WL//WH Video Premiere: GRANDEUR “That Which Cannot Fade”

WL//WH Video Premiere Grandeur

Connecticut-based guitar-driven dark post-punk duo Grandeur have dropped today the album “A Blind Moon Rises | Early and Unreleased”, available digitally via a joint release between LA-based boutique label Cult Factions & Brooklyn‘s 4 L T 4 R S, an 11 track collection of the band’s early songs and demos, remixed and remastered for this volume, none of which has ever been previously featured on any official Grandeur release.
WL//WH is pleased to premiere the lyric video for the song “That Which Cannot Fade”. 

Typical of the poignant and emotional Grandeur‘s post-punk sound, it’s driven by intense and persistent guitar melodies that abrasively pick through the crystalline throb of thumping bassline rhythm and crisp crunching drumbeats erratic tempo, as signature desperate, hoarse, and scruff whispers urgently analyze dire longings wept into a manic howl of blinding faith.

Yearning esoteric thoughts consume a man searching for answers about faith as comparisons between light and dark expressed using the sun and moon reveal underlying anger and disappointment might be responsible for fire beneath his wings. An impassioned quest for enlightenment ends in the underworld with a battle to soothe the “divine aching” that has kept a man away from home while finally granting peace, grace and undying faith upon his lost soul.

A DIY lyric video, composed of primordial images, ignites in the pitch-black darkness clashing, against bone white lyrics of hope struggling to emerge into the brilliant comfort of puffy cumulus clouds. Light strikes severe contrasts as it casts murky shadows of black bleeding orange and yellow tears into the tranquil lake scene muted in dingy grey-green ruins. Nestled into the lakeside, archaic arcs burst blinding reflections onto the water before night consumes the relentless mystery spreading clarity onto tall treetops as the vast infinitesimal canopy of sparkling stars shines from light-years away.

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