WL//WH Video Premiere: SYZYGYX gets real with a “Deeper” view on what it means to be “(Im)mortal”


You can call this album “Immortal” or “I’m mortal”, the idea of the title (Im)mortal is that both ways apply, there is no right or wrong way. Since I was a kid, I always struggled with the concept of mortality, not as a body, but as a person, as an artist. Once I started studying the lives of long gone artists I realized they were still alive, through their art.

After the departure of partner and producer Josh Clark, the Washington DC-based moniker SYZYGYX is morphed and refreshed into the synth music solo project of Luna Blanc, who promises ‘darker, sadder, love and angry songs’ over the forthcoming new album “(Im)mortal” via German independent label Cold Transmission Music. Following the captivating synth-pop tinged re-entry “Light You on Fire”, now it’s time for the second single, the rousing electroclash stomper ”Deeper”, that unmistakably doesn’t fail her pledge “I want you to dance with me, dance until you drop, babes!“.

This album touches that, and many emotions that I’ve felt throughout the past year (and really, ever in my human life). This is me, uncensored. Me sad, me happy, me angry, me in love, me losing hope, me gaining hope, the many parts of me, as a human being, as an artist, every part that hopes to live through my art, and past my human body.

Stomping dance beats march mechanically through a majestic tapestry of hot expanding strains, droning synth alarms, waxing and waning warped frequencies, hypnotic undulating buzzing bass tones, and the rapid intoxication of icy bright swirling chords, whilst a dramatic and evocative layering of female vocalizations stack harsh cutting bites, caustic bestial cries, and deep visceral confessions into a dynamic, newfound revelation of “Immortality.”

The mesmerizing video created by Ruben Velasco, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere, ignites flashing neon illuminations that breath whimsical and mercurial sensibilities into a depth defying matrix of body moving radiance, to evoke the nocturnal electronic whims of an all-encompassing discotheque bliss. Shifting dimensions splice kaleidoscopic light waves into mesmeric rotating reflections, exotic split-screen formations, and mind-bending skewed asymmetry to form an exhilarating dance sequence spawned by an ecstatic array of nuanced sonic density.

S Y Z Y G Y X‘s upcoming “(IM)MORTAL” full-length LP is slated for release on December 3, 2021 (Vinyl release approx. February 2022) through Cold Transmission Music label, but is available now for pre-order on limited Coloured Vinyl/CD/Cassette via Bandcamp.

After the release of the LP, Luna will start a North American and possibly a European Tour, check the band’s Facebook page in order to be aware of safe dates.

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