • Stamford, Connecticut electronic minimal synthwave solo project, EISHA “Machine Age” new single
  • Bogotà, Colombia electronic/dark disco/darkwave duo of Marisol Ayala & Juan Sebastian Casas, aka Dosphere “The Simplest Hope” from the debut S/T EP on Chintamani Musik                                                                          
  • Portuguese minimal wave/darkwave/coldwave duo from Lisbon, The Dreams Never End “Pandemia” new single composed for the compilation “Isolamento Accidental”, edited by the Portuguese label Anti Demos Cracia
  • Russian darkpop/dreampop/new wave band from Saint-Petersburg, Durnoy Vkus – “Plastinki” from V/A “Russian Tour 5” cassette compilation on Belka Records
  • Indianapolis‘ ambient/dream pop/shoegaze/post-punk multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter Jackson VanHorn “Fold” from the new tape/vinyl 12″ album “After the Rehearsal” on Manic Depression Records
  • Los Angeles-based post-punk/new wave/coldwave solo project, The Sea At Midnight “Edge Of The World” from upcoming debut S/T album
  • Providence, Rhode Island dark goth/electronic/new wave/post-punk/darkwave solo project Cross Dragger “Memento Mori” new single
  • Russian goth/darkwave/synth-pop duo from Moscow, Dance My Darling “Kathedrale” new single on darkTunes
  • Hamilton, UK goth/darkwave project of Lea Torn, THE SECRET EXPERIMENT “Slave” new single
  • Latvian new wave/coldwave/post-punk duo from Riga, Plenērs – “Bēgums” new single from the upcoming second album
  • Argentina darkwave/post-punk band from Buenos Aires, Depresion Radikal “Medicina” from the debut album “Discomania”
  • Russian darkwave/coldwave/post-punk band from Saratov, LITTLE FANTASTIC PARTNER “A little about my work” from the new album “Unexpected others”
  • Finnish minimal wave/electronic/post-punk duo based in Helsinki, AUS TEARS “Celebration Of Bodies” from the upcoming V/A “UNDEAD ! UNDEAD ! UNDEAD !” compilation due on 10.20.2020 on Les Corbeaux de la Peste                                                                                                                                                             
  • Northern Spanish dark synth/guitar rock/shoegaze/post-punk solo project URCO “Creia En Ti”                       
  • Russian indie/shoegaze/post-punk trio from Moscow, Культодиночества [kultodinochestva] ‘Рома Сидоров’ from the cassette edition of last June debut album ‘Истлеть’ on HИИ
  • Oakland‘s coldwave/shoegaze/dark post-punk band (former members of All Teeth, Life Long Tragedy and Creative Adult), FEARING “Winning” (The Sound cover) off the Split Single with Cold Showers                         
  • Turkish Goth-Wave /Post-Punk duo from Bursa, She Past Away “Renksiz” from “Part Time Punks Session” vinyl 12″ LP (live at Comp-NY Studio in Los Angeles in August 2019)
  • Russian veteran gothic rock /post-punk duo from Moscow, DoppelgängeR “He Feels Coming Destination of Dead” from the upcoming album “Mercy and Eternity” on Nightingale Moon Records
  • Chicago‘s darkwave/industrial/post-punk guitarless double-bass male-female duo band BELLHEAD “Sanity Assassin (Bauhaus Cover)”
  • Naples, Italy darkwave/dreampop/shoegaze TREES “A Short Term Effect (The Cure cover)”
  • San Francisco based veteran deathrock /post punk four-piece Altar De Fey ”I Want It” from the new EP “And May Love Conquer All”
  • Manchester, UK post-punk trio LIINES ‘On and On’ off upcoming ltd. 7” single ‘Sorry / On and On’ via Reckless Yes
  • Charlotte, NC post-punk pop collective Patois Counselors “The Galvanizer” from the upcoming sophomore album “The Optimal Seat” on ever/never records
  • Gold Coast garage/synth-punk project by Cal Donald ( Draggs ), aka Liquid Face “Power Trip” from “Crumbling Structure” EP on Goodbye Boozy Digital
  • England, UK art noise/post-punk band GAD WHIP “101 Song” from the new album “Fanimal Arms”
  • Los Angeles‘ post-punk/electro-punk solo project by former Cinema Strange and The Wraith member Colin Ambulance aka BITE MARX “Nuclear Winter” new single
  • Russian new wave/darkwave/post-punk solo project HOLODNIE RUKI “Одиночество So Good” new single
  • Dark Wave band from East Germany, PLASTIC AUTUMN “Dystopia” new single
  • Atlanta/Portland witch house/dark electronic/synthwave project by Corey Davenport (Cairn Elan) & Kyle Mac (Dead Fe†us), SUFFER RING – “To The Slaughter” new single on Re:Mission Entertainment
  • Los Angeles‘ dark electronic/electro-punk/EBM/audio/visual solo project of Sextile‘s Brady Keehn, aka Panther Modern “A Thousand Dreams Goodbye” new single
  • Nashville, Tennessee Gothic Rock recording project consisting of Brandon Pybus of Sonsombre and Michael Louis of Chronic Twilight, Shadow Assembly “Plaything (feat. Marselle Hodges)” from the upcoming LP “Arcane Fusion”
  • Swedish electronic/post punk/darkwave duo from Sundsvall, RED MECCA “Atlantic” new single on Massproduktion
  • Moscow/Koenigsberg darkwave/synthpop duo thewalkingicon “Platonic Suicide (Матросская Тишина/Sailors Silence cover)” new single
  • Wichita, Kansas synthpop/synthwave duo SECRET HEX “Cities In Dust” (Siouxsie & the Banshees cover) new single
  • Mexico City gothic rock/synthpop/darkwave/dark pop project of Mario Del Rio, The Darkstar Calling ′′Before the end (ES23 remix)′′ from the upcoming album ′′Before the end: A collection of remixes′′
  • Los Angeles, CA gloomy indie/new wave/pop post-punk/synthwave band fronted by singer/songwriter Bobby Moynahan, BALLERINA BLACK “Holograms” new single                                                                           
  • Brussels based hard-pop duo of Goth-Pop singer Mathilde Fernandez and Casual Gabbers’ Producer Paul Seul, aka Ascendant Vierge “Discoteca” from the EP “Vierge” on Berlin’s Live From Earth Klub
  • Dutch art pop singer/songwriter based in Amsterdam, Thomas Azier “Entertainment” (Chikiss Cover) off the album “Too Much Entertainment (Remixes)” on Hylas Records
  •  US retro/future dark synth/synthwave solo project from the desert, CASPRO “Industry” from the EP “Homebound”
  • Oakland, CA post-punk/darkwave/synth/electronic solo project PLEASURE POLICY “La Vide” from the vintage Italian horror inspired album “Visions (OST)”
  • Denver, Co Americana/dark rock 6-piece Bad Luck City “Unclean Evening” from “The Take” E.P.