WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – MARCH #14-22

  • Rye Wax Mix 013: SLACKY                                                                                                                                         

Leeds, UK based Space Ritual record label head honcho and part of the Narr Radio crew, Slacky delivers a stunning, throbbing and intoxicating off-kilter techno and acid workout for the 13th instalment of South London’s Rye Wax mix series.

  • Italian Acid /Electro /Industrial producer Futuristant, AKA Cobrawave “Don’T Shoot Me Again” off of “Mistakes Of The Mind” cassette soon on Banshees Records                                                                                  

Eclectic Italian young electronic producer based in Rome, AKA Futuristant, under his Cobrawave moniker, unearths barren and disturbing post-industrial electro-dusted landscapes through crisp percussive claps, mechanical pulsing warbly basslines, ominous, futuristic and spacey synth swathes, acidic ripples, along with compulsive aloof vocal loops, builds something mysterious, mesmeric and danceable all at once.

  • Kaliningrad, Russian trap /techno /electro producer Danil Inyushkin, AKA Werfol – “Flubber” from upcoming EP soon on BAKK

Russian producer churns out ‘meticulous electro with a dash of trap-inspired sounds and a sprinkle of Avantgarde techno’, with a buzzing off-kilter first preview that unfurls through a sizzling mercurial maze of crisp mutant percussive patterns, crunchy droning basslines and luminous alienating synth noodlings in a dizzying shapeshifting collision/combination of arcane tribalistic esoterism and angsty dystopic futuristic domains.

  • Colombian new beat /breakbeat /electro DJ-producer based in Medellin, T.D.D – “Gretaful Death” from upcoming  V/A “Complementary” compilation on Buenos AiresPERLAS label.

With a title that hints at deadly sun-burnt bygone California trips, Colombian producer teases the upcoming Perlas label‘s compilation with raw, futuristic acid-electro freak-out driven by punchy breakbeat rhythms, acid sprinkled frantic and gritty basslines, encircled by pulsing glowing synth flashes, making for a trippy reverie for aliens and ravers.

  • Odessa, Ukraine ambient modular synth producer Lu Joyce – “Gardens Through The Ages” from V/A “We Are Invincible” fundraiser UA compilation [Corridor Audio].
  • Manchester, UK experimental /hypno-beat /techno /psych /synth electronic producer George Thompson AKA Black Merlin “Surface Air (Wata Igarashi Air Remix)” from “Surface Air” EP soon on Malka Tuti                                   
  • French cosmic dark electronic collaboration of UNIVERS III + DARK SUPREME, aka TERCERO OSCURO “Odio Soñar” from upcoming album “Clostro”
  • Vienna based eclectic electronic producer Kobermann – “Gorillazähe (Toulouse Low Trax Gorilla Heartbeat Remix)” from upcoming “Kobermann/ Akrüül” Split 12″ EP on Goldbelg Records                                                                  
  • UK experimental /cinematic /analog synth electronic producer Martin Jenkins AKA Pye Corner Audio “Dirty Window of Opportunity” single
  • Chicago-based industrial /leftfield /techno /electro producer Alex Barnett, AKA Champagne Mirrors “Animal” from the upcoming album “Forager” on Brokntoys
  • Greek psych /ethnic /techno electronic producer Aggelos Baltas (aka Dream Weapons and Fantastikoi Hxoi), Anatolian Weapons “Neural Pathways (A Strange Wedding Sardaukar Remix)” from the album “May That War Be Cursed – Vol. 2” on Lurid Music
  • Dresden, Germany experimental /new beat /industrial /electro /techno producer (aka Dunkeltier aka Lupo aka the voice of Serial Error aka ½ of EBM-DJ-duo GOTT), Sneaker – “The Flow” from the upcoming EP [Uncanny Valley]
  • London-based industrial /techno /noise producer Never Worse – “Landfill” from ‘Tomohiko Sagae x Never Worse‘ cassette album on Strange Therapy
  • Croatian experimental /cold /noir minimal electronica producer /DJ (aka Honored Matres, Florence Foster Fan Club, Le Chocolat Noir-LCN), FIUME “Augury” from the upcoming “FIUME II” LP on Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S.)                                                                                                                                                           
  • Barcelona, Spain EBM /synthwave /techno /electro producer Asymetric80 – “Astral Body (WLDV Remix)” off upcoming EP “Static Minds” on HC Records
  • UK Techno / Post-Punk / Darkwave / EBM solo project of Lebanon Hanover‘s William Maybelline, QUAL “Rape Me in the Parthenon (The Undertaker‘s Tapes Remix)” from upcoming 12″ vinyl EP “RE-ANIMATED” on X-IMG
  • Late 80s/early 90s German electro-industrial-EBM duo Armageddon Dildos – “Sex For Money” (WLDV Edit)
  • Mexico City/Berlin industrial /EBM /dark electro/minimal synth/synth-punk project 89s† & Petra Flurr ‘Sag Es Mir’ from V/A Compilation “Valley of Tears Vol.4” on the Spanish label Soil Records.
  • Berlin-based post-industrial /EBM /techno Italian producer Andrea Riberti, aka UNCONSCIOUS “Carcere a vita” from “Detriti Split 5″ Split 12” album with Autumns via Detriti Records
  • German EBM /synthpop /electro producer Martin Steinebach (AKA Conscientia Peccati, Monoid, StillStand, Compest), EM1V “Hidden Gods” from “Hidden Mutation” album on SOIL
  • Scottish EBM /industrial /dark techno DJ and producer Swærm “Vacuum” from V/A “RESIST – Compilation for Ukraine” on Regression Records                                                                                                                                   
  • Derry-based industrial /dark experimental electronic /EBM project of Christian Donaghy, AKA Autumns – “This is What They’ve Done” from upcoming V/A “Anatomy Vol. 2” compilation [Body Musick]                           
  • Italian experimental /raw /EBM /acid /darkwave /techno new project of producers Violet Poison and NGHTLY, AKA Elica Mayres – “ Nautical Body Music” from upcoming cassette EP “Neuromancer” [Raw Culture]                            
  • Chile-based industrial /EBM /broken beats /distorted techno /mutant electro producer CCCICLO “Acceso denegado”                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Italian EBM /techno producer Gionata Bettini, AKA Jørgen Thorvald – “Hypno (Electrosexual Remix)” from his forthcoming EP “Hypno” on Nu Body Records                                                                                                   
  • Berlin-based Irish industrial experimental techno electronic producer Simon Hayes AKA Swarm Intelligence “Slaughterbot” from the s/t EP [Swarm Intelligence]                                                                                                                             
  • Brooklyn new beat /synthpop duo Light Asylum – “Dark Allies (Pablo Bozzi edit)” [originally 2010]
  • Germany/Quebec indie dance /disco /electro duo Perel / Marie Davidson – “Jesus Was An Alien (Club Edit)” single [Kompakt]
  • Italian Italo-Disco duo Doctor’s Cat – “Feel The Drive (Pablo Bozzi Edit)” [originally 1983]
  • Saint Petersburg-based eclectic psych trance electronic DJ/producer Konstantin Isayev (aka Volta Cab), Rambal Cochet “Galatians Syndrome” off of upcoming EP on space•lab                                                              
  • Portuguese techno producer The Preventer – “Oscillation 03 (Original Mix)” from “Oscillations” EP on Trau-ma
  • Athens, Greece based analogue synth /electro-wave /analog electronics project of Toxic Razor (Beatbox Machinery, Eerie Sopor, Paradox Obscur), METAL DISCO “A Constellation Of Synthesizers And Its Wondrous Waves” first single from the upcoming EP ‘Acid Lord’
  • UK IDM /Electro /Techno project Photodementia “PD Stomp” from upcoming “IMG000” 2xLP (Clear Vinyl) on WeMe Records                                                                                                                                                             
  • Malta‘s electro bass drive music producer Keith Farrugia, aka SOUND SYNTHESIS – “Freedom Of Choice” from “Love Transients” EP
  • Tokyo-based techno /acid /electro producer /DJ SHUN “Digital Slave” from upcoming “The Door” EP 12″ on Central Processing Unit
  • London based techno /electro /disco producer Dark Circles – “False Flag (Bawrut Remix)” from “Dropmire” EP [Insult To Injury]
  • Italian Italo disco /synth wave producers Fred Ventura and Paolo Gozzetti aka ITALOCONNECTION “No Escape” from V/A ” You don’t make a world with simple atoms Vol 1″ on Latido Records
  • Grenoble, French nu-disco /Italo /indie dance /space disco producer Endrik Schroeder “Time & Space” from upcoming V/A “Dimensional Rejuvenation” EP [Ombra International]                                                                                
  • Belfast-born Italo /cosmic disco /synth wave producer Dee Montero – “Satori (Lauer Remix)” from the upcoming “Satori” EP on Futurescope                                                                                                                    
  • 80s veteran Italian electronic musician, DJ and producer Maurizio Dami aka Alexander Robotnick ‘The Hidden Game (Passarani Legacy Mix)’ from “The Hidden Game” EP soon on Bosconi Records
  • Edinburgh, UK trance /hard /acid techno producer FRANCK “Magnolia” from “FRANCK EDITS” EP
  • London-based Balearic /psych /dub /downtempo electronic collective Statues – “Lele (Sibson‘s Dub)” from “Lele: The Reworks” [Eclectics]
  • German techno /house producer Dominik Marz – “Closer Than Most” from the EP “BLTRSxMTN ~ Dominik Marz” on Huntleys + Palmers
  • Brazilian cosmic disco /indie dance producer MAU MAIOLI “Salva (Arkademode Remix)” from the upcoming “Runner” EP on Lyon-based Mélopée Records                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Mexican indie dance /dark disco production duo Veltrán & Corresponsal – “Delirio (Ives Barceló Remix)” from “Delirio (Remixes)” on Kyma Komplex
  • Spanish indie dance /dark disco /electronic producers Moo Moonster & Parissior – “Fairlight (Original Mix)” from V/A “SXDNS Takeover” EP series on Espacio CIELO
  • Czech experimental /ambient /deep techno artist Dominik Knap (Dolec label founder and Shotgun Festival crew member), AKA Kletis “Krasno (Digital Bonus)” from “Saudade” LP on Accents Records (^^^)
  • Turin, Italy experimental /IDM /leftfield /drum & bass DJ /producer and Early Reflex label founder Alec Pace ‘Future Now?’ title track from ‘Future Now?’ EP on Early Reflex
  • Norfolk, UK native electronic music artist Nathan Fake – “Station 5 Review – Nathan Fake Remix” from Field Works‘ “Stations” album, the 10th volume in the Indianapolis‘ ambient electronic producer Stuart Hyatt AKA Field Works series
  • Jerusalem ambient /drone /noise /guitar (and no input mixer) duo Dunam “Show in Jerusalem 01” from the cassette album “From Sand to Glass” on Histamine Tapes
  • Oxford, UK ambient /drone /noise /neo-classical modular project theboywhochosethesea “The seas beyond the stars” title track from the new album “The seas beyond the stars”
  • Ambient /electro-acoustic collaboration of Kansas City’s Ryan Loecker (aka mdo, co-founder of the C Minus label) and Melbourne’s Justin Cantrell (aka ju ca, founder of the Daisart label), AKA Picnic “Enough with (Theodore Cale Schafer)” from the album “Lucky Number” on Daisart
  • Chicago based experimental /ambient drone /electronic musician John Daniel AKA Forest Management “One After Another” from the upcoming album “Palm Life” on husky pants records
  • Pound Ridge, New York ambient /minimal /electronic artist and 12k Label founder, Taylor Deupree “Reflections On An Inland Sea” from “The Inland Sea” album (music soundtrack to David Sylvian‘s two simultaneous Japanese photographic exhibitions in 2013) on 12k