WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk // Darkwave // Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk // Darkwave // Dark Synth Tips – JUNE 2024 – #26-24

Photo by Toshihiro Okada


  • Lima-based, Peruvian lo-fi/EBM/industrial/coldwave/darkwave act TRIUMVIRS “Mertseger (she who loves silence)” single in collaboration with DeliriumT from Multiples Laceraciones 

Back after a while chugging and tightly wound as never before, the Peruvian act with a Darkwave number heralding the ancient Egyptian cobra goddess Mertsegar, which combusts and shudders over an incessantly hard-hitting drum machine, throbbing basslines and swirling dramatic synth sweeps around alternating vocals of warm harsh breathy cries, cold distorted baritones, and urgent spoken words, calling on the serpentine goddess to light their hearts on fire.

  • Udine, Italy lo-fi cosmic minimal synth solo act Digitalbath “Waiting Room” single

For the time being, an instrumental work in progress from the northeast part of Italy, although he promises the addition of vocals and lyrics to the finished product. Merging the melancholic romanticism of synth-pop with the cold retro-futuristic essence of electro, the project has delivered so far an immersive, driving and danceable sample of intricate and stripped-down synthesizer music, embracing a dark, stark ‘brutalist’ aesthetic, as an adventurous and intriguing trip back to a timeless electronic sound nostalgia, imbued with an urgent and spacious cosmic allure.

  • German Darkwave /Post-Punk duo of Rio (Atomic Neon) and Mirco (Ex-ROSI), THE CALM GREY “Fire (…Your Advice)” debut single

Two veterans of the West Germany scene join forces with an intense and chugging first single that bounces urgently on hypnotic metronomic rhythms and humming basslines, while searing ringing guitar riffs bleed hopelessly in obsessive wanderings around anxious distressed vocals, avoiding the extreme advice and madness of an array of haunting echoes.

  • Sweden dark ambient /dark fantasy /dungeon doom /dungeon synth act Raathgard “Glimmering Specters of the Past” from the album “Twilight Over Forgotten Realms”
  • Minneapolis ambient synth /darkwave solo act Restricted “In Reverse” from the debut album “In Reverse” CD via Wormhole World
  • Greece darkwave /dreamgaze /dreampop /shoegaze project Urban Space “Die in Your Sleep” single
  • Rome, Italian darkwave project of singer and guitarist Nube, UmbraMatte “Soul Assembly Line” single
  • German synth-laden darkwave duo Caput Medusae – “Endboss” from the upcoming debut album “You Can’t Negotiate With Zombies”
  • German dark ambient /coldwave /darkwave /post-punk project of Anna Nin, aka Glaring “It’s Raining In My Room” from the new cassette EP “Hope”
  • Early 80s Coventry, UK short-lived DIY electro /funk /post-punk group Skeet “Brief Call” from the ltd. vinyl collection of unreleased tracks “Simple Reality” 12″ LP [Efficient Space]
  • Bryansk/Moscow dream pop /post-punk band Predznanie “Ненужные знакомства” single
  • Hull, Québec dark wave /synthpop duo, Menthüll “Spectre” third of a four single series
  • Tönisvorst, Germany industrial /dark electro-wave poetry project of Markus Ott (formerly a member of the 90s project Agora Phobia), Teraphin “Cold Hearts” single
  • New York-based goth /new wave /post-punk /synth-wave act, Ren Flowers “Tree” single
  • Barcelona Industrial /Minimal Wave/Post-punk /Darkwave project of Des Âmes Libres member Germán Sánchez, a.k.a. M Λ N D I V U L Λ “Boiling Point” from the “Home” EP
  • Copenhagen noise /darkwave /post-punk solo-project of Christoffer Bagge, Totvm “Cynic” from “Idealist” EP
  • Canadian Minimal Wave /Post Punk project of Antonio Pavao Pereira from Montréal, NO “AND YOU TELL ME”
  • Berlin-based hauntology /coldwave /minimal /post-punk /darkwave duo Contes Cruels “Sangre Azul” from the debut EP “Séance”
  • Early 80s French experimental Electropop band from Saint-Etienne, CHA CHA GUITRI “Hymne au confort” from the compilation LP “French Synth wave – St Etienne 1981” via Born Bad Records
  • Italian Italo/Minimal Synth project of DJ-producer Francesco Baudazzi (aka Violet Poison) & singer Magda A.H., aka Violet Scream “Dive In The Night” from “Time and Space shift the narrative” E.P. [Italo Deviance]
  • Hamburg minimal /electro /dark synth wave duo Rita Mord and Martin Hakkaaminen, aka Not OP “Weltraumsex” single via Ölband Kassetten
  • Richmond, VA dark electronics /darkwave act Petrified Entity “Eradicate from “Eradicate” EP
  • Bristol, UK-based goth /industrial /EBM /darkwave solo project of Alice Sheridan, aka New Haunts “I Close My Eyes” Palestine fundraising single
  • Naarm/Melbourne EBM /synth-punk /industrial music act Hackitt “Dispossession” from the 2-track single “A Place Between / Dispossession”
  • Brighton, UK-based EBM /Darkwave /Coldwave duo Massive Luxury Overdose “Crush” from V/A “Metronomic Underground” cassette + magazine compilation [Patchworks]
  • German dark wave/ post-punk band from Stuttgart, Vague Phonique “Prionen” single on Danse Macabre Records
  • Vienna, Austria-based Cold Wave /Dark Wave project by Mikhail Shlepin, aka Скубут “Insasis (Antipole Remix)” from the remix album “Pogranichnyi (Remixes)
  • Brighton, UK based Dark Electronic /Cold Wave /Synth Wave collaboration of Antipole affiliated duo, Paris Alexander and Eirene “Blood Line” single
  • German synthwave / darkwave duo based in Hamburg, Videotraum “Moonless” single
  • Seattle, WA goth synth wave /darkwave /synthpop solo moniker of the former lead singer of Strap On Halo Layla Reyna, aka Licorice Chamber “All I Ever Wanted” off upcoming EP “Sentience”
  • Russian electronic /synth-pop /darkwave poetry solo artist ROTTEN AVTVMN “Heaven Or Hell” single
  • London, UK retro synthwave /synthpop trio The Lightning Kids “Desire” single via Aztec Records
  • Norwegian future /synth-pop duo Supercraft “All You’ll Ever Be – Spektralized remix” from the maxi single “All You’ll Ever Be” via Town And Towers Records
  • Sosnowiec, Polish wave /electro /synth-pop duo, SEXY SUICIDE – “Evelyn” from “Intruder” LP
  • Swiss disco /coldwave /synth-pop one-man-band, Carlo Onda “Dream (Lunapark Mix)” from the remix album “EURORAMA” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Leipzig, Germany EBM /synth-pop /electronic duo Glizna “Beschützerin der Unterwelt (Dance Mix)” single
  • Belgian industrial /dark electro /synthwave act CauseNation “You’re In My Soul (Guy Tallo remix)” off “You’re In My Soul” maxi single via DressCode Black
  • São Paulo, Brazil EBM /dark electro one-man project Years Of Messages “The Reason”
  • German techno /dark electro industrial music project of Leipzig-based duo Daniel Myer (Architect, Liebknecht, Rendered) and Dejan Samardzic, aka Haujobb “In The Headlights (Qual Tech Support Mix)”
  • Shanghai, China industrial /EBM /darkwave project Poison the Vicar “Occupy” single
  • Peruvian post-punk /darkwave act Multiples Laceraciones – “Romeo’s Distress” (Christian Death Instrumental Cover) via Dark Grave
  • Belgium minimal synth /darkwave act Glenn Six “Nuns” single
  • Italian experimental post-punk trio Obsexed “The Wedding” title track of the upcoming debut LP “The Wedding” via Oráculo Records (vinyl) and Industrial Complexx (CD)
  • Malang, Indonesian darkwave /post-punk band Pillhs Castle “Forever Love”(Feat. Christabel Annora)” from “Apparition” EP
  • Berlin-based post-punk /darkwave band Night Nail “Nowhere (Kill Shelter Remix)” from “Early Demons and Demos” album via Metropolis Records
  • Berlin-based Grunge /Goth /Synth Wave /Post-Punk band William Bleak “Falling Down” single
  • Philadelphia-based, Boston, MA‘s coldwave /post-punk group The True Faith “What If (I Could Tell You)” 1st single from the upcoming 4th album “Columns of Impenetrable Light” [à La Carte Records]
  • Russian new wave /post-punk band, PLOHO “Фарфоровые птицы” from the upcoming “Почва” LP via Artoffact Records
  • Ghent, Belgium angular wave /post-punk band The Rats “Last Chance Saloon” first single of the upcoming EP
  • Bremen, Germany Shoegaze /Post Punk trio Makimono “Approach” from the debut S/T EP
  • São Paulo, Brazil indie rock /gothic rock /post-punk band Strange Old Robots “Dark Stranger” from the second album “Fading Away”
  • Russian goth /post-punk /new wave band Giant Waves “Moon Eclipse” from the band’s third full-length album “Miraculous World” via SkyQode
  • Bogota, Colombia punk /deathrock /post-punk band 1186 “Rabia” from the debut album “Histeria”
  • Olympia, WA goth /punk /deathrock band Excess Blood “Roses Bloom” off cassette EP “Excess Blood” via Impotent Fetus / Stucco
  • Lithuanian metal /gothic rock act EMYRRAM “Safeword” single
  • Australian OI! punk band BRUT “Insight” (Joy Division cover) from 2-track EP “Abandon Hope”
  • Eindhoven-based psych /noise rock /post-punk /industrial electronics /experimental collective Radar Men From The Moon “Altered States” from the upcoming eighth full-length LP “Vomitorium” via Fuzz Club Records
  • Chicago, IL Punk /Surf /New Wave /Post-Punk quartet (former members of Daylight Robbery, Primitive Teeth, Melanin, Staring Problem, Endless Column), Exedo “Dead Room” from the debut LP “The Body Remembers” via Dirt Cult Records
  • Legendary L.A. rock and roll /punk band formed in 1977, X “Big Black X” from the final album “Smoke & Fiction” via Fat Possum
  • Lismore, Australia egg punk /garage /synth-punk solo act Media Puzzle “Garage Sale” first and only single off of the next album “Strategic Living”
  • Cleveland, OH power pop /garage punk band (pre-Perverts Again and post-Setbacks), Smooth Brain “Pissed Off Forever” off of the third “Demoted” 7″ EP via Just Because Records
  • Melbourne, Australia no wave /dance art-punk collective Gut Health “Separate States” single
  • UK punk /power pop band led by Patrick McEachnie (Chain Whip), Pack Rat “Sleepless” from the second LP “Life’s A Trap” via Drunken Sailor Records
  • London-based, Minneapolis-born art-punk /post-punk /new wave artist Steak Blake “Under Kives” from the cassette EP “This One” via Just Step Sideways
  • Los Angeles based post-punk /dream pop solo project, CLOSED TEAR “Without You” from “SLOW DEATH” EP 
  • Rouen, France cold wave band NICE COLD NATION “Hier s’éteint” last single from the upcoming album
  • UK lo-fi indie bedroom pop /indie rock /new wave /post-punk project of Mikey Wilson, LOWMOON “Monday Night” from the debut album “Monochrome” via Safe Suburban Home Records
  • Chicago-based wave /post-punk band SOFT KILL “In The Town Where I Was Born (Pinkerton Thugs)” part of the split 7″ with Liberty & Justice
  • Los Angeles industrial /post-punk /psych /wave /experimental duo Xiu Xiu ‘Common Loon’ from the upcomin album ’13” Frank Beltrame Italian Stiletto with Bison Horn Grips’ via Polyvinyl Records
  • New York glam art rock Moses Brown of Institute’s solo project, Peace de Résistance “Lullaby for the Debris” off the second album “Lullaby for the Debris”
  • Szczecin, Poland SF-giallo disco soundtrack band MABERA “Tecnologie primitive” from cassette EP “Internet assassinato” via Syf Records
  • France ambient /fantasy /dungeon synth project Sylfvr “Bright Dusks” from “Soul Vapour” EP
  • Florence, Italy medieval folk /old school dungeon synth project Sidereal Fortress “Evocazione di Veltumna” from “I sentieri della tradizione (DEMO MMXX)” EP
  • UK dark ambient /dungeon synth act Vermin Halls – “Rebirth to the Mortal Realm” from “Veilsong” LP
  • German Dark Ambient /Chiptune / Dungeon Synth project Kalle Wyrsch “Steckenschwert” from the cassette album “Rundweg” via Personal Uschi Records
  • US dark ambient /dungeon synth act Tyrant of Gorgon – “I Hear No Angels Calling” from the split album “Coffin Worship” by Misery / Tyrant of Gorgon [Tomb Wizard]

Photo by Toshihiro Okada

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