WL//WH Post Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Weekly Tips

Post Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Weekly Tips

Puertorican dark post-punk / synth-rock duo from San Josè, LUST ERA “Noche Fenomenal (Sex Park 1989 Remix)”

Portland‘s lo-fi darkwave synth solo project of Daniel from Sex Park, LOOT “Exponential” debut promotional single 

Croatian synth electronic musician (previously Narrow, Umrijeti za strojem, I/II, Split Personalities) from Zagreb, Iv/An “Is/Was (This Is The Bridge Remix)” from the remix EP “Unself And Unselfish” .

French electro post-punk from Lille, DEAD ASTROPILOTS “Wild Fever” from the new album “New Control” out now on Manic Depression Records.

German electronic / minimal wave / coldwave music project from Bremen/Berlin, Deprivation + Resistance “Anywhere” from the debut album “Unterschiede” out now

UK dark electronic industrial noise project of Jamie Blacker, ESA [Electronic Substance Abuse] “Carry The Noose (feat Massenhysterie)” from forthcoming album “That Beast” out March 9 2018

Canadian electronic synthpop duo from Montreal, THE BEAT ESCAPE ‘Sign Of Age’ from the debut album “Life Is Short the Answer’s Long” out 27th April via Bella Union

UK post punk / darkwave splinter project by Klaus Devore from Nottingham, CLAUSTRAPHOBIA “Halo”

Russian post-metal / post punk duo from Bryansk, Självmord ‘Гранит (Granite)’

French coldwave / darkwave duo from Paris, CONTRE SOIREE “Amusia”

Russian post punk / new wave outfit from Moscow, Тело Раи ‘Смирись/Surrender’ new single on Heroin Boutique

Berlin-based Post-Punk, Synth, Dark Wave project of former Metro Decay’s Christoffer Bagge from Copenhagen, TOTEM “Lifelines” (demo 2018)

Minneapolis‘ doomwave / witch house / darkwave project The Hessian ‘fear ii’

Australian post punk / no wave / synth punk band from Melbourne, EXEK “U mop” from the forthcoming album “Ahead Of Two Thoughts”.

Italian minimal cold wave project of Daniele Giustra, SELFISHADOWS ”Secrets” from the third album ‘Recalling’ out now on Unknown Pleasures Records

French experimental coldwave / noise / post punk duo of former members of Seasick6 and Ultrademon STL & Miquel, aka FUTUR.s MORT.s “Darkness (blood cycle)” from the new sophomore album “FUTUR.s MORT.s II” out now on Et Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu.

Austrian minimalistic post punk artist from Wien, BRUCH “Panik möchte ich singen”

Brazilian electronic / coldwave / darkwave project from Rio De Janeiro, The Colours of Silence “Colours of Rain feat. Kriistal Ann (A World of Mystery Remix)” off of the 3-track single “Colours of Rain”

Portland‘s fuzzy post punk trio fronted by Summer Cannibals’ Jenny Logan, DEATHLIST “Charm School” from the upcoming sophomore album “Fun”  on X-Ray Records.

Omaha, NE post punk / synthwave project of Shawn Foree, Digital Leather “Puff” from the upcoming album “Headache Heaven” .

Perth, Australia darkwave / synthpop solo moniker of Greg from DTHWBBA/WhiteFawn, aka UIU “The Emptiness” from off the upcoming, untitled EP.

Irish experimental, ambient, ethereal, darkwave collaboration between Cork musicians Irene Buckley (one half of Wry Myrrh), Elaine Howley (The Altered Hours and Morning Veils), and Roslyn Steer (Morning Veils), CREVICE “Black Box” from the cassette album ‘In Heart’ on Fort Evil Fruit .

French electro synthwave artist Alex Sindrome “J’accuse” from the forthcoming new album ”Black-out”.

Finnish post-punk / gothic rock band DREAMTIME “Escape” from the self-titled debut album.

Berlin‘s darkwave / synthwave / ‘wave triste’ project of half of Monowelt, Marta Raya “Vicious Circle”.

Santiago, Chile post punk band La Innombrable “Amor Narco” from the new album “Todo se derrumbó” out now La Innombrable.

East London dark synth post-punk trio S.A.D. “Money From Savages” title track of the new EP out now on Oráculo Records.

Montreal, Québec electronic / new wave / synthpop producer and songwriter Xavier Paradis, aka AUTOMELODI “Digresse” from the reissue of his 2013 debut album “Surlendemains Acides” via Holodeck Records.

Post-punk band formed by Keren Batok & Angel Kauff, ISOTROPÍA“Last Supper” Ϟ
Australian ‘brat-beat punk’ / post-punk from Melbourne, Ubik “Piece of Mind” from the debut self-titled 7″ EP.
Barcelona-based minimal synth / synthpop project of Gerard Ryan, aka Le Cliché ”Fabriqué” from the album “Exercices de style” on Manufactured Desire Records.
German anarcho darkwave / goth rock project Mourning Laughter“Restless Mourning” (demo)
Canadian post-punk / art rock all-girl trio from TorontoNikki Fierce“My Shadow” from the mini-album “Man Made Woman” out now.
São Paulo, Brazil darkwave / post-punk trio Jenni Sex “More Than This (feat R​.​Nisiyama)” from the minialbum “Songs Through Your Tongue”
Augsburg, Germany minimal electro project of Thomas Meier-Goldau aka THX1971 “Wem kann ich trauen” from the new vinyl edition album “Automatic Constant” out now on Manufactured Desire Records.

Italian darkwave / coldwave / post-punk duo based in Paris, SHADOW TAMER“Shadow Tamer” from the self-titled debut EP.

Canadian new wave/post punk/synthpop act from Vancouver B.C, ACTORS“Slaves” from the upcoming debut album ‘It Will Come To You’ out March 9, 2018 on Artoffact Records, green vinyl edition on pre-order.

Los Angeles‘ post punk power trio CRUEL REFLECTIONS “30 Minutes or Less” from the new debut album “One Year” out now on cassette via Wiener Records.