WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #29

  • Phormix Podcast #182 BENEDIKT FREY                                                                                                                

Set of the week comes from the imaginative German producer Benedikt Frey, DJ and founder of the Love Pain Sunshine & Rain imprint (aka Lopasura), that slowly sways through murky, atmospheric and hypnotic textured chugged by dub-washed midtempo beats and low pulsing basslines, sparsely flavoured by jazzy and Middle-Eastern spices and rattled by subdued clanging industrial turbulence, to induce an immersive journey into a contemplative, trance-inducing state of mind.

  • Paris-based techno/EBM/electronic producer MIND | MATTER “Love Will Tear Us Apart” [Joy Division edit] from the new V/A “RAW Summer Hits” edit compilation on RAW

French RAW collective let 15 techno artists free to choose a track to edit, trying in some way to revive and heat up a summer started, and likely to continue, for obvious reasons in a minor key, with a fresh and thrilling collection of edits, free download on BC, made with sheer brilliance, passion and soul. The re-interpretations of Joy Division‘s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by MIND | MATTER and i-Robot‘s “Frau” by ILLNURSE deserve a special mention.

  • Berlin-based Italian Italo disco/wave/synth artist Italoscillazioni – “Circo Mulliebre” off upcoming V/A “Italian Synth Planetarium Sistema 1” first from 3 parts compilation album on Slow Motion Records

Excellent Italian label Slow Motion Records drops the first of a three-volume dance compilation, overflowing with, at the same time cold and warm, dark and glossy, human and synthetic, emotional and hypnotic Italo disco, or better ‘Italian Dance Wave’ as they dub it, dancefloor magic.

  • Body/techno/wave/post-punk/noise/drone project of Berlin-based Australian musician and Fleisch collective co-founder/resident Saxon Jørgensen of Ascetic:, HALV DRØM “Slum Vatic” from the upcoming album “Slum Vatic” on Fleisch Records

Our old acquaintance with experimental post-punkers Ascetic:, previews his debut LP with an ominous and hypnotic midtempo groove that unravels alluring bassline treachery that bounces and rattles over steadily jittery, syncopated rhythms scorched in hisses, lashes, and clanks, simmering to a boil, heightened by bright, piercing fluttering synth wails left dangerously expanding.

  • Żytno, Poland experimental/minimal electronics project мхи и лишайники [Mosses & Lichens] ‘Cмерть смерть смерть’ from the upcoming cassette album album ‘Нассать на мир [Piss On The World]’ on Not Not Fun Records
  • ManchesterUK post-industrial/electronic musician and producer Bryn Jones, aka Muslimgauze ‘Afghans Rev. V.02’ from the reissue of the 1994 album “Emak Bakia” on limited CD, MC and special Box Set via Other Voices Records
  • London, UK based experimental techno collaboration Tapefeed, End Train, Swarm Intelligence – “Hornets And Headbutts (Swarm Intelligence Remix)” off upcoming Flaminia vs. End Train vs. Tapefeed – “Full Swap” on Metempsychosis Records
  • Scottish techno DJ and Producer from Glasgow, BLAIRO “Invade” debut single part of an upcoming self-released EP
  • Leeds, UK acid/electro/techno producer Viers – ‘LSD’ off 4-track EP ‘Innocence’ on Typeless.                                     
  • Brooklyn, NY mysterious experimental techno collective Nebuchadnezzar ‘FS223’ from the album ‘Death of Raisa Gorbachev (You want a cd of this ill get you a cd dude)’
  • UK Industrial/Synth/Electronic duo from Sheffield, Randolph & Mortimer – “Fantasy Land” from the new EP “THEY KNOW WE KNOW THEY LIE”
  • Manchester, UK trance/rave/hard techno producer ANALECT “I Remember My First Rave”                                     
  • French dark ambient/IDM/ techno project by Etienne Zasko (aka YØKAÏ), ZAGAM – “Molon Lave” from V/A “Altered Sight” compilation on Borders Of Known
  • Spanish post industrial techno producer from Madrid, Carlos Suero, aka SUERO “Ginu-ga he[lmat]lija” from the cassette album “Kragehul” on Republica Iberica Ruidista
  • Tbilisi, Georgia acid/industrial/experimental/EBM producer MOVA “Anomaly” new single on Vumantra
  • Medellín, Colombia EBM/electro/darkwave/industrial/techno solo project Ofelia Ortodoxa “Sexo en Orbitas” from upcoming cassette album “Maleficio” on SOIL
  • Oregon acid/industrial/techno producer City Slicker “Dead Cops”                                                                                              
  • Caracas born, Italian dark techno /industrial producer Ayarcana “Ruthless Than You” from upcoming V/A “20/20 MONKEY V.6.6.6” tape compilation on Clan Destine Records.                                                                          
  • French “black body noir’ duo lead by Mathis Kolkoz (founder of Blind Delon) and Paul Brousse (pbfk, member of Néfaste and Epitaphe), PUDEUR “I Turned The Cross” from upcoming [AREAZT009] “Magie Noire” cassette album on Area Z                                                                                                                     
  • Derry-based industrial/dark experimental electronic/EBM project of Christian Donaghy, AUTUMNS “Everyone Thinks I’ve Headed On” off of upcoming cassette album “Laying Heavy” on Clan Destine
  • UK based electro/rave/industrial/post-punk project of French musician/DJ and producer Jerome Tcherneyan and Czech performance artist and DJ, Barkosina Hanusova, aka Years Of Denial “Girl With Broken Head” off V/A “Valley of Tears Vol 2.” EP on Soil Records
  • Lyon, France new wave/synth wave/electronic producer S T R K T U R – “Stupidwave” from the upcoming album.                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Madrid dark electro producer and Rator Mute label head, Telephasycs! “Head Rush” off upcoming V/A “The Dark Phase Experience” EP 12″ on Gladio Operations
  • Rotterdam‘s electro power-duo Animistic Beliefs “Ojo De Las Grayas” from “Thief of Sanity” EP 12″ on brokntoys
  • Budapest electro producers CT Kidobó & LAU “Mental Vortex (L.F.T. Remix)” from “DDE02″ lathe cut 10” EP second release on DDE series on Dalmata Daniel
  • Finland-based, Russian-born space electro producer Kirill Junolainen (aka Juno Lazermachine, JLM Werx, X-Ray Krew, Lazer Kontinent, Zeitmodelle, Juno Laine, East European Alliance…), aka Zeitmodelle – “Retro ist die Zukunft” from V/A “Selected Works #5” compilation on Beef Records
  • Basel, Switzerland hardcore/ambient/electro producer Parco Palaz “Sword” from “Surface” EP on Akoya Circles
  • Russian techno/acid/EBM/electro producer Eugene Efimenko from Kaliningrad, MUZIKALIST “Don’t Try To Run” from the upcoming V/A compilation “Special International Vol.2’’ on his own Hypnotic Connection
  • Chicago house pioneers (Trax Records) VIRGO FOUR “The Mop” from “Virgo Four – Resurrection” double vinyl archivial album (previously only availble on 2011’s box set edition) on Rush Hour Recordings
  • Saint-Petersburg, Russia breakbeat/electro producer Greenwald – “Best Take” from upcoming V/A “Best Before 2021” on Sample Delivery                                                                                                                        
  • UK house/electro/techno/electronic producer BRASSICA “Storm 87” from upcoming EP on Feel My Bicep  
  • Berlin-based UK house/funk/electro DJ/producer from Sheffield, HAIDER “Maracuja” off upcoming ‘Endless Clouds’ EP on his own label Breaker Breaker
  • Glasgow-based dub/psych/acid/breakbeat/slow techno producer Krokokai “Terror Message” from upcoming EP “Strange Behaviour” on fellow label Silver Dollar Club                                                                                                        
  • London-based dub/breakbeat/Middle East/electronic production duo of Italian born, Nervous Horizon head Guglielmo Barzacchini (aka TSVI) and Australian Sumac co-owner Jarred Beeler, aka Anunaku & DJ Plead – “Wheele” off “032” EP on AD 93
  • Guadalajara, Mexico nu-disco/psych/slow techno/electronic producer Die Jungle – “Saudade” from upcoming “Pandora” EP on Playground Records                                                                                                
  • BelgoItalian slow techno electronic producer-Dj duo of Dj Athome (Brussels) & Hugosan (Rome), FRONT DE CADEAUX “You Are Opportunist” from upcoming V/A “Social Distancing 1.7” on C12
  • Turkish lo-fi house/leftfield techno/electronic producer and DJ from Istanbul, Camomile Dawn & See Safari “Panic Sweat in the Discotheque (Original Mix)” from the new EP “The Ghosts of Seoul & London”
  • Barcelona, Spain Experimental/Ambient/Noise/Drone/IDM/Glitch/Blip/Hop producer Structweird – “Q Mode” from the upcoming V/A “Compilation V.4” tape on Eclectic Reactions Records
  • Frankfurt am Main, Germany ambient/IDM/Detroit techno producer Lennard Poschmann, aka O-WELLS “BBmore” from the “Ebecs” album on Die Orakel
  • Columbus, Ohio experimental/dark ambient/drone electronic project of Ryan S Chamberlain, aka ARROWOUNDS “Dark Tropics” from the album “The Loneliness of the Deep Sea Diver” on Lost Tribe Sound
  • Seattle, Wa experimental/ambient/drone/noise artist (co-founder of Climax Golden Twins, Messenger Girl’s Trio, and AFCGT; Sublime Frequencies label collaborator), ROBERT MILLIS “Matters of Court” from the album “Related Ephemera” on Helen Scarsdale label
  • Dublin, Ireland experimental/drone/ambient project entrd_ ‘B (i)’ from cassette album ‘Voix Céleste III’ on wherethetimegoes
  • Virginia ambient/drone and drum musician GLIA “Oyenu” from the cassette album “Concentrics six” on Phinery