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Video of the Day  Marble Arch

Lannion born Yann Le Razavet was already an up-and-coming hopeful of the French pop scene at the time of his  2014‘s debut “The Bloom Of Division” via Requiem pour un twister / Le Turc Mecanique imprints, with its deft lo-fi blend of shoegaze and dream pop, although it was effectively more like a ‘collection of demos’, as he stated afterward, result of a very intimate bedroom pop experience from his native Brittany, far from any scenic ambition.

Regarded Children of the Slump” as his ‘real first album’, the thirty-years-old artist has been able, with time, to conceive and bring to life a tapestry rich in musical tone and sounds, labors of two years of writing. 

Paris based, currently 5-piece, band’s vaporous and heady repertoire could be easily liken alongside bands such as The Radio Dept., Slowdive, The Wake (the Sarah Records period) and Deerhunter for they all have a common taste for shady guitars and pop-like melodies.

Marble Arch‘s “Children of the Slump” sophomore full-length is the first release of the Parisian Géographie Label, co-founded by Nicolas Jublot (Point Éphémère, Hello Acapulco) and Rémi Laffitte (Atelier Ciseaux), due out on March 22.

Graced with New Order-esque bittersweet moodiness, “Gold” carries intense and introspective melodies of joy maligned by lyrics of malaise to form a bipolar magnetism for intriguing opposite moods and emotions.
Intricate, hypnotic, wistful guitar sparkles, rich melodic bass rolls, and lithe, sturdy drums echo, linger and fly through a vast oblique oblivion of haze. Soft, dreamy, and lysergic vocals cast shadows of fear and anxiety creating a more textured humid climate of discomfort. A communion of celebratory ignorance brings joy and comfort as the impending doom of Gold approaches the horizon of lost dreams. 

Overwhelmed by a new presence in his life leaves one feeling isolated, submissive, and depressed. An unnamed entity has established itself in society. It shines bright so nothing is hidden. It is in the air, the sea, and covers the skin creating a claustrophobic, helpless, and violated existence. Grasping for memories wherein lie “no chosen direction, nothing to search for, so nothing found” strike regret and dread into his heart. Alone and confused he listens to the deafening silence of fear, watches the blinding light of awareness, and contemplates dark secrets for another.

The official video, released by Margot Trutin & Constance Sorel, was shot in the Paris district where Yann Le Razavet lives and composed the LP.

Life before the intrusion, set against the backdrop of an urban landscape reveals an upbeat, free, and easy night on the town. Vast city views laced with geometric wonders span the horizon of unknown autonomy. A spur of the moment meet up at the corner laundromat begets a relaxing, intimate dinner with friends topped off with a late night party filled with uninhibited, carefree laughter. In the blink of an eye a man stands alone, blinded, and terrified……‘Gold’.

Next shows

26.03 – Point Ephémère (Paris, FR) with Better Person
29.03 – Festival Nouvelles Scènes (Niort, FR)
27.04 – Festival L’Ere de Rien (Rezé, FR)

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