WL//WH Video Premiere: INDOOR VOICES’ Eternal “Hope” for a “Magical Life”


Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist and sound sculptor Jonathan Relph AKA Indoor Voices has an uncanny knack for creating timeless, otherworldy shoegazing atmospherics whilst merging two songs into one without alerting the listener to the dual nature that lies within.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere another time-stopping double feature, “Hope” + “A Magical Life” with a thought-provoking accompanied video by filmmaker Clifton J. Tully.

A beautiful poetic confession captures the essence of a lonely soul, whose impassioned obsession with “Hope” brings forth the peace, health, and harmony of “A Magical Life.”

Dusty, radiating, shape-shifting textures layer achingly insistent crunchy guitar riffs with skipping, hypnotic drum beats, warm, glowing synth swathes, and comforting waves of bass vibrations, to billow, sway, and coalesce around a dreamy whimsical vocal flow of ecstatic breathless gasps and aching emotional longings, shedding angsty dread into fluffy shivering swarms and stirring nostalgic passions of pure celestial bliss.

It’s no secret that I had several concepts for this video and ended up with one that manifested itself during the frustrations of initially putting together the shoot. Thus, I have several stories that I wanted to explore, including this one, which I feel is open-ended and continuous. It leaves open the door for further exploration in the future if the opportunity presents itself.Clifton J. Tully

The psychological video by Clifton J. Tully stars Adriana Crivici in a visually stunning exploration of the human psyche. Universal symbols, abstract metaphors, and Mother Nature’s mystical realm of life and rebirth fuse cloudy, out-of-sequence thought forms into an ethereal metaphysical experience. Time shifts direction to conjure archetypal memories from a hidden well of subconscious wisdom whilst strategic camera work, evocative acting, and a mesmeric manipulation of lights, shadows, and space construct a dramatic visual representation of the inner mind, wonderfully in sync with the cathartic moods of the soundtrack.

“Hope” + “A Magical Life” is the second video extracted from the recently released “Falling”, a 10-track digital album which was written and recorded over the past year, enlisting the contribution of  Simon Scott from shoegaze pioneers Slowdive on mastering. 

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