WL//WH Track Of The Day: CORDUROY “Blasé”

Track Of The Day Corduroy

Corduroy may perhaps be a fabric invariably in and out of fashion, albeit apparently not as a band name, whilst I still remember the stylish English, mainly instrumental, combo from the Acid Jazz label I used to quite like back in the 90s.

Certainly, it is not for the, couldn’t be otherwise, Sweden‘s best good looking’ 4-piece band based in Norrköping, who has just debuted, in glorious orange/yellow velvet tones, with a 2-track single “Blomster”, that as often happens, perpetuates with freshness and ease the traditional insanely infectious melodic quality of the pop music from their homeland.

The flip side “Blasé” unfolds sparkling nostalgic guitar chords, underpinned by a pulsating wiggly hearty bassline and steady punchy drum beats, that gleam, reverberate and majestically soar quivering to create warm emotional layers coated in hazy bittersweet melancholy over beautifully sad and ethereal female vocals falling breathlessly helpless into the fading memories of shattered dreams.

The more atmospheric and textured A-Side “Blomster” is distinguished by a silky bouncing, serpentine bass in absolute alluring evidence that smoothly escorts the sullen emotions with a subtle underlying unease, that overflow from the deeply evocative dense mist of glistening jangly guitar melodies and dismal distant vocalizations.

An addictive first effort of deceptively dreamy, refreshing and endearing, indeed stylish indie pop.

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