WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – FEBRUARY #08-23

  • Lviv, Ukraine dark wave /cold minimalistic synth solo project, Bedroom Talk “Burden of Epoch” from upcoming full-length album “Call me Malespero”

One man band from Lyiv unleashes a gloomy and dismal Goth-inflected Darkwave dirge steered by relentless looping and wobbly percussive thuds to insinuate obsessive and overbearing sorrow stressed by pain-filled jagged, biting guitar riffs and eerie synth strains, to overwhelm lost haunted vocal suffering with relentless drifts of alienation and dread.

  • New York-based dark electronic /occult synth-punk artist (Fka Ghotha from the collective project Unboned), RHOYA “Plastic perfection”

Often active on Soundcloud, the latest lo-fi resonant dancing slab of occult Synth-punk from New York‘s artist resonates with me more than ever, propelled by retro-charged, hard-hitting, stomping rhythmic patterns and mechanical throbbing bassline loops, topped by neurotic bright synth swirls, whilst urgent restless vocals, release squeals of angst and pain into a burden of status quo, “Plastic Perfection.” Truly mesmerizing vocalizations, to play it loud!!!

  • AngloArgentinian, Europa-based New wave /Synthpop /Post-Punk duo Night Hexe “Shapes in the Dark” single off their upcoming debut album.

Dark, alluring, frenzied, and why not, absolutely catchy new single for the dynamic AngloArgentinian Post-punk duo with a driving Darkwave edge to keep moods sounding menacing, trotting around dry steady beats, and urgent skipping crisp bassline loops, stabbed by abrasive guitar riffing and squealing wiry whines around aloof vocal confessions, releasing secret nocturnal fantasies into a kinky teem of thrills and desire.

  • England‘s psych /dark folk duo Martin Bates (Eyeless In Gaza) & Alan Trench (Orchis, Howling Larsons), AKA Twelve Thousand Days “The Summer Tree” from the upcoming album “The Boatman On The Downs” on Final Muzik
  • Seattle‘s dark folk/post-punk/gothic-rock project of T.J. Cowgill aka King Dude “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary” from the album “Nursery Rhymes”
  • Bologna, Italian gothic rock /post-punk band (members of European Ghost, Two Moons, Melampus & Ofeliadorme), KISA “SAME OLD BLACK HOLE” from upcoming debut S/T album on UNKNOWN PLEASURES RECORDS
  • Oslo, Norway-based indie rock/ new wave/ post-punk project (Fka TÅSEN TEA PARTY), Unknown Factory “Commitment to loose” from the 2-track single “Radio Waves”
  • Baltimore, Maryland goth/ post-punk/ darkwave solo project, 4dversary “Allocer”
  • Asheville, NC minimal synth /coldwave /darkwave solo project, Athena Ignoramus “Cain” from EP “Antipathy”
  • Tallinn, Estonia alternative dark electronic music artist, photographer, and videographer Kadri Sammel AKA Bedless Bones – “A Poison Tree” from upcoming V/A “ZEITGEIST+ Vol. 2” compilation CD on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Greek DIY bedroom pop /synth wave /synthpop solo project from Athens, tinyturmoil “всё равно” from “select *” album
  • German dark coldwave act Occlude “The Cold Of Your Touch” single on appartement 3
  • French minimal synthpop /coldwave project Basse Fidélité “L’attente” from the 2-track single “Vue sur quai”
  • Turin, Italy electro dark synth wave solo project Zoltan Freitag “Weary Lullabies (feat. Anomys)” 2-track single
  • Tours, French coldwave /synthpop project led by Jules Monnier, AKA Sioul “Anywhere Out of the World” from the upcoming debut album “DROPS” on Figures Libres Records
  • French post-punk /synth-punk /new wave duo Monsieur Crane “Clair” from the album “Redux” via Tonn Recordings
  • Los Angeles-based synth band of Sea Fjerstad and Tamara Sky, AKA More Ephemerol “Last Wave Calling” off the EP “Last Wave Calling”
  • Northern Ireland‘s synth electronic musician based in Belfast, Crystalline Stricture “Drug Death” single
  • Saint-Petersburg based minimal /dark /synth wave solo project Куросава Курва [Kurosawa Kurwa] “Urobóroše” from the new album “Prokodášie dné”
  • Bern, Switzerland industrial /post-punk /coldwave /synth wave band Plague Pits “The Light” from the upcoming eponymous digital/cassette EP
  • Mexico City-based Minimal Synth /Minimal Wave solo project of musician Iván Porto, AKA Obsolenia “Avanzar” single
  • Finland based minimal wave /synthpop solo project Hot Cold Power “No Good” from the EP “This worn out facility”
  • Los Angeles based EBM /industrial /minimal Synth Pop duo Spike Hellis “Mouth (Normal Bias Remix)”
  • Brooklyn, NY-based techno /industrial /EBM /synthwave artist Madeline Seely AKA Nuxx Vomica “Easy Go” from the upcoming cassette EP “FTEV” on Synthicide
  • Bogotà-born, Medellín resident experimental /EBM /industrial /noise techno /synth producer-DJ-singer, RAVETOP “Animal” from V/A “Under The Stone Vol.1” on Bruto Industries
  • Lyon, France emotional body music /darkwave /electro act led by Timothée Gainet, POISON POINT “Every Two Nights (Sydney Valette Remix)” bonus track from the vinyl edition of “Poisoned Gloves” album [Young and Cold Records]
  • Stockholm, Sweden future pop/ electro-punk/ synthpop/ EBM electronic/ producer Patrik Adolfsson / KROPPSKONTROLL “KÄNGDANS” single
  • Gävle, Sweden EBM /synthpop /electronic act, Sturm Café “Des Kaisers neue Kleider” the second single from the upcoming album “Zeitgeist”
  • Legendary UK dark industrial electronic act ATTRITION “The Switch” from “The Switch” EP
  • Los Angeles based EBM /post-punk /darkwave duo It Spoke In Tongues “Half-Life” (Single)
  • Hamburg, German New Wave /Synth-Pop band SEA OF SIN “Don’t Let Go (Zynic Remix)”
  • Norwegian future /synth-pop duo Supercraft “Hard To Believe” from the album “Things We Do” on Town And Towers Records
  • Tampa, FL Synthwave solo project The Night Office “Surfside” single
  • Houston/Austin, TX heatwave /post-punk /electropop 3-piece Don’t Get Lemon “Blow-Up” new single
  • El Paso, TX post-punk /synthpop solo project Aerophone Ghost “Baile del Vacío” single
  • Belfast, Maine retro goth/ synthwave /dark synth /post-punk project, Rayne Reznor “Elisabeth” new single on Ghost Work Records
  • San Diego based post-punk /darkwave project TWIN ION ENGINE “Skinwalker” single
  • Kyiv, Ukrainian goth rock /darkgaze /synthpop solo project Gentle Ropes “Krov” from upcoming EP “Wounds”
  • Portland, OR goth darkwave duo featuring Thomas Knight and Griffin C., AKA Nightsister “Hometown Wound” from the cassette EP “Send Angels Here” on Isolation Club
  • French post-punk, goth-rock side-project of Justine from NABTA (vocals), Ailhenn from PROJET MARINA (guitar) and Nicolas from PRINZESSIN (synths), aka NEVER WAKE UP – “I Wish… (EP version)” from S/T EP
  • German post-punk /doomgaze /darkwave /gothic rock band, La Scaltra “Rites Of Bacchus (Nocturnal Eternal)” from the new LP “Mater”
  • Costa Rica based goth /new wave /post-punk band from San Josè, Ariel Maniki And The Black Halos “Supernova” single
  • Bayreuth, Germany gothic dark wave muzik-theater project of Oswald Henke (Erblast) along with Tobias Schäfer, AKA Goethes Erben “Schmertz” 2nd single from the upcoming 10th album “X”
  • Bristol, UK gothic rock/ post-punk band NAUT “All The Days” from the second LP ‘Hunt’ on Season of Mist
  • German metal gothic rock band Decadence Dust “Lost In You” (Single)
  • London based goth /post-punk band The InSect “Inside Out Boy” single
  • Berlin-based cold post-punk trio Elektrokohle “Void” from the debut “Elektrokohle” EP                             
  • Barcelona based coldwave /post-punk solo project Lïk – “Yama” from the debut EP
  • Tashkent, Uzbekistan darkwave/ post-punk outfit THE DYSPHORIA “Night” from the album “JOY WITHOUT CEASING” on Clan Destine Records
  • New York‘s coldwave /post-punk band BLACKLIST “Arms Of A Cross” from the new EP “Arms Of A Cross” on Profound Lore Records
  • Alytus, Lithuania post-punk solo project Reitelaitis – “Nori nenori” from the debut album “Pavargom”
  • Brooklyn, NY dub /no-wave /post-punk project Naked Objects “Start” from the cassette EP “Dub Isolate”
  • German short-lived (20122013) new wave /post-punk band from Leipzig, V.A.L.I.S. “Extinction” from the posthumous album “Notorious Lack Of Vitamin D” on Eternal Punishment
  • Bologna, Italy new wave /Italo disco /darkwave /post-punk collaborative project and concept led by Gianni Lee, co-founder of the french label Model Workers Records, I Woke Up Chinese “Trouble one” from “Troubles” EP                                                                                                                                           
  • Bristol, UK industrial /post-rock /shoegaze /post-punk band DAMEFRISØR “D.O.D.” from debut LP “Island of Light” via Permanent Creeps Records
  • French indie /post-punk /garage rock band from Toulouse, Cathedrale “Silent Castle” from the upcoming album “Words / Silence” via Howlin’ Banana Records
  • Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany post-punk /noise rock trio SCHALKO “Leichen im Keller” from the upcoming second LP “Bitte 3x Pommes” via Flight13
  • Netherlands based shoegaze /noise rock /post-punk music producer, guitarist, singer and composer, Ioana Iorgu “Porto” new single
  • Bordeaux, France’s garage punk band (former members of TV KILLERS and current and ex-members of SWINDLERS, WILD ZEROS and HOLESHOTS), HEARTBEEPS “Criminal” from upcoming “Cum Together” LP Slovenly Recordings

photo by Deborah Sheedy