WL//WH Video Of The Day: COLD CONTRAST “Misdeed”

 Video Of The Day  COLD CONTRAST

We had almost missed the intriguing debut single, titled “Misdeed”, from the recently formed Darkwave band Cold Contrast, hailing from the increasingly growing Hungarian Wave-Post-punk revival scene (Empty Story, Post Analog Disorder, and kékmandarin, just the most recent acts that come to mind).

‘Connected by their appreciation of the ’80s Goth and modern Darkwave scene’, the Budapest/Gyöngyös-based three-piece, comprised of Melinda Iadar (vocals), Márk Baranyai (guitar) and Marcell Nemesházy (synths and production), have accompanied their first release with a surreal video by Krisztina Balázs Szemhal.

Greif and melancholy ripple through hypnotic punchy snares, anxious buzzing synth mists, menacing murky throbbing bass lines, and stirring pain-fueled echoing guitar sparks, to somberly surround wistful aching vocals and wicked whispers with a cathartic release of heartbroken dreams. 

Thought-provoking visuals by Krisztina Balázs Szemhal stream backward at a rapid pace whilst busy urban intersections, serene sunset horizons, and suggestive architectures invoke the lost, bleak, and desolate moods of the soundtrack. Time flies through the mind’s eye of perception, shifting nighttime reflections to daydreamy radiations to take the viewer on a disenchanted journey through the cold, lonely process of letting go.

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