ACTORS new single ‘It Goes Away / Hit To The Head’

New Single ACTORS


Just a couple of days ago Vancouver’s post punks ACTORS published their new It Goes Away / Hit to the Head single. Two tracks of an astonishing blend that provides post punk based music with an intense darkwave scent all over and a striking performance by the band, which burst onto the scene in 2012 having a handful of singles only in their quiver and an imposing talent under their belts. I’m amazed by their music that leads me to the most dexterous and prolific musings created by some of the iconic agents of the genre they are in, and more than this they can fluently show their wide skills when creating their songs. the band include names like Bowie, Roxy Music, Soft Moon as some of their favorite artists, not forgetting to mention others like The Horrors, Cold Cave even Drab Majesty too! ‘It Goes Away’ blew that Bryan Ferry’s amorous and gentle vocal style out of my speakers while the whole arrangement of the song pushed me a bit to the Clan of Xymox darkwave, gothic style. The song of course, and the band itself, are not in any “copy paste mood”, they make prototype music and they perform it quite easily, and their breath taking talent is obvious here!


The band says “The term “post-punk”, like many terms with a similar prefix, is firmly planted in a time in history, and signifies an added precision and experimentation to a thrilling genre that has echoed forward in both style and attitude…the velocity created by having a live group of musicians brings back the listener to a time where players actually performed alongside one another in the studio, rather than being comped or programmed”, and that flashes sincerely their standpoint. Here’s Hit to the Head!


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Written by Loud Cities Mike