WL//WH Video Premiere: CHEMICAL WAVES Takes a “Nite Drive” to Die (feat. PLEASURE POLICY)

WL//WH Premiere   Chemical Wave feat. Pleasure Policy

Italian Dark Wave / Post-Punk solo project of Rome-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Marco Cattani, AKA Chemical Waves teams with California-based Gothic artist Pleasure Policy (lyrics, vocals) to invoke the powers of pain, suffering, and self-annihilation in an immersive DIY video for the track “Nite Drive” taken from the band’s latest collaborative album “I – When We Were Full Of Hope”, WL//WH is pleased to Premiere.

Nite Drive” dives into a nihilistic realm of isolation, self-imprisonment, and escapism to evoke feelings of hopelessness, dread, and death.

The gripping emotional darkwave decay of “Nite Drive” combines intoxicating shifting 6-string tones, from sharp and rattling riffs to ethereal and screeching whines, with dire wicked vocal agony, injecting dark, dangerous, and sinister layers of glistening, obsessive, pain-fueled guitar lines, hypnotic marching drum beats, and eerie cold droning synth swathes, to wax and wane in ominous atmospherics around the compelling ghostlike suffering of haunted baritone breathes relentlessly releasing agony into a ritualistic repetition of deathly desires.

Red and blue moods shift time and space between parallel dimensions of insight to illuminate unseen forces lurking in the shadows. Transfixing ‘nite drive’ footage captures the surreal nocturnal realm of the soundtrack whilst a psychedelic performance extracts abstract and symbolic images from the subconscious realms of fear and desire.