WL//WH Premiere: THE PSYCHEDELIC BIRTHDAY PARTY “Dream Ugly” in a World Divided

WL//WH Premiere  The Psychedelic Birthday Party

WL//WH is pleased to welcome the Nijmegen, The Netherlands Alternative/Indie project, The Psychedelic Birthday Party (TPBP), back to the blog with a Premiere for the tragic and relatable single “Dream Ugly.”

TPBP is an independent music collective surrounding Dutch songwriter Kevyn van der Linden who blends melancholic Indie with dreamy Alternative sounds to come up with ‘Ghostly Pop for the Lost.”

Dream Ugly’ is a powerful and thought-provoking alternative indie track that explores the challenges of living in a world that is divided by social and political warfare. At its core ‘Dream Ugly’ is a rallying cry for unity and understanding.

The reflective lyrics confess deep inconsolable pain at the hands of a hostile, merciless world where madness, rage, and forced alliances tear at an agonized soul, even whilst asleep.

“For someone who doesn’t like conflict and is often avoidant of it, the last couple of years have been frustrating, to say the least. I often find myself retreating inwards, dissociating from our hostile debates. ‘Dream Ugly’ comes from that place.”

Introspective soul-stirring sways woven by sparkling emotional guitar melodies, heart trotting drum beats, low humming bass lines and sad, delicate piano keys, carry angsty, aching male melancholy and cool celestial female back-ups, through a whimsical and blowing psychic flow of shattering heartache and stolen dreams. 

Photography by @p.i.c.by.femke.ketelaar

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