WL//WH Video Premiere: “Floating” in the Suspended Animation of CLONE CULTURE


Single Artwork

Italian Post-punkers based in Milan, Clone Culture, comprises Stefano Castelli (Vocals), Marco Tafuri (Guitar, Vocals), and Marco Chiodi (Bass, Synth, Programming), returns, a couple of years since the band’s sophomore album “Innocence”, with a new lineup and a brand new single, “Floating”, via the German independent label Cold Transmission Music, accompanied by a music video, by  Italian videomaker Stefania Carbonara, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere.

The ’80s new wave tinged psychological song channels the angsty nostalgia and longing of Tears For Fears, whilst dealing, lyric-wise, with an immersive search through the past to find the answers of today.

“Time goes by like a dream while floating”

Floating tells about memories of the past arising from the accidental finding of old forgotten drawings and notes. Trying to interpret the words and lines on the paper, it opens up many questions about the choices we made and the people we met.

Heavy surreal auras churn molten submerged clouds of warped melancholic and anxious synth flares, stumbling crisp rhythms, Mick Karn-like serpentine, murmuring bass pulses, and sad droning and trembling distorted guitar strains into a claustrophobic cacophony of rising and falling emotions around desperate, duelling, and aching male vocals alternating betwixt secret pleasure and dramatic pain to fall hopeless into a swirling, shape-shifting stratosphere of blurry memories.

An abstract visual mood representation, created by Stefania Carbonara, swirls methodically in sync with the magnetic soundtrack to extract subconscious symbols from a latent reservoir of unfulfilled dreams. Mercurial essence flows in universal laws of insight and wisdom to awaken the mind’s eye from hidden suggestions to harness focus and clarity from a frozen realm of negative light reflections. Shiny, alluring treasures spin through a colourless prismatic lens of heightened perception to form an introspective odyssey to the centre of the psyche whilst exposing unseen angles, textures, and motions from the endless levels of cosmic sight.

CLONE CULTURE‘s stand-alone new single, “FLOATING”, is out tomorrow, May 3, 2022, on Digital via Cold Transmission Music label.

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