WL//WH Track Of The Day : Luna Honey “Peace Will Grind You Down”

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D.C.-based 4-piece Luna Honey, made of Maura Pond (Vocals, Guitar), Levi Flack (Bass), Benjamin Schurr (Guitar, Synth) and Madeline Billhimer (Baritone Saxophone) play an enticing, intimate and gloomy brand of ‘luminescent goth rock’ inspired by The Birthday Party, Morphine, Nico, Swans, and early 4AD.

The band’s intriguing first full-length “Peace Will Grind You Down” was released July 13, 2018 on Blight.Records and will be available on vinyl, cd, and streaming. It stems from the decision made by vocalist Maura Pond and bassist Levi Flock to spend the first year of their marriage pursing their dreams. The LP is about growing older, letting go ,balance and having a meaningful existence.

The title-track, “Peace Will Grind You Down”, strums harmonious discord with a rhythmic melodic bass. The synths echo a cathedral organ behind Maura as she emanates sweet ,angelic vocals pleading for the pain to stop. Her God tells her if she keeps working hard she will find peace from the violent physical abuse she endures everyday. She has not found peace yet and begs and prays to God that it will come soon. This song embraces a struggle many women face everyday and will make you cry for her whether you believe in God or not.

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