WL//WH Video Premiere: REFLECTION BLACK “No Stars In The Sky”

WL//WH Video Premiere   REFLECTION BLACK    

Elis Alex, Reflection Black

We are so happy to premiere the official video of “No Stars In The Sky” from the debut album “Last Stop To Nowhere” out on March 3 through Swiss Dark Nights by the Athens-based act Reflection Black. Active since 2021 with two maxi singles and one EP last year, Reflection Black is the manifest of Elis Alex alone after his meander in the black metal scene with important names like Ravencult, and Nigredo, here offering now another of his visions and he is doing it just fine; Post-punk oriented Cold Wave music under the wings of Gothic Rock and with an album that, believe me, when the time comes will be a lot of discussions about it – no coincidence at all that this debut LP is slated for release by the aforementioned label.

Dark, groovy, and polished music striking the perfect balance with melodic synth lines, crystalline guitars, and some dramatic and catchy vocal hooks in the likes of the music that apparently he is not only keen on but a real gothic creator by all means.

‘No Stars In The Sky’ – is what I consider some of the darkest material that Reflection Black has produced to date. The lyrical theme about the black forces of entropy shutting down the light of existence has played a huge role in this. This track also contains a part with an alternative, more aggressive vocal approach, the anguished narrative style as I call it, which could also serve as a hint to the future musical approach of Reflection Black. Finally, we had the luck of the music video for “No Stars In The Sky” to take place on a stormy weather, after-midnight shoot which complemented its dark atmosphere even more.Elis Alex says

Watch it and I have a few more things to tell you after.

It is not usual at all for pitch-black metallers to put their hands on dark rock music and here we don’t have a musician with a limited understanding of our music, but an artist who seems to not only know and like our paths but also suggests some excellent things to this kind of music we adore. I clearly understand that Elis Alex is not just a ‘visitor’ in our scene but a name that came to stay and a musician who can originally create in the darkwave realms. Another extra thing is that you will easily find the required absinthe and the sadness of our waves in his music with Reflection Black, and I am saying all this because I already have his album in my hands…

Swiss Dark Nights made no mistake in signing this new act from Athens. The whole album was mixed and mastered at Pentagram Studio by George Emmanuel (ex-Rotting Christ member for years) who successfully handled all the sonic clarity the Darkwave demands. I will embed the team’s (Ellis and George) previous work together (last May 2022) for you to get a better view of Reflection Black, where you will also find a pretty cool cover of one of the most beloved and groundbreaking tunes from the old firm new wave music.

Cheers from me now, and listen loud!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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