WL//WH Video Of The Day: QGEKO “No Bliss”

Video Of The Day  Qgeko  

Blurring the minimal lo-fi lines between post-punk, new wave e darkwave, Mexican one-man-band, based in Monterrey, Qgeko, releases a hypnotic video for the dizzying new track “No Bliss”, taken from forthcoming EP “Cheap Sulpher.”

Eerie whirling synth chords and flickering piercing guitar stabs blow impending doom through obsessively lashing percussive patterns and low quivering bass tones, forming an airy asymmetrical sway around terse, scruffy male vocals ripping guttural anxiety and breathless obsessions into the electronic droning auras of chaos and dread.

Poetic lyrics use beautiful metaphors to dive into the psychological realms of loneliness, love, and escapism.

Cold-blooded animation crawls through spinning 3D structures to create a dizzying array of geometric points, while paranoid-inducing cyber-code scrolls mechanically. Manic hands embed black and white dimensions with indecipherable messages to rapidly re-wire subconscious matrices into bipolar opposition, blurring an alternate reality between dark shadows and unfocused light, while a horned puppet master shifts form using optical illusions and universal imagery to elicit subliminal suggestions.

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