WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – October #41-21

Photo by Yukari Chikura

  • ??????? ???-????????? | Episode 098 | Petros Spatharos                                                                                          

Fresh from his debut album on Filmmaker’s Body Musick label, Athens based DJ and Producer Petros Spatharos has been exploring the flow of underground electronic music since 2010 creating his turbulent yet atmospheric sound alchemy based on ‘unadapted Electro, sluggish EBM and reactive Industrial’ for your ultimate disturbing sonic pleasure.

  • Paris-based techno/EBM/electronic producer MIND | MATTER “The Impalement” from [AREAZT011] “Staring at The Void” EP on AREA Z

Parisian producer, less straightforward than usual, combines unstoppable equally driving and stomping mechanical rhythms and ominous droning bass oscillations with the eerily esoteric vibes of humming samples and winding spatial synth swathes, that sneakingly congregate into a meticulous trance-inducing heavy groove of lethal dancefloor domains.

  • Belarusian ambient /breaks /electro DJ-Producer Viikatory – “Baby, You’re Nasty” off V/A “Liquid Gems” compilation via Georgian label Your Character

Tbilisi newly born label Your Character delivers a fine sampler of 16 “Liquid Gems”, spanning Electro, Acid, Ghetto Tech and Breakbeat. Once again the talented young Belarus producer triggers a deep, cold yet soulful and atmospheric electro cut, made of driven hypnotic beats and spacious ambient pads rippled by bouncing acidic bass squirts and piercing tinkling chords, surrounded by sparse teasing detached female vocal samples, with an ominous, tense shift halfway through washed by desolate icy bright synth swathes, making for an electrifying and mesmerizing listening and dancing experience.

  • Exeter, UK ambient /breaks /acid /electro producer Will Ortiz – “Tsunami” off upcoming EP soon on Leipzig‘s HABIBI BASS                                                                                                                                                             

UK newcomer teases his upcoming release via Habibi Bass imprint with deep atmospheric Detroit techno pads mottled with bouncing and energetic bass-heavy acidic, mutant electro grooves and ghetto vocal samples for an utterly thrilling and hypnotizing retro-futuristic dance floor buzz.       

  • SwissArgentinian ambient /jazz /folk /synth /electronics musician Lucia Fumero “L’Oiseau” single on Modern Obscure Music
  • Portland, Or based Persian ambient /ethereal /dream pop composer, vocalist, producer Taranoya “Let The Air” from the album “Becoming” on sound as language                                                                                     
  • Hiroshima, Japanese ambient /chill-out /electronic /folk artist Meitei / 冥丁 ‘Happyaku-yachō / 八百八町’ off of ‘Kofū II’ LP due on December 10, 2021 via KITCHEN. LABEL.
  • Vienna-based, Mexican born, Texas-raised kosmische dark-wave/cold-rave musician & DJ Alyssa Auvinen Barrera aka LDY OSC. “Give Me” from the EP Electric-Earthy-Esoteric” on Squirrels on Film
  • Prague, Czechia Endless Illusion label head and ambient /techno /electro synth producer Ladislav Zensor, aka EXHAUSTED MODERN “Reframe_Reform” off of the upcoming cassette EP “Deform | Reform” on Marguerite Records
  • Prague-based French ritual /EBM /noise /techno producer Léo Hivert, aka The Undertaker’s Tapes “Lethal Beliefs” from the Split album “Amputated Spirit/Lethal Beliefs” with Maltash [Modular Mind]                                    
  • Spanish electronic /industrial act La Union Metalurgica – “Cosas Que Sucederan” from the upcoming untitled LP due October 2021(LIES-175) on L.I.E.S.                                                                                                      
  • Den Haag based via Brooklyn, Florida-born experimental /noise /techno /industrial producer NICK KLEIN “Posture Test” off of V/A EP 12” on Lost Soul Enterprises
  • French noise /techno /industrial producer HUMAN DECLINE – “There Is No Tomorrow” off of V/A “The Return Of The Faded Light” compilation on PURE HATE
  • New York City-based New Beat /Techno-Industrial Synthicide label/club night and Aufnahme + Wiedergabe recording artist, Andi – “Confess” from upcoming “Torque Force” Split EP with Randolph & Mortimer on mecanica
  • Industrial /noise /techno collaboration Trace Amount + Qual “Death Match” from the upcoming cassette EP “Alien Dust” on Faktor Music
  • British born, Vienna based dark ambient/industrial/drone/dub project of Mahk Rumbae (a.k.a. Codex Empire and one half of Industrial act Konstruktivists), aka Antechamber “Rhetoric Of Ruin” off of upcoming EP “Night Wounds Time” on Depth.Request
  • Lyon, France EBM /coldwave /techno /industrial producer and Rafale Records co-founder, L’Ätlas “Cold” off of the forthcoming V/A [SHARPVA003] on Lyon’s Sharped Records.
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental/electro/EBM/techno/dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, FILMMAKER “Whoring Trends” off upcoming V/A “Feed your Demons” cassette compilation [Frenesia Records]                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Brazilian experimental industrial techno producer Edvan Marques Ferreira, aka MVQX “Through dimension knowledge” from V/A [ODM011] “Asphyxia” compilation on Of Dolls and Murder
  • Thessaloniki, Greece ambient /EBM /Industrial /dark electronics producer George McCall, aka Alpha Sect “Sacred Beliefs” from upcoming LP “Dark Rituals” [Soil Records]                                                                           
  • Odessa, Ukraine EBM /Acid /Industrial /Techno producer EXTENSIVE INFARCTION “Sick World” off of V/A “Terrorize Mortals” on S H I S H I
  • Oakland Ca EBM /industrial /techno producer SIGNAL 72 “Somber Course”                                                              
  • Ghostdance “Ghostbeat” (Mufti Edit) from “Edit 4” EP by México‘s electronic/dark disco producer Bernardo Barrera, aka MUFTI
  • Athens, Greece one-man instrumental experimental/cold electronics project BLAKAUT – “Ενδοστρέφεια” from the album “Ξοδεμένα Χρόνια”
  • Shanghai, China EBM /Italo /Darkwave /electronic producer Poison The Vicar (ft. Corrosive Candy) – “Vision (Qual Remix)” single [Self Release]
  • Latvian post-industrial /techno /dark electronics producer Avis Stepans, aka CRYING SKIES “You And Me” from the upcoming “Heartbeats” EP on Black Leather Records
  • Finnish harsh noisy industrial /EBM project LUCIDWARD “Senor Foghero” (Single)
  • Glasgow based EBM /dark electro DJ/Producer KALOPSIA “Long Live The Flesh (Paulitical Remix)” off of upcoming EP ‘Long Live The New Flesh’ on Still Distant Records                                                                          
  • Russian EBM /cyber-folk /synthpop sound-producer and singer-songwriter from Moscow, DRIADA “Lull Kill (Znzl remix)”
  • Berlin-based French rave /trance /industrial /techno DJ-producer MSKD – “146 (DJ Reiz Remix)” off “AG006″ EP 12” on Agora Records
  • Paris based trance /hardcore /techno producer ALEXI SHELL – “A mermaid is crying” from V/A “LI$028” compilation curated by Croatia‘s low income $quad
  • Buenos Aires techno producer Vladimir Vinco aka Vladw “Ushiro (Cirkle Remix)” from “Ushiro” EP
  • Rome, Italy dark techno /acid producer Lory D “MAGIC_303”
  • The Netherlands dark techno duo Abstract Division “Emergence (Anthony Linell Remix)” from the upcoming “Anybody is Nowhere” EP on their own label Dynamic Reflection
  • Madrid-based, Spanish techno /electro duo of DJ/producer José Castillo aka Milford and David Aragón, aka UHF “Fact Or Fiction?” from their forthcoming EP “Fact Or Fiction?” on their co-headed label Gladio Operations.
  • French dark techno /electro producer from Bordeaux, Djedjotronic “Statistics” from the upcoming “The Great Red Spot” EP on International Chrome
  • Leipzig-based breaks /electro duo of Int Main and Varum, aka Yarn Init ‘Scanning’ from the forthcoming EP “Ill Compound” on the Georgian label Mind Controlled Rectifier
  • Manchester, UK electro producer ARMEC “Caged” title track from “Caged” EP on 20/20 Vision Recordings              
  • French ambient /cosmic /trance /breaks /electro producer Jerome Boutin, aka ANDRONE – “Abducated By Aliens” off of upcoming EP “Signs Of Life” ​[Worst Records]                                                                                                       
  • Unknown – “Native Love (Marvin & Guy Edit)” off of upcoming charity collection “It’s A Pleasure To Edit” a selection from Italian duo archive of disco edits from the last 10 years
  • Lyon, French wave /psych /disco-funk /ethnic /electronic producer and Hard Fist label co-head Tushen Raï “East-Balearism (Cornelius Doctor Sailor Mix)” off upcoming “East-Balearism” EP [Cracki Records]                     
  • New York disco /funk /house /techno artist The Juan Maclean feat. Monika Heidemann – “Connected” from “I Want The Night” EP on Correspondant Music
  • Amsterdam based Italo disco /psych /cosmic disco Italian producer Daniele Labbate aka Daniel Monaco, aka Disco Mortale – “De Profundis Orchestra (Myrddin Remix)” from “Cathedral” EP on Esthetique Records
  • Electronic /dark disco DJ and producer from Czech Republic, Ondřej Kulatý, aka ANDREAS RUND “Red Eye (A-Tweed Remix)” from “Red Eye” EP [HEAR0050] on HEARec
  • Belfast based techno /dark disco /indie dance producer Cyence – “Drone Wars” off upcoming EP “Drone Wars” on Nein Records
  • Berlin-based Belgian Italo disco /synth wave /electronic producer Joris Biesmans, aka Biesmans – “Dissolve (Gerd Janson Remix)” from the upcoming EP “Heroes After Dark” on TAU                                                           
  • Lithuanian electronic/dark disco/wave/techno producer from Vilnius, Zakmina “Digital Words” from upcoming RoamRecordings‘ celebratory compilation “Roam 100 Compilation”                                                   
  • Margate, UK house /disco /leftfield electronics producer-DJ and Vivod label boss Ali Renault ‘Northdown Acid’ off upcoming ‘Nawce Blizzard’ EP on Vivod                                                                                                   
  • Nürnberg, Germany ambient /broken beats /techno /electro /breaks producer (one half of POLLAAR), LAZARUS “Cleansing” from V/A “Of Paradise Vol. 4” compilation on Of Paradise
  • Nottingham‘s duo Sleaford Mods “I Don’t Rate You (Orbital Remix)”
  • Perth, Australia experimental /post-punk /shoegaze /IDM /electronic act arphaxad84 “Le Paria” from “Le Paria” EP
  • Slovakian ambient /drone /experimental musician Emil Maťko, aka ​Strom Noir “Emptiness” from the album “The most beautiful eyes you could look into”
  • UK ambient /cyberpunk /techno /rave /drum & bass /electronic producer Dennis Huddleston, a.k.a. 36 “Sanctuary Sunset” from the live album “Weaponised Serenity” (broadcast 23rd August 2021) on 9128.live
  • Berlin-based harpist, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist Andy Aquarius “Chapel” title track from the upcoming LP “Chapel” on Hush Hush Records
  • Georgia ambient /neoclassical project of guitarist & producer Kevin Scott Davis and pianist & vocalist Asia Dojnikowska, GLOWWORM “Birdcatcher” part of the “Haruki” compilation EP on NOOX Records celebrating the work of author Haruki Murakami.
  • Washington/Stockholm ambient /drone / electronic duo of Drew Sullivan (Slow Dancing Society) and Ludvig Cimbrelius (Purl), Hallow Under “Night” from “Hallow Under” debut album on LILA लीला