WL//WH Video Of The Day : DOMICILES “Only You”

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Domiciles, a self-proclaimed, “Product of Scotland”, are a psychedelic movement collective from Fife. A five-piece band consisting of Nick Young (vocals & guitar), Rory Cowieson (guitar), Daniel Wilson (bass), Sean Harkins (drums), and Jamie Wilson (keys).

Nick and Rory began writing songs together as a means to exercise their formal education in Engineering. With success they found old school mates making just the right line-up. With elements of shoegaze and noise-rock it “is saturated in aural familiarity and unreservedly unique, retro, and futurist in equal measures; a universal representation of the concept of psychedelia that strikes you, consumes you and spits you back out.”

Young collects instruments with over 10 organs, keyboards, and synths in his home studio. They record and release their own music, film their own videos, shamelessly self-promote, and write and perform the music. Allowing total creative freedom so that, aesthetically, they can execute exactly as they like.

The latest band initiated onto the Last Night From Glasgow (LNFG) label, they have just dropped the video for their single “Only You.” Released to coincide with the LNFG non-profit “Three Bands” EP tour and three track CD featuring one song each from Cloth, Domiciles, and L-Space.

Dense layers of keyboards deluge the senses with catchy high pitched drone melodies, co-mingled with sharp reverbed and distorted guitars resonating throughout, while steady, hypnotic drums and deep thumping bassline echo underneath. Pleading, innocent, subdued vocals combine with soaring sounds of awe and ecstasy evoking wonder, mystery, and a harmonious communion of peace.

A song about exploration, discovery, and humbleness. Reflecting on personal beliefs, a man finds himself awe-struck that an entity (possibly God) lives within him. He’s not sure what to do, but feels compelled to find out. On the journey he finds out not everything needs to be known or understood to be appreciated and respected.

It’s a dark and foggy night as an Old Model T speeds down the road of a small town of days long gone bye. Typed words and symbols appear at the bottom of the screen giving clues to the cryptic message of the video. The last message shown says, “The Kingdom of God is in the midst of you, You, & only you” as the scene changes to a view from the caboose as it wobbles down an unilluminated track.

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