WL//WH Track Of The Day: BLAZH “Ночной трамвай / Night tram”

Track Of The Day  BLAZH

Increasingly dreary times for the Russian doomer, but for us all…as is often the case, the saving power of music is a safe harbor against the anguished and painful feelings that grip the soul.

Post-Punk one-man band from St. Petersburg, Blazh, has just released his new single “Ночной трамвай / Night tram”.

Possibly the song is about the fact that each of us needs someone who could listen to us, support us in difficult times. A person with whom even silence would be the best therapy.

Confessional stirring poetic moods of solace and anticipation envelope liquid warm swathes of synths, swelling dramatically over a murky carpet of steady thumping beats and sad pulsing bass lines, lit by twinkling ethereal guitar riffs, to stretch and ripple, steeped in melancholic reflection, over soft yet urgent heartfelt vocals, gently releasing angst and longing into a comforting flow of misty broods.

Through emotional sparkling guitars and atmospheric synths, burdening thick grey shadows to fade out into calming bright glimpses of hope at the hands of a new human connection found on the “Night Tram.”

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