WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips –  JULY #29-23

Bridget Bate Tichenor with her sculpture -The Imprisoned – Photo by Kati Horna, c. 1975


  • Comme Des Larmes avec RUMORE // (Rinse France – 15 Juillet 2023)                                                                 

Equally haunting and cathartic, as usual ”slow n heavy”, radio set by Brazilian DJ and Comme Des Larmes label/podcast curator Thiago Cantarutti, aka Rumore, that explores seething desolate and dark Industrial-dusted soundscapes imbued with erratic experimental Techno, twisted buzzing Electro, bleak mechanical Minimal Wave and Downtempo lysergic hypnotism, at the same time mesmeric and disturbing, so sticky and intriguing somehow unavoidable not to get lost in it.

  • Odesa, Ukrainian ethnic /drum&bass /techno /breaks producer Dike Disko – “Novatusa” from the forthcoming EP “Novatusa” [Jade]

High energy rolling array of swirling Middle Eastern fluting synth flavors, crispy and jingling mechanical breaks, jittery groovy basslines, and sparse bracing vocal lure, makes for an electrifying dancefloor escape.

  • A Coruña, Spain experimental /industrial /bass /techno /electro Dj-producer Francisco Martínez aka Lefrenk – “Insen (Kim Cosmik Remix)” from “Plastic” EP [EC Underground]

An atmospheric sizzling churn of shivering, rattling and blistering loops, cut through by tight and hollow scattered compulsive percussion, is soon overwhelmed by a droning and hissing synth danger, to build into a swirling off-kilter industrialized electro belter.

  • Quito, Ecuador ambient /downtempo /electronica producer Ópalo – “Transitions” from “For You” EP [Caracteres Records]

Lo-fi homespun Electronic project incorporating swelling dreamy synth pads, electro-acoustic frequencies, buzzing and jingling resonances, and stirring piano motifs to fulfill a sweet spot between Ambient and Downtempo, providing crepuscular stirring entrancing emotions into contemplative, mesmeric and reinvigorating organic realms.

  • Original Soundtrack of (Beat) Takeshi Kitano‘s directed 1989’s Japanese crime/drama movie “Violent Cop (その男、凶暴につき)” composed by Daisaku Kume (久米大作) (keyboardist in late 70s fusion bands T-Square and Prism) “の男、凶暴につき [メインテーマ] (Main Title)” from the ltd. vinyl album “Violent Cop (Original Soundtrack)” [WRWTFWW Records]
  • UK experimental /IDM /drone /electro-acoustic /ambient sound artist (AKA Norken, Metamatics, Moss Garden and Nacht Plank), Lee Anthony Norris “Inart” from the album “Our Lady Of The Cloud” [Neotantra]
  • Gothenburg, Sweden ambient /modular synth sound artist Elin Piel “Sequent” from upcoming vinyl 12″ album “Ingrid Linnea” [Mystery Circles]
  • Edinburg, TX ambient/ minimal /drone/ ethereal/ electronic collaboration between veteran sound artists Zach Frizzell and Damien Duque, aka Zakè & City of Dawn “Ash” title track of the upcoming LP “Ash” [Azure Vista Records]
  • Sweden/UK ethereal /ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /electronica collaboration between Ludvig Cimbrelius (aka Eternell, and Illuvia) and Daljit Kundi, aka Purl & Sinius “Ekvir” from the upcoming album “Embryology” 2xLP 12″ [Past Inside the Present]
  • Japan-based ambient /psychedelic /experimental music project Thalictroa “A failed star” from “Have gone far away” EP [Kalamine Records]
  • Portugal-based experimental ambient Minneapolis-bred Dj-producer and Guias Sonoras label head, Dave Wesley “Jazz Marrom” from “Redigido” EP [Guias Sonoras]
  • London-based ambient /pastoral /soundscape /experimental /electro-acoustic artist and multi-instrumentalist, Flaer “Forever Never” from the vinyl 12″ debut album “Preludes” [Odda Recordings]
  • Baltimore, Maryland ambient /drone /kraut /psych /synth sound artist Tarotplane “Papilionidae” from upcoming LP “Murmuration” [npn]
  • Barcelona, Spain ambient /loops /psych /experimental minimal electronic sound artist J.G.G. – “SIN3” from cassette “Sinfín” EP [Ediciones Populares]
  • Pakaa, Finland Ambient /Experimental /Techno producer and electronic music composer Aleksi Perälä “FI3AC2384110″ from the album “ALITHIA Eʹ”
  • Italian experimental modular synth musician based in Rome, Giulio Fontana, aka OGLE “Moving Lights” from the cassette album “Elsewhere” [Preston Capes / Woodford Halse]
  • Edinburgh, UK ambient /IDM /downtempo /electronica producer Wesley MacDonald. aka Faex Optim “Night Terrors” from the album “Crystal Pleasures” [Werra Foxma Records]
  • London/Warwickshire, UK lo-fi /drone /soundtrack /psych /jazzy /post-rock /electronica duo of long-time musical collaborators Oscar Ball and Dan Carney aka Lyndhurst “North Circular” from the debut EP “Platforms”
  • Bristol, UK based electronic musique concrète group of analog synthesists Polly Hulse & Jez Butler, The Twelve Hour Foundation “The Düsseldorf Way” from upcoming vinyl 12″ album “The Hexagonal World of The Twelve Hour Foundation”
  • Oakland, CA experimental /dub /post-punk /new wave band (members of Naked Roommate, the World, Famous Mammals, and Preening), aka Non Plus Temps “Dossier’s Missing” from cassette EP “Dark On Harmon”
  • Geneva, Switzerland dub /psych /dancehall /experimental producer androo “Maash Dub (androo re-interpretation)” from “Maash Dub / Gii Dub (androo re-interpretation)” EP 12″ re-interpretation/ re-composition from the original track “Mash Down Babylon” by Simon Nyabinghi [Jackhaya Records / Poly Dance Theatre]
  • Bucharest-based psychedelic /cosmic /downtempo /kraut /electronic Romanian duo Khidja “la Frutta” from V/A “Tanzers Eins” EP [Malka Tuti]
  • England, UK experimental /downtempo /electronic artist/producer WILL FLISK “Z Lion. Live Tack ( End Bit The Best)”
  • Malmö, Sweden ambient /dub /deep /house /minimal /electronic Sven Under – “Massa Mossa” off V/A “Malmö Multum” debut compilation, a collaboration with and fundraiser for Bolero Recordstore [Earworm Sound]
  • London-based acid /Balearic /house /indie dance /eclectic electronic production-DJ duo Jezebell – “Jezeblue” single
  • Lyon based French synth wave /new beat /psych /downtempo /acid house DJ-producer and Hard Fist label co-head, Tushen Raï “Trance Deux* (with Warum)” [Cracki Records]
  • London based Balearic /disco /acid house /electronic project by brothers Liam and Luke May (Trashmouth Records), Quinn Whalley (Paranoid London/Warmduscher) and frontman Lias Saoudi (Fat White Family), aka DECIUS “Dearly Be Lovers” from “DECIUS TRAX EP II” [Trashmouth Records]
  • Georgia-born Brooklyn, NY based EBM /electro /industrial /techno music producer Punshukunshu “Mad Turbulence” from “Optical Illusion” EP [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
  • Dutch industrial /techno /EBM project (zyryab+kay mascara?), Stradella – “Regocijo”
  • Zürich /Stockholm-based electro-pop /wave /techno-industrial /dance electronic music and art collective led by Mathias Thürk (ex-Minerve) and Rickard XVI Gunnarsson (Statemachine, Lowe), aka Seadrake feat.Dorian E. “Asche (Berlin Bunny Remix)” from “Asche (Remix)” EP
  • Parisian industrial /electro /noise /EBM /synth /techno producer Notausgang “Caput Mortuum” [Kindcrime Recordings]
  • Copenhagen, Denmark EBM /Goa trance /industrial techno producer Survival Paradox  “Natmaskinen” from the upcoming “Dysfunctionalism” EP 12″ [X-IMG45]
  • Berlin-based, Lebanon/Italy trance /hard techno production duo Nur Jaber & Amstra – “Seduce & Destroy” from V/A “PLANET OSF SERIES II” EP [OSF]
  • French rave /EBM /industrial /techno producer Ugustus “Your Mind (Original mix)” from “UGUSTUS” EP [RND. Records]
  • Colombian noise /breakbeat /raw techno Dj-producer Papeer – “Tsari” off 2-track EP “Tsari”
  • Aruba-bred, Amsterdam-based Industrial /Letfield /Electro /Techno /Dub /Acid /Breaks veteran producer-DJ-event organizer-Operator Radio host and Galactic Funk podcast curator Bertram Croes, AKA Bertram “Lights Out” title track off upcoming EP “Lights Out” [Pinkman]
  • San Sebastian, Spain EBM /techno /indie dance /dark disco /electronic duo of Jaime Sagastibeltza & Borja Campión, aka Two Mamarrachos – “Let’s Find Another After (Tronik Youth Remix)” off “Let’s Find Another After” EP [NEIN RECORDS]
  • Berlin-based Reykjavik-native techno /electro producer Jadzia “Loophole (Original Mix)” from “Hidden Universe” EP [A7A]
  • Spanish techno /breaks /electro producer Timed Erase “Neurotechnology” from “Recombinant Identity” EP [Urban Connections]
  • Vsadniki ZHKH – “Na Zakate Novoy Ery (Simple Symmetry version)”
  • Berlin-based dark disco /dark electronic /wave collaboration between DJ/producers duo Vamparela & Brax Moody and Buenos Aires-native, Local Suicide & Skelesys – “Surface Of The Sun (Radio Edit)” off of upcoming “In Space We Roam” EP [Iptamenos Discos]
  • Barcelona-based, Chilean indie dance /dark disco DJ and producer Simon TG – “Digital Runner (Bonnie Spacey Remix)” off upcoming “Digital Runner” EP [Side UP Works]
  • UK indie dance /dark disco artist Miss Zagato – “Cigarettes (Basura & Mierda Remix)” off upcoming “Whiskey & Cigarettes” EP [Kyma Komplex]
  • Mexican indie dance /dark disco duo LaTech X Ulises Arrieta – “Colossio” off “Politica Mexicana” EP [Quixotical Records]
  • Paris-based acid /trance /African /Arabic /techno electronic French/Algerian collective ACID ARAB “Habaytak (DJ Gregory Africanism Remix)” second rework off the new album “(Trois)” [Crammed Discs]
  • French EBM /dark disco /Italo disco production-Dj duo Alphanova – “Raimbow Bomb”
  • French house /Italo disco Dj-producer Bubs – “Lighting Up (Miguel De Bois Remix)” off upcoming EP [Love Attack Records]
  • Budapest, Hungary dark disco /indie dance /electronic Dj-producer SNYL – “I Feel You” off “Body To Body” EP [Sincopat]
  • 1985 Hi-NRG disco classic Michael Prince – “Dance Your Love Away (Masura Edit)” [Ulla Records]
  • Northern Irish Hi-NRG disco DJ, producer, label curator and founder of Polari imprint, Cormac ‘Leather ‘N Lasers’ single co-produced with Chinaski (Stefan Haag) [Polari Records]
  • The Rolling Stones – “Miss You – (Waldo Remix 2023)” 
  • Stardust – “Music Sounds Better With You (Also Playable Mono Italo NRG Edit)”
  • Portuguese Italo disco /house /electronic DJ-producer CC:DISCO! “Chez Moi (Waiting For You) ft. Confidence Man (Club Mix)” from “Chez Moi (Waiting For You) ft. Confidence Man” EP [Phantasy Sounds]
  • Amsterdam-based Italo /trance /Eurodance DJ-producer Miguel de Bois – “Esta Noche” from V/A “Tomorrow Never Dies 001” compilation [Return To Forever]
  • North-East of England disco /techno /house supergroup led by James Hadfield, J1Mi (Beyonders) “Eyes Miguel” from “MMM#36 J1Mi (Beyonders)” EP [Me Me Me]
  • Bristol, UK acid /bleep /chug /trance /prog house /breaks producer and Familiar Strangers founder, Remotif – “For Love or Money” from upcoming EP “In the Blink of a Cosmic Eye” [X-Kalay]
  • Russian acid /electro /house /trance Dj-producer Broosnica – “Body Machines” from V/A “LEGAL’NAYA Third Anniversary Compilation” album 
  • German trance /techno production duo ATZENERNST & QUENTIN – “Tab Water”
  • Berlin-based disco /acid house /broken synth duo Kolegos – “Flash (Cport Cistema Remix)” off “Flash” EP
  • French dark ambient /psych /ethnic /dub /electronic producer (head of Kump Records and half of Ricco), Gil.Barte – “Source” from V/A “Anima Respinta dal Futuro Vol.2” Syria/Turkey earthquake charity compilation [Tocca il Futuro]
  • Glasgow-born, London-based experimental /classical /contemporary guitarist Kevin Daniel Cahill “Caoineadh” from the album “Impossible Worlds” [False Walls]