WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – MARCH/APRIL #13-23

photo by Rewinda Omar

  • Leipzig, Germany wave /post-punk band Mantarochen “Porzellan” single.

Yet another superb single, the fourth in about three months of gradual refinement, for the Leipzig act that strikes once again with a distinctive knack to blend the gothy sheen given by the gloominess and starkness of the Teutonic language, subtly recalling Xmal Deutschland as many pointed out, with the fluid and harmonious, as well as the slightly dissonant and sharp, interplay between the instrumentations, into a cold dramatic tapestry of urgent angsty piercing guitar riffs, seductive resonant throbbing basslines, and steady dry rhythms, surrounding haunted vocal longings, a gripping blend between Anja Huwe and Joanna Pavlidou, in a murky rush of aching melancholic moods.

  • Belgium-based cold analog synth one-man project of Jan Vinoelst (Cluster M13 and Messier 39), Cryptochroma “Blow The Bridges” first preview from the upcoming album “Ominous Clouds” on Red Maze Records

Finally, the eagerly awaited album by Belgian dark analog synthesist is soon to be a reality. Bouncing and buzzing through mechanical hypnotic beats, undulating menacing low ends and sparkling, at times acidic, angsty synth strains, “Blow the Bridges” builds a sinister metaphor for romantic anger into a violent emotional sonic whirlwind around harsh emotionless vocal tragedy, destroying haunted memories with distant clattering explosions from vengeful, nihilistic echoes.

  • Portuguese Coldwave /Post-punk project from Lisbon, MB “More Alone” (Tropic Of Cancer cover) on Réptil Ibérico Emissões

While recommending listening to the ‘far better’ ethereal, esoteric, and magnetic original from Camella Lobo, the enigmatic Portuguese act delivers his own personal version that is absolutely worthy by weaving warm poignant molting synth drifts through a buzzing and blowing forlorn immersion of trembling bass tones and stark beats whilst morose vocal agony longs with aching laments of devastating loneliness.

  • Dresden-based, German EBM /darkwave /synthbass /synth wave artist Oliver Decrow “We Are Going In Circles” from V/A “ZEITGEIST+ Vol. 2” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC

An impressive painstakingly selected set of unmistakable high quality throughout, to provide diverse electrifying and gripping facets of the finest modern dark and gothic sound, imbued with the same impassioned energy and raw spirit of the 80s trailblazers. As usual consistently all killer, no filler!

  • Scotland/Ireland ambient /drone /psychedelic /haunted folk project of Ruairi O’Baoighill and The Hare And The Moon‘s Grey Malkin, AKA Úath “Cold Blows The Wind” from the self-titled album
  • Berlin-based, Taiwan/Brazil post-punk /dub /industrial /synth pop duo Yu Ching Huang and Henrique Uba, AKA Aemong “Playing Possum” from the cassette EP “Mother Is Supreme” on ALTERED STATES TAPES
  • Polish post-punk /coldwave duo KORUS “Stara Baba Z Norylska” from “Prostracja” EP on PEGAZ
  • French experimental dark electronic artist JUDITH JUILLERAT “Stairs (Uncertain Journey)” from V/A “HONORIS IV: TRIBUTE TO CHRISTIAN DEATH & ROZZ WILLIAMS” CD album on Unknown Pleasures Records
  • Swiss/French dark ambient /drone /industrial /dub /downtempo /trip-hop project of producers NVST and Théo Muller AKA The Drift Institute “Reality Sucks” from the upcoming album “Damages And Their Slices” [Pensaments Sònics]
  • Amsterdam industrial /dark wave /coldwave /synth producer Pascal Pinkert (Dollkraut) with bassist Timothy Francis under the moniker, Ambassade ”Brand In De Straten” from the second album “The Fool” [Optimo Music]
  • Manchester, UK electronic /wave /post-punk three-piece band Nightbus – “Mirrors” from the 7″ single “Way Past Three / Mirrors” on So Young Records
  • Rothwell, UK ephemeral wave project by composer and artist Iris Voss, AKA Rites of Sin “In Ictu Oculi” from the upcoming debut single “The Vanishing / In Ictu Oculi”
  • Utrecht-based electro /minimal synth DJ-musician-producer Roberto Auser – “Selvage” from upcoming split EP “DDS07” with Cestrian on Dalmata Daniel label 12″ split series
  • Brussels based industrial /post-punk /dark synth wave solo project of left-field musician Yannick Franck (member of duos Orphan Swords, Figure Section and founder of Antibody Label), RAUM – “1099” from V/A “My Precious! – A Waves Radio Show Compilation Vol.4” [Red Maze Records]
  • Leipzig, Germany techno /coldwave /darkwave /synth solo project, нат.аша “Friedhofsprominenz” from the single “Friedhofsprominenz & Xa.ux”
  • Melbourne/Paris synth wave /dark wave collaboration, Ontic & Joaquim Plossu – “Madrigal” single
  • Mexico City minimal synth /synthpop project Medio Mutante “Take Me Out (w/ Boshe)” from the cassette album “Model Citizens”                                                                                                                                               
  • Brazilian Darkwave solo project from Ceará, RATPAJAMA “I Love You Please Go Away” from “The Drunken Lost Tapes” EP
  • Colombian Industrial /Techno /Synth Dark Wave DJ-producer-performer Ana Gartner – “Azul Blue” off V/A “Under The Stone Vol.2” compilation [Bruto Industries]
  • UK based EBM /new beat /electro /rave /industrial /post-punk project of French musician/DJ and producer Jerome Tcherneyan and Czech performance artist and DJ, Barkosina Hanusova, AKA Years Of Denial “La Pendue” off of the second LP “Suicide Disco Vol. 2” [VEYL]
  • French synthwave project of Blind Delon mastermind Mathis Kolkoz and Pablo Bozzi, LOST HIGHWAY feat. ABU NEIN ‘s Erica Li Lu “Hotel Room” title track from ltd.12″ EP “Hotel Room” on Oráculo Records
  • UK Industrial /EBM /techno /Synth /Electronic project from Sheffield, Randolph & Mortimer “Dream Hack feat. Neu-Romancer” from the sophomore album “The Incomplete Truth”
  • French minimal electro /synth wave artist Makina Girgir “Aimless Drive” (2013) from “Tape Songs” album (collection of tracks released for the first time on vinyl 12″)
  • Early ’80s founded French Post-punk /Cold Wave band from Amiens, Guerre Froide “Les Epines” from the 5th album “Fiat Lux” on Meidosem Records
  • Croatian synth electronic musician (previously Narrow, Umrijeti za strojem, I/II, Split Personalities) from Zagreb, Iv/An – “Žrtva stihije (feat. Popsimonova)” initially released many years back on a small test edition, then subsequently slightly remixed, to be re-released soon in a new micro-edition 3″ single
  • French experimental / coldwave / dark folk artist Victor-Yann (part of the duo Bruta Non Calculant), SWESOR BHRATER “stairs” from V/A “HONORIS IV: TRIBUTE TO CHRISTIAN DEATH & ROZZ WILLIAMS” CD album on Unknown Pleasures Records
  • Hamburg-based Post-Punk /Dark Wave duo Videotraum “Schwarze Herzen” from the album “Ebbe // Flut” on Young & Cold Records
  • Synth Post-Punk duo from Colombia, Das Kelzer ”Last Dance” single [Nevel Records]
  • Goth /Post-punk /New Wave tape machine punk duo from Berlin, TWIN NOIR “Panik” off “2 punks and a tape machine” single
  • German electronic industrial gothic three-piece Girls Under Glass “We Feel Alright (Who the f…. is Killing Joke-Version)” from the single “We Feel Alright” on Dependent
  • Gävle, Sweden alternative /industrial /synthpop band Ember Twin “Friends Forever” single                 
  • London/Copenhagen electronic /alternative /dark wave /synth pop duo of Producer and Instrumentalist Paul Dogra and Vocalist/Lyricist Joel Alexander, AKA Eckotrigger – “Silent Screams”single on Town And Towers Records
  • Karlstad, Sweden synthpop trio The Millpond Light “Sad Believer” debut single
  • Russian new romantic /new wave /synthpop duo SYNTHESE “Просто друзья” single
  • Pasadena, CA post-punk /electroclash /electro-funk /synthpop duo SYSTEM EXCLUSIVE “Part Time Pierre” from upcoming “Party All The Time” EP on Six Tonnes De Chair Records and Mt. St. Mtn.
  • French dark wave /synthwave /post-punk solo project NLIGHT “Responsible For Your Feelings” single
  • Stockholm electronic /dark disco /post-punk /industrial outfit Agent Side Grinder “Bloodless” second single Agent Side Grinder’s upcoming album ‘Jack Vegas’.
  • Chicago, IL dark wave /post-punk project Parasite Baby “Wasted” from the EP “Parasite Baby”
  • Phoenix, AZ Dark-Wave project of Manuel Perez, AKA Corbeau Hangs “Necroamor” second official single
  • Azusa, CA goth /post-punk /darkwave solo project Vomer “Lux” single
  • São José Dos Campos‎, Brazil post-punk /darkwave solo project Gótia – “Euphoria” from the 2-tracker “Lost Demos 2019
  • UK early ’80s post-punk /gothic rock band (pre Ausgang), KABUKI “Cold” unreleased demo from 1981/82.
  • German veteran gothic /wave /post-punk band THE HOUSE OF USHER “As The Day Begins” from the LP “Echosphere”
  • Melbourne, Australia deathrock /doom goth /post-punk band SEA LUNGS “Parlour Tricks” single
  • Chicago based gothic rock band fronted by veteran artist William Faith (formerly of Faith and the Muse, Christian Death, Mephisto Walz, Shadow Project, The March Violets, etc.) and Sarah Rose Faith (aka DJ Scary Lady Sarah), The Bellwether Syndicate “Golden Age” from the forthcoming album ‘Vestige & Vigil’ on Sett Records
  • Malmö, Sweden gothic rock trio Gallows’ Eve “Oneirocide” single
  • German Darkwave /Post-Punk duo URBANDONED. “Wir Bleiben.” the third single of the upcoming new album
  • German post-punk /synthpop /postwave solo project, A Transition “Vacuum” single
  • Detroit, MI electronic /darkwave /deathgaze duo of Zach Pliska (vocals /guitar /drums) and Emily Sturm (vocals /bass) aka VAZUM “Loved 2 Death V-” from the LP “V-” [greatest hits album consisting of songs from 20202022]
  • UK post-punk /darkwave independent artist from Kendal, Claustraphobia “Runaway” single
  • Trondheim, Norway / Brighton, UK post-punk/wave duo Antipole & Paris Alexander “Midnight Shadows” from the upcoming album “Crystalline” on Young & Cold Records
  • French dark synth /coldwave /darkwave solo project from Liverdun, Cold Grey Rain “God Is An Insect” from upcoming V/A “My Precious! – A Waves Radio Show Compilation Vol.4” on Red Maze Records
  • Greenlandic/Danish Post-Punk /Coldwave /Darkwave trio from Aarhus, TORCH “A Familiar Lie” final single from the upcoming debut album, “Leaving Me Behind”, via Gothenburg‘s independent label Inåt Bakåt Records
  • Minneapolis new wave /coldwave /post-punk project of the former member of The Black Roses, Cliff Mitchell, aka VANITY LINES “Burning” single
  • Bogotà, Colombia post-punk /darkwave band Dimension Nocturna – “Insomnio” from upcoming EP “Melanosis”
  • Sacramento, CA goth /doom /post-metal band CHROME GHOST “Scimitar” (Floor cover, 2002)
  • Polish post-punk band from Łódź, Wieże Fabryk “Linia prosta” from the album “Doskonały świat”
  • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Indie /new wave /post-punk band Teresa In The Moon “Nostalgia” single
  • AngloArgentinian, Europa-based New wave /Synthpop /Post-Punk duo Night Hexe “In Flames” single
  • Mexican synthpop /dark wave /post-punk duo from Tijuana, DANCING STRANGERS “Cabaret” from the EP “Crime”
  • Cherbourg, France post-punk /post-goth solo project VAPORMOON “Nostalgia” from debut self-titled EP
  • Rome, Italy dark wave /coldwave /post-punk trio Ex Diva “Internal Audit” from the first “Oracular” EP
  • Paris, France-based electro /post-punk /darkwave project SAD33 – “Abducted” single
  • Santiago, Chile Darkwave /Post-Punk band Maldita Existencia “Mariposas Blancas” from “Maldita Existencia” EP
  • US goth /synth /post-punk solo project of Leandro Sanchez, TWIN TEARS “Flesh War” title track of the new EP “Flesh War”
  • Brisbane, Australia Post-Punk-Goth band Locust Revival “A Mess” single
  • Hull, UK post-punk band Low Hummer “Connected” new single via Dance To The Radio
  • York, UK dub /no wave /post-punk trio Neon Kittens “Assets” from “Side Three” EP on Metal Postcard Records
  • Melbourne, Australia garage /wave /post-punk 6-piece band, Dragnet “Strike” from the album “The Accession” on Polaks Records (EU) and Spoilsport Records (AUS/ROTW)
  • Leeds, UK noise / post-punk trio Volk Soup “Virile Young Man” off upcoming 12″ vinyl debut compilation album “Incompetent Hits: The Singles Vol.1” via Swish Swash records
  • Newcastle, Australia punk /indie rock /post-punk 5-piece DUST “Joy (Guilt)” from the album “et cetera, etc” on Kanine Records
  • Spanish garage punk /post-punk band Ortopedia Técnica “Cristal” from the cassette album “Sentencia” on Flexidiscos
  • Denver, CO post-punk/ post-hardcore trio, Last Rites “Answer To The Night (Bonus)” from upcoming flexi 7″ single “Last Rites” on Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings
  • Valencia, Spain post-punk /angular jangle indie pop 5-piece Perdón Por Todo “Perdida” from the debut EP “Perdón Por Todo” via humo internacional
  • Helsinki, Finland post-punk /indie rock /new wave project Primary Delusion “I Remember” single
  • Rennes, Brittany esotronicmetaldronesblues /apopcalyptic orthodox stoner /folk artist Lonsai Maikov “Des Sillons De Lumière” from “OPERAM MUSICI (a historical sampler 1992-2013)”CD album [IDIO[T]PHONE RECORDS]

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