WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – FEBRUARY #06-23

photo by sally mann


  • Odilon’s Grip – Réalité Irréversible Mix for Alpha Sect / FADE Radio [Athens]                                                         

Special set for Athens-based DJ-producer Alpha Sect‘s Radio podcast, as a journey, from 40 to 130bpm, into the unfathomable abyss of EBM & Industrial Techno and maybe back.

  • Melbourne, Australia EBM /dark electronic producer and Up North Records head honcho, LBEEZE “Troubled” off cassette Split EP with DATURA INOXIA [Up North Records]

Raw stomping slab of industrialized EBM Disturbia from Aussie Up North label head honcho Lbeeze that unleashes sinister anxious doom triggered by relentless ominous bassline flickers, urgent, crashing snares, stacking crisp percussions, and foreboding synth washes, along with distraught distorted vocals, into a dissociative dancing night club scene, where high-energy darkness rises eerily through a blurry strobing menace.

  • French/Italian indie-dance /house /Italo disco collaboration, Darlyn Vlys & Amarcord – “Dreams Of Vanishing” from the EP of the same name upcoming on Darlyn Vlys’ label Polaris

Second collaborative dancing reverie from experienced French producer and Polaris label head honcho Darlyn Vlys (Get Physical, Upon You, Suara, My Favorite Robot, and most recently TAU and Correspondant) with young up-and-coming Italian talent Amarcord (Ombra International, Me Me Me) with an exhilarating sparkling fusion of seductive Italo Disco, lush melodic House, sprinkled with stimulating Balearic sunlight and euphoric cosmic vibes, rife with nostalgic, carefree and heavenly moods combining steady thumping beats, warm pulsing basslines, melancholic glaring synth washes, emotive icy bright stabs, and entrancing echoing vocal airs into relaxing, escapist feelings and “Dreams of Vanishing.”

  • Düsseldorf based German electro /krautrock /avant-pop project of songwriter and producer Sebastian Lee Philipp (part of the Berlin-based electro-wave duo with Valerie Renay, Noblesse Oblige), Die Wilde Jagd – “The Hearth (ft. Lihla)” from the forthcoming 4th LP “Ophio” on Bureau B

Featuring cellist and singer Lih Qun Wong, “The Hearth” unfurls, in the finest dark and uncanny trip-hop fashion, over deep, sultry and hypnotic syncopated sluggish grooves, as droning murky low ends smolder beneath the surface, to immerse the listener into enveloping and visionary, equally seductive and bewitching esoteric realms, haunted by a hypnotizing array of soft wicked moans, scary whispers, feral panting breathes and spoken word spells of temptation.

  • Hong Kong-based ambient /soundscape /ethereal vocalist and sound artist Anita Tatlow “In hallowed spaces” from the EP “The farthest star” on Slow Echo
  • London based ambient /neo-classical /piano composer and musician Mike Lazarev “Tonality Number Three” from “Sacred Tonalities“ on Past Inside the Present
  • Japanese ambient /drone /field recording /experimental electronic sound artist DUP SYS “Big Sky” from the upcoming album “Madoromi” on Muzan Editions
  • Parisian-born, French experimental/ ambient composer, musician, writer, and visual artist Felicia Atkinson “Le Poème de l’angle droit” from V/A “Random and emblematic: The sound of space” 2xLP compilation on Modern Obscure Music
  • Philadelphia based ambient /drone /piano /field recording /electroacoustic musician (member of Hotel Neon, Gray Acres, and Mordançage), Andrew Tasselmyer “Here was one” from the album “Life came breaking in”
  • Seattle, WA ambient /dreamwave /electronic /cozywave project Hello Meteor ”Agrarian Zones” from the upcoming album “Earth Journos”
  • Philadelphia area’s IDM /glitch /experimental /computer music artist and musician William Fields “Obu” from the upcoming album “FICTIONS” on Bristol‘s GOTO RECORDS
  • San Francisco‘s ambient /drum & bass /breakbeat /deep house veteran producer Brock Van Wey (AKA bvdub, East Of Oceans), AKA Earth House Hold “Who You Were” from the album “How Deep Is Your Devotion” on A Strangely Isolated Place
  • Tampa, FL ambient /house /techno /electronic producer Hunter P. Thompson, aka Akasha System ‘Night Magic’ from the upcoming album ‘Phytopia’ on 100% Silk
  • Los Angeles based ambient /synthwave /drum & bass /electronic music producer Akuratyde “All We Need” (co-written with US d&b producer Justin Hawkes) from the cassette EP “Deleted Scenes” on his own label Modern Conveniences
  • New Mexico native electronic singer-songwriter spoken word artist Ingrid Chavez “Justify My Love (Charles Webster‘s Justified Mix)” single
  • Roisin Murphy – “Ten Miles High (Benedikt Frey Loveletter)”
  • Mysterious experimental /acid /disco /wave /techno act, Der Sexa – “Gabi Plane” off V/A “DB12 009″ EP 12” [Duca Bianco]
  • German experimental /ambient /acid /dub /downbeat /breakbeat /wave /techno DJ-producer Benedikt Frey “Stereobate” from the digital version of the 2015 EP “Portal”
  • NEEL – “Naeba (Ayaz ‘Panic Attack’ Edit)” originally from “The 808 Archive” on Spain’s Non Series label
  • Berlin / Zürich downtempo /electro /minimal wave vocalist & producer, ANGST vor GRETA “Remember Love” off upcoming V/A “VAUS08” compilation [Random Collective]
  • Brazilian ambient /drone /abstract /experimental composer, musician and sound artist (co-founder of Rakta, half of Fronte Violeta, and member of artist-run space AUTA ), CARLA BOREGAS “Correntes & Ventos” off upcoming cassette album “Pena ao Mar” on iDEAL Recordings
  • Belgian industrial /dark electro /technopop project of Passenger S, aka METROLAND “Modularity” from the upcoming album “0” on Alfa Matrix
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico EBM /synthpop /electronic solo project, Dot Wall “Damage Control” from “Dot Wall / Nympf” Split EP on Blood Cavern Records
  • French EBM /electro /noise /breakbeat /techno /dark electronics producers and Raar label founders Maelstrom & Louisahhh – “Muzzle” off the debut album “Sustained Resistance” on RAAR
  • Italian EBM /industrial /techno project Endless Nothing – “Antithesis Of Life” from upcoming “Antithesis Of Life” EP [Nu Body Records]
  • Mexican industrial /techno /EBM producer, Datura Inoxia Feat. VALANAÏS (AKA Valérie Hendrich) “The Urban Perspectives Are Playing With Me” single on Sonidos Subterraneos
  • Italian acid /techno /electro /dark electronics DJ-Producer, Remixer, and head of Mannequin Records, Alessandro Adriani – ”Kybernetes” from V/A “LIMITATION” compilation 12” on Pi Electronics [π]
  • Turin/Wien Italian post-modern cinematic techno music project of live performance and music production, of industrial and melodic technology, RVSSIA “Unconditional Reflex (She!k Remix)” from “High Speed Silence” EP on Revok Records
  • Tbilisi, Georgia experimental dark techno/EBM producer MOVA “Exclamations” from “Burn My Body” [EP] on Sharped Records
  • London, UK EBM /industrial /techno producer EVIL DUST “DESTITUTE”
  • Belgian cinematic industrial /techno producer and performer, Peter Adriaenssens aka 6SISS “Centralized Pressure” from the upcoming “The System” EP on Antibody label
  • Leipzig/Rotterdam wave /dark electro act, Dog Balls “We Play Ball” from “Tell It To My Dog” EP 12″ on Leipzig-based collective Clear Memory
  • Berlin-based industrial /breaks /electro /techno producer Serge Geyzel “Numb” from forthcoming V/A “Rites of Passage” EP [FERMA]
  • Dutch wave /techno /industrial /electro DJ and producer, The Spy “Verloren” from the LP “Snakeskin” on Mechatronica
  • The Hague, Dutch experimental /ambient /electro producer Danny Wolfers (aka Gladio), Legowelt “Computerland (Forget this Lousy World)” from the album “A Philosophy of Tracking” [Nightwind Records]
  • Lithuanian Breakbeat /Techno /Electro artists Phun Thomas & Gūzas “It’s Time” upcoming EP on NEIN Records
  • Moscow ghettotech /breaks /electro producer-DJ VELSKY “Sleep my Sweet” from “4 Electro Pills” EP on Ovelha Trax
  • Berlin based house /funky /techno DJ-producer Narciss – “Ocelot” from “360 Pop Shove It” EP [selected]
  • Copenhagen based electro /techno /trance DJ-producer, Pure Distance – “Baby.Wav” off V/A “The Plastic Manifestation Of A Creative Imagination [B]” compilation on Deestricted
  • Belgrade-based progressive trance artists, Laars & Cosmic G – ‘Flotation Agent’ off “Flotation Agent” EP on Haŵs
  • Mexican electro /trance /house /indie-dance /electronic production duo Zombies In Miami – “Be Free” from the “Be Free” EP on Correspondant
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil native melodic house DJ-producer Keith Holland “Milenar” off 4-track EP [Equanimity]
  • Italian electro-body-music-dark disco producer, musician, DJ, and co-owner of Raibano Records, Alberto Melloni – “Blonde” from upcoming “Scaleno” EP [Ulla Records]
  • Paris based house /Italo /wave /electroclash /dark disco DJ-producer, Joe Lewandowski “I Wanna Know (Mala Ika Remix)” off “Dahlia” EP [Mamsen Records]
  • London-based, cosmic Italo disco /synth wave Greek DJ-production duo Vangelis (ex-LAGASTA) and Tareq, AKA Boys‘ Shorts – “Nostalgia” off upcoming “Crop Tops” EP [Polari Records]
  • Tel-Aviv Middle-Eastern /house /indie dance /electronic DJ-producer Mishell – “Satisfaction (Feat. Daniel Inbar)” from “Twist” EP [Rotten City Records]
  • México electronic indie dance /dark disco producer Bernardo Barrera, aka Mufti “Eyes Shuttered” [Kaputt.wav]
  • Parisian new beat /Italo disco /electronic producer Orchid – “Seal” from “Good old-fashioned brunch” EP
  • Belgian indie dance /house /Italo disco DJ and producer, Vhyce – ‘Asymmetric Mind Shift’ off ‘Suspension Of Disbelief’ EP [AEON Audio]
  • Italian ambient /deep techno DJ-producer Luigi Tozzi – “Aztlan” from “Spiral” EP 12″ [Non Series]
  • UK experimental /IDM /techno /electronic project of Birmingham native producer Craig Howell, aka Monoform “Bloom” from the CD reissue (plus bonus tracks) of the 2014 album “Amateur Electronics (+)” on L50
  • Osaka, Japan ambient /experimental /minimal techno /modular synthesizer sound artist DLF “k3m” from the album “Cortion” on Muzan Editions
  • Portland, OR ambient /ethereal /electronic artist (half of Mint Julep), Hollie Kenniff “Start Where We Are” from sophomore album “We All Have Places That We Miss” on Western Vinyl
  • Lancaster, UK experimental /ambient /drone /analog synth recordings project of Mark Burford, aka Field Lines Cartographer “Still Canyon” from the upcoming album “This Vibrating Earth” on Castles In Space
  • UK dark ambient /Victorian horror /hauntology /drone /modular synth sound project of Kevin Downey AKA Giants of Discovery “Crossing The Veil” from the album “And It’s Goodnight From The Human Race” on Subexotic Records
  • Malta based Ambient/ Experimental/ Neo-classical artist Robert Farrugia “Carpal” from the album “Ċipress” on rohs! records
  • Athens, Ohio experimental /dark ambient /drone /electronic project of Ryan S Chamberlain, aka ARROWOUNDS “Tree of Disciples (Edit)” from the upcoming album “In The Octopus Pond” on Lost Tribe Sound
  • Australian ambient /drone /electroacoustic /experimental sound artist Oeltahn Bahn “In The Cadence Of Decay” from the album “The Walls Come Down And Clouds Fill The Room” on Neotantra
  • Colorado-based ambient /drone /tape hiss /field recording /electroacoustic musician Darren Harper “Catch” from the album “Autumn Loops” on Rusted Tone Recordings
  • German/Swedish ambient /ethereal /drone /electronic collaboration between Alexander Lux and Ludvig Cimbrelius, AKA Ayaavaaki & Purl “Xenogeneic Links (Sphere II)” from upcoming 2xCd album “Ancient Skies” on LILA लीला
  • Danish ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /folk collage artist and musician Paw Grabowski, AKA øjeRum “Vågnende Jeg Ser De Døde” from “Vågnende Jeg Ser De Døde” album on Room40
  • Detroit based ambient /experimental interdisciplinary artist (former member of the Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra), Zekkereya El-magharbel “Daytimes” from “Daytimes / Nighttimes” album on Dinzu Artefacts
  • UK experimental /ambient /field recording /tape manipulation musician (AKA The Humble Bee, half of The Seaman And The Tattered Sail, part of The Boats, and former member of Hood in the mid-to-late 90s, alongside The Remote Viewer and Famous Boyfriend bandmate Andrew Johnson), Craig Tattersall “all but hours focused” from the album “apropos territory I – territory mapping” ltd. cassette+photo album on umbrella-publishing

photo by sally mann